You are currently viewing Sweatcoin Reviews: Your Steps Worth Crypto Now With Sweatcoin App

Sweatcoin Reviews: Your Steps Worth Crypto Now With Sweatcoin App

You will read so many Sweatcoin reviews these days because finally, they launched their own coin SWEAT on September 2022

The app made people who love walking stay fit and be more active and at the same time get rewards and cash

In this post I will try to cover the most details you will need of the Sweatcoin app so you can start getting SWEAT coin

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what is sweatcoin

Sweatcoin walking step counter is a free mobile application that was created in 2015

Its mission is to provide a healthy you by making you love walking and convert your steps into Sweatcoins (SWT)

And also into the new currency SWEAT coin

Or just spend your balance on different products in their marketplace

What are you waiting for it pays to walk, so to start all you have to do is download the app

Register with a Google account because it’s safer than Facebook and now you can start using the app

How does Sweatcoin work?

In order for the Sweatcoin app to work, you have to open it and let it work in the background

Now you installed Sweatcoin on your mobile phone the first thing you will see is the app dashboard that contains:

  • Your profile icon
  • your balance icon
  • your steps tracker
  • the daily x2 booster for 20 minutes
  • the daily claim rewards
  • offers available in the marketplace

profile section in the Sweatcoin app

edit your swaetcoin profile & subscription

To reach your profile information click on the icon in the top left corner of the main home page

Note: the letter inside the profile icon will depend on your name

Click on the pen icon as in the picture above to change some details which are :

  • profile picture (by clicking on the icon)
  • username
  • email
  • name
  • about you

subscriptions of The sweatcoin app

Click on profile –> change to reach the subscription section, in past updates it used to be more options but now we have just 3


  • free cost forever
  • standard earning that will give you 1 SWT for every 1000 steps
  • up to 10000 steps per day (so if you walk more than that you better upgrade your subscription or else you won’t gain SWT for those additional steps)
  • you get access to the marketplace and auction offers


  • cost 20 SWT per month
  • 1 sWT = 1000 steps
  • increasing earnings with up to 15000 steps per day
  • access to the marketplace & auction


If you decide to subscribe to the premium plan you will get 2 options:

Monthly ($6.24) and Yearly ($31.40) when you choose the yearly plan you can save up to 58% compared to the monthly one

Other than that you have unlimited 2x earning (double Sweatcoins on your steps) and premium access to the marketplace offers

swaetcoin app paypal cash offer for premium members only

You will be a member of Sweatcoin for good which means any donation you make will be doubled

Sweatcoin company offers to give you 1 week’s trial for free of the premium subscription

the setting section on Sweatcoin

Inside the setting you will get access to these details:

  • appearance (choose between a light or dark theme)
  • allow notification
  • help or faqs (answered questions for everything about the app)
  • delete your account
  • find friend & invite (to get your referral link)

balance section

After clicking on your balance icon in the top right corner of the main dashboard page

You will get 2 options as in the picture below which are:

  1. Spend your coins in the marketplace
  2. Claim bonuses to gain more SWT
sweatcoin balance section details

Now let’s talk more about those options so you can understand how this app work

claim bonuses with Sweatcoin app

When you click on earn more as in the picture above you will be redirected to the rewards section that Sweatcoin offers so you can increase your coins daily

bonuses option on sweatcoin app

As you can see now you have two options :

daily rewards

watch three videos daily to earn more sweatcoins

In this option, you will get to watch 3 daily ads videos

But keep in mind you have to open the app and walk even if just 30 steps

The first video is available for you unlike the other two that will be unlocked after you claim the reward of the previous ads

new update for claiming the bonus

Sweatcoin company is always updating the system and one of the latest updates is giving you a chance to win prizes when you claim the daily rewards

get an entry for the prize draw by watching ads on sweatcoin app

You can see that we got 7 days of locked entries and in order to unlock them we have to claim rewards every day to enter the draw

Try to collect your daily rewards for the whole week to increase your chance of winning

add a friend on Sweatcoin app

Sweatcoin app has a referral program that pays you 5 Sweatcoins for every successfully invited user

Click on add a friend so you can get different options to invite your friends & family

get your referral link to share sweatcoin app and earn more

To get your referral link directly just click on the friend’s icon in the bottom main menu

Or just scroll down on the home page until you see the invite friends option

main menu of sweatcoin app
referral section of sweatcoin aop

sweatcoin marketplace

To enter the Sweatcoin marketplace click on the shop icon in the main menu

Or by clicking on the balance icon –> go to shop in the spend Sweatcoins section

In the marketplace they will add product offers constantly and those products are divided into:

physical product

As mentioned above the physical product offers from Sweatcoin are available for a limited time because there are always new offers added

You can find products like wireless earbuds -shoes – glasses – watches-jewelry..etc

The offer usually will give you from 50 to 70% discount after you pay the required Sweatcoins

it’s doable for one time only and you have 48 hours to redeem it or you will lose your paid swt

But keep in mind you will pay the rest and the shipping if available with Paypal or a bank card

digital products

The digital products also will be added regularly with the same paying process

Which is to pay in Sweatcoins, get a discount up to 70% and pay with Paypal or a bank card

The products usually are free trial or early access to some event or marketplace & of course ebooks, restaurant vouchers ..etc

premium offers

Sweatcoin app members that upgrade their subscription to a premium plan get access to premium offers that are not available to regular users

Some of those offers are gift cards or Paypal cash which you can’t get from the app unless you invite at least 20 users

donation section on the Sweatcoin app

The Sweatcoin app is not just a walking steps tracker so you can earn money

But also focus on helping people around the world by collecting funds from our steps and earned Sweatcoins when we donate them in the campaign of the week

So do good with your steps and donate to help other people by sharing your SWT in the weekly campaign

bid section in the marketplace

The bidding work by adding SWT to some offer for a limited time and the more you bid the higher your chance to win

I don’t recommend this section especially if you want to spend your Sweatcoins on offers or cash because the opportunity to win the bid is so low

daily x2 boost with Sweatcoin

In the main dashboard, after you scroll down a little, you will find a daily booster option

DAILY BOOST on sweatcoin app

As you see in the picture above click on open 2x boost to double the Sweatcoins rewards of your steps for 20 minutes

Choose the time you are usually active in it (walking or running) and activate the booster so you can increase your SWT amount

SWEAT app reviews

Its time to talk about SWEAT the cryptocurrency of the Sweatcoin company

It launched on September 2022 so it is kind of a new topic but I will try to cover the most essential information for you

how to start with the SWEAT app

In the main dashboard of the Sweatcoin app scroll down to see SWEAT IS HERE and click on open your wallet to create it

As you see in the picture above click on log in with Sweatcoin app then approve the login and click on Let’s start

Now officially you have your sweat wallet, if you are an old Sweatcoin user so automatically your balance will be converted into the sweat wallet

But if you just joined Sweatcoin and have no balance yet

So that means Sweatcoin from now on will track your steps and convert them to sweat and SWT depending on how many steps you take

your steps worth crypto with sweatcoin app

let’s see what the main dashboard or the home page of the Sweat app has in store for us:

know wat sweat wallet app offers for you

balance icon

sweat coin is divided between locked and unlocked balance

In this section, you will see what balance of sweat you have (the locked and the available ones)

Sweatcoin will match your SWT balance with sweat and they unlock it over 24 months starting from 13 September the day they launched the sweat wallet

Click on detailed balance to see your history and transactions

sweat worth icon

After clicking on the sweat worth icon you will see how much the coin rate is today and the amount in percentage growth daily

And if you click on read more you will get that information as in the picture below

mint sweat with sweatcoin app

We got from those details that the minting of sweat coin will cost us more steps in the years to come

So let’s get advantage now when it is easier to mint and grow our balance to use it later

transfer sweat option

After clicking on transfer you will get a pop-up with 2 options:

send sweat

send sweat coin to other users

To send sweat coins you have to know the username or the address of the user you want to send coins to

The username can be found in the Sweatcoin app by clicking on your profile icon on the home page

In the meantime, you can’t withdraw your sweat coin to an exchanger but you will in the long term so be patient


If someone of your friends or family wants to send you Sweat coins all you have to do is click on transfer –> request

request sweat coin from other users

You will see your wallet name share this with your sender or just copy your wallet address by clicking on the two windows beside the address as in the picture above

grow your sweat coin

sweat wallet staking plans

The sweat app offers you to stake your coins and earn a yearly percentage up to 12% by choosing between monthly or yearly staking plans

Click on the grow icon in the main menu or in the dashboard so you can choose a plan to start staking

The most recommended plan by the sweat wallet app is the yearly one as you can see

But you can choose what works for you best if you decided to stake your own coins

The amount you put in a staking jar will stay locked up till the time your plan ends

Keep in mind you can always add a new growing jar with a different staking plan by clicking on create new jar and following the steps in the picture below

create grow jar on sweat wallet

NFT & Rewards

To be able to gain the rewards you have to grow a specific amount of sweat depending on the offer available in the app to enter the prize draw

For example in the picture below you can see that the minimum amount of 5000 sweat has to be locked in your grow staking balance to be eligible for the prize

have a locked sweat to be able to enter draws

After reaching the required amount click on the offer to see the details then make sure you click on enter the draw

And if you win they will send you an email to let you know

There are a lot of offers added regularly such as:

  • Apple MacBook pro
  • adidas gift card
  • win crypto
  • NFT and so much more

sweatcoin answered questions :

Where is Sweatcoin available?

The Sweatcoin app is available for most countries you can check if your country is listed here

Sweatcoin is not available in my country 

If your country is not available in the Sweatcoin app don’t worry I have a solution for you

What you have to do is download the Sweatcoin app in an APK format then install it on your mobile and you’re done

Just write Sweatcoin APK download in the Google search engine

Or use this link directly but make sure you download an APK format and the latest version

How can I earn Sweatcoin? 

The first way to earn SWT on the Sweatcoin app is by walking and staying active

The team is always updating their system so they added a daily 20 mins booster which you can choose whenever you are active 

The second way is by watching the daily 3 ads but keep in mind 2 ads are locked until you watch the first one

The final way is by inviting users which you will gain 5 SWT for every new member who joins with your referral link

How can I spend my SWT?

You can spend your SWT on goods and services and products

The system always posting new offers on its marketplace and some of those offers are Amazon gifts cards & physical and digital products

Or you could just give your SWT to a charity purpose

How many Sweatcoins is 2000 steps?

Usually, every 1000 steps are equal to 1 SWT but they take like 5% commissions so you will receive 0.95 so every 2000 steps equal to 1.9 SWT

How many Sweatcoins is 1000$?

Let’s be clear SWT is still not worth a specific amount of money it will change depending on the offer

But in the app, you will find an option to receive 1000$ if you have 20000 SWT

So in this case, every 1 SWT is worth 0.05$

Does Sweatcoin give you real money?

A lot of us love to walk on a daily basis because let’s face it, we all need the peace of mind we get from this simple exercise

And from this idea, the Sweatcoin company rises and makes an app that will count the steps you take and convert them into their own currency SWT

And later on, you exchange it for real money but make sure to keep on reading so you can figure out how to do this

How can I turn my Sweatcoin into cash?

Your first option as I mentioned above is by collecting 20000 SWT and then send the 1000$ to your bank account 

Your second option  is you could just spend your SWT on offers that will give you huge discounts 

Can you transfer Sweatcoin money to PayPal?

This is the most questionable topic when it comes to the Sweatcoin app 

And the answer is yes you can transfer your SWT to PayPal money but there is a way that not a lot of people will tell you about it

So I will keep it real here and help you understand every detail 

The only way to take your Sweatcoins to PayPal or USD cash is by becoming an influencer partner by joining their influencer program

And to be eligible for the program you have to invite 30 users with your referral link (or that’s what they are saying but for a lot of people that worked only with 20 users) 

To be able to cash out $25 to Paypal you need 50 invited users and to get $100 you need to invite 250 users so the higher amount of referrals you have the more you can cash out

what are the rules to becoming sweatcoin influencer

When you invite 20 unique users you immediately will be part of their influencer program

And you will get access to the Influencer Hub where you can claim cash rewards

But keep in mind Sweatcoin company has some rules you have to consider when you market them which are:

  • don’t share fake testimonials (only share real users’ experiences )
  • don’t share payout screenshots
  • don’t make misleading claims ( such as saying make 1000$ to walk for example)
  • don’t encourage people to cheat the app

Sweatcoin is not counting steps

Some people face this problem with the app so to solve this problem all you have to do is enable some settings on your phone

Which are make the Sweatcoin app work in the background by clicking on the:

Setting –> app –> Sweatcoin –> battery –> launch –> manage manually

Make sure you turn on the secondary launch & the run-in background option

Sweatcoin may continue to run in the background and slow your phone a little so if you face such a problem just force stop Sweatcoin app in the setting on your phone

Sweatcoin hack

A lot of people or some guru was talking about this so they will tell you to shake the phone or put your mobile on some drill and make it turn so you could gain steps even when you are doing nothing

And it worked at first but then the Sweatcoin team take notice of this and banned the users

So stay away from this kind of behavior and use the app only if you love walking and the healthy lifestyle 

Will Sweatcoin work on the treadmill? 

Yes for a while now especially after some regular updates from Sweatcoin

They allowed for indoor steps to be counted which were not available before so that good news for future features 

And as promised Sweatcoin launched its own currency SWEAT to become a universally crypto-accepted payment 

Is Sweatcoin legit

Yes Sweatcoin is a legit app that will make you more active

And with time you will make some money just by walking which if you are one of the people that love to walk is something you are doing without even thinking about it so why not gain rewards 

But please it’s not a getting rich quickly app so don’t let anyone fool you by misleading you

final thoughts on Sweatcoin reviews

All this time Sweatcoin has been making people enjoy walking & maintain a healthy lifestyle and offering them new offers and cash by counting their steps and converting them immediately to Sweatcoins ( SWT)

And as promised Sweatcoin lately launched the official crypto coin Sweat so every user can finally walk into crypto

But we need to wait more time on the Sweatcoin company to finish their launching phases to start exchanging and buying sweat with our bank card

In the past, we needed to walk 1000 steps to gain 1 SWT but now the first 5000 steps will be converted to sweat and the remaining steps will stay as Sweatcoins

Whether we walked for Sweatcoins or sweat the crypto one it’s a win-win situation for us because finally, we are gaining something by doing a simple act we do unconsciously which is walking

If you are sportive or even just a walker who loves to get discounts on offers and get crypto coins and cash so Sweatcoin is your number 1 app for this matter

Share your thoughts & experience on the Sweatcoin app and the newly launched coin in the comment below or in our forum

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