You are currently viewing Your Comments worth money now with beermoneyforum

Your Comments worth money now with beermoneyforum

If you’re into working online I am sure you have been visiting forums for some time, but did you hear about beermoneyforum yet?

This platform will help you grow your audience, gain traffic to your links, learn about new sites and also earn extra cash by being active

Let me help you dive into this forum so you can understand it better and earn money at the same time

Disclaimer: This content contains affiliate links – it will cost you nothing if you take action (purchase, or subscription) know more about my affiliate disclosure in my privacy policy

What is beermoneyforum?

Also to expose the scams so people like you and me understand how this industry works

And so we can avoid the sites that try to shine the road in front of us to gain traffic

The best thing this platform offers is when you’ve been active you will get rewarded with BMF points that can be exchanged later for cash

How to join

After clicking on register you will get a pop up as in the picture below

beermoneyforum registration form

As you can see to create your account you get 2 options:

The first one is faster by simply registering with your google account

The second option is to enter some information such as username, email, password, and location

Don’t forget to solve the captcha and check the agree to terms box before submitting your form

Beermoneyforum rules and must needed info

I did all the research to help you get these details so you could focus on more important things, now let’s dive into them

Rules and terms

  • Don’t post abusive, hateful, spam, adult content, and any copyrighted posts
  • Every post will be reviewed first by the admin and he has the right to remove it without explanation
  • Beermoney forum is not responsible for the content on the platform

Basic info

  1. The minimum cashout is 2$
  2. Payments are sent after you request them on the 25th of every month
  3. You can lose all your points if you didn’t log in once during the month
  4. If your thread or comment was deleted you will notice that your points are decreasing
  5. You’re allowed to have just one account
  6. The posting limit is 5 posts + 10 threads per hour ( to receive the rewards your message must be unique and have at least 100 characters )

How does beermoney forum work

Now that you create your account you will redirect to the home page of this platform where you can see the latest posts and the forum categories

Let’s leave this for now and focus on the main menu and what you will find in each one

The profile section

When you click on the profile icon you can find everything related to your profile account such as the number of messages you have written, your referrals, your level and so on

But inside this section you can see different options or sub-menu, I will try to explain the most important ones so you know what to do

profile section on beermoneyforum

Your content

You will find every content you had submit on the forum such as threads or comment

Reactions received

The reactions on the beer money forum Are the likes you get on your thread or messages

Your referrals

In this section, you can find your referral link so you can invite new members and increase your earnings when they join the platform and be active for a while

Also if you click on tools under your referral link you can find  banners so you can share marketing material on your blog or on the traffic exchangers’ sites

Account details

Here you can change your email or avatar, and if you want to make your profile look professional add a banner cover for your profile

Also, write a description of yourself and explain your works

Don’t forget to add a website if you have one and some of your social accounts such as Twitter and Facebook

Password and security

Here you can change your password and even add a two-step verification to increase your security

So in case you want to log in you have to enter a verification code from an app or via email to access the account


In this section, you can choose between the light or dark  theme you want on your account

And if you want to enable or disable the notification

Account upgrades

Beermoneyforum has a payment version like a lot of platforms but in my opinion, you don’t need them because the free membership is enough and the offers are expensive

So unless you’re a marketplace seller or have a company don’t think about upgrading

The offers are:

The Marketplace Seller: costs 497$ for 12 months

The company membership costs 997$ for 3 months

What you get after upgrading is a verified badge, edit or delete your thread which is not available in the free membership so be careful when you post a thread

The same applies to the username changing

Following & Ignoring section

Where you can see all your followers and the members you want to block or ignore

The alert section

Click on the bell icon in the main menu to see the notification you will receive such as the rewards you get when you log in or add a comment

The style chosen section

Click on the brush icon beside the alert icon so you can choose the style color you want to apply to your account

The colors are: blue – red – green – orange – violet – slate- dark

The forum section

Here is the most important part of the platform…the forums

To check your threads you have to click on the arrow icon beside the forum menu

When you click on the forum menu you will be redirected to the home page where you can see the latest posts and reviews

And if you scroll down a little you get all the forums categories or as they called it  sub-forums

The sub-forums are :

Make money forum

Where you find tutorials and journeys about this industry

Crypto forum

Here they discuss everything related to crypto such as mining, airdrops, exchanging currency and NFT… etc

Investing forum

Everything related to forex, investing, and trading

Gambling community

Casinos reviews, gambling strategies and so much more

Internet marketing forum

Everything related to traffic and monetization, affiliate marketing

GBT get paid

A list of websites that paid you to write or upload or do any task

Webmaster forum

The discussion in this sub-forum is about web designing news, web hosting companies, and not to mention all the information about search engine optimization ( SEO)

Reviews menu

This menu is divided into so many categories that discuss reviews on various websites around the internet

Recommend menu

Beermoney Forum also offers you a list of sites that they find highly recommend

The list is about the best investment sites, online casinos, affiliate networks, URL shorteners, GPT sites, and web hosting

Rewards menu

This is also an important section because there are a lot of options that you will need such as the payment method, withdraw faq, referral contests

How to earn on beermoneyforum

The platform is simple regarding how you can earn money, the options are to be active and get points by:

Posting thread aka a post to get up to 50 BMF

Comment  or add a reply on any post To get up to 30 BMF

Daily login or activity to get 10 BMF

When someone like your message you will gain 5 BMF, but if you like someone else comments you will lose some of your points

Note: The amount you will receive of the BMF points could change depending on the platform update

And of course, the other option is with the referral program

By inviting friends and new members you can earn 1$ (1000 BMF ) for each one after they post at least 100 valid messages ( comments & thread )

What are BMF rewards

Bmf points are the official currency of the beer money forum, they reward their members with these points when they are active on the platform

So when you log in and add a thread or even reply to any post you will get BMF as a reward

Where can I see my BMF

Click on the arrow beside the rewards menu so you can see how many BMF points you get as in the picture below

where to find you BMF points on beermoneyforum

Another option to see your BMF points is by clicking on any main menu button, you will find your points in the left sidebar

find your BMF rewards points on beermoneyforum

Can I Send BMF Points To Other Members?

In the past, there was a donate section so you can send points to other members

Now I think the option is off but the redeem a coupon code is still available

To do this click on the arrow beside the rewards menu –> donate/redeem

Choose the redeem option and add the coupon code then click on redeem

I will put the picture on how to donate in case they updated the platform again

donate your BMF points to other members

Payment method on beermoneyforum

Any request will be paid on the 25th of every month

How to get paid on BMF

To exchange your BMF for cash click on the arrow icon beside the rewards menu then click on BMF shop

Here you will see the BMF offers and all you have to do is choose your payment method for example I will choose the perfect money to exchange for 2$

payment method on beermoneyforum

Click on the 2$ inside the offer to be redirected to the offer page, scroll down to reach the pricing information then click on purchase

Now you have a pop-up click on add to cart without checking the this item is a gift box

payment process on beermoneyforum

After this go to the BMF shop again, on the right sidebar search for the cart option then click on view cart/checkout

The final step is to confirm your payout by checking the box and purchasing it as in the picture below

cash out your offer on beer money forum

Is beermoneyforum legit?

Yes beermoneyforum is a legit platform, it’s not just a community to share posts and thoughts but also you can make money doing this by exchanging your BMF points for cash

Final thoughts on beermoneyforum

Beermoneyforum is a trusted platform that can let you learn about the new sites and apps that discuss the online working system

And at the same time, you can do your research on it before registering on any site because you can find if the website you’re searching for is a scam or not

But I have to give my honest opinion on beermoney forum which is that this platform is not for everyone

Why is that?

Simply because its hard to post a thread and get approved unless you stick to the rules I mentioned in this article

If you are a content creator and all your post are unique and original then BMF is for you

And if you are already a member share your thoughts in the comments down below

If you find this post helpful share it with whoever you think is interested

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i am Maya the admin of VC Income

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posting to helping you find what is worth online for passive income


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