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Top advice: To Write Your First Blog Post successfully

Writing your first blog post is the most stressful step you have to take once you get your first hosting plan

It’s an overwhelming thought that brings you anxiety and sometimes could make you slow down your steps so you won’t start

In this blog post, I will mention the steps you need to take to write your first post on a blog successfully

Let’s reveal the first piece of advice to start your first blog post which is to not make it about you as for the others you have to stay with me for a while 😉

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what should my first blog post be?

When i first started to get into blogging i did a lot of research about how to write my first blog post

A lot of bloggers will tell you to write about yourself by introducing yourself and stating the goal of your blog and how your articles will help the readers

Then share your future plans such as if you want to post daily or weekly, or if you plan to launch a product…etc

And i tried to do this but i realized something very important that made me change this plan which is:

This is how the about me page should be, why I have to share this information twice?!

asking the needed questions for my first blog post before writing

And on the other hand, a blog post should be about a topic that will answer the question of the reader

So that’s what i did here on VC Income, I write a post about a lottery website because my niche is anything related to making money online

My first blog post –> Claim £100 Free Cash With Happybirthdates -> Find the truth

the reason why your first blog post shouldn’t be about you?

Now that i told you to avoid the mistake of making your first blog post about you, let me give you the reason for this

The most important reason to not write about yourself is because that move is for the amateurs

Why that? simply because a beginner that knows nothing about blogging or his niche yet will think by talking about himself he will gain an audience immediately

But what he doesn’t know is that nobody cares about anyone or anything that doesn’t give them value or answers

That’s why a topic related to your niche that answers someone’s question will drive you some traffic later on

And at the same time, you could add some personal experience or real stories to gain trust and grow authority with your audience

So try to combine both styles in your blog posts to take advantage of everything

how do I start my first blog post

I know this step is hard because you want to write the perfect blog post and we have all been there

Maybe because we take everything personally and care what people will think about what we’re writing and sharing

But what we need to know is that no one actually cares about these details, they are just curious or searching for a solution to their problem

The first thing you have to consider before writing your first blog post is to find your main topics, for example, my main topics are making money online, crypto, and affiliate marketing

Then decide how to divide these topics into categories, and choose one category you have the most knowledge about

Make a list that contains 3 or 4 topics of this category

Then after doing a search analysis about these topics choose the most important one and write your first post about it

Try to use a low-competition keyword and it would be better to use a long-tail keyword too

The long tail keyword is a whole phrase that people search for in search engine ex: how to start my own website

To get the chance of high ranking for your low keyword, make sure to add this specific keyword in:

  • The title of your blog post
  • In the first paragraph of your blog post
  • In the headers & sub-headers
  • In the alt text image description
  • In the meta description
the aioseo extension to track your seo score

What you have to do is just write and don’t think my first blog post has to be perfect because that will overwhelm you and give you anxiety

And by the way, you can always go back and edit this first post so the stress is for nothing dear

the steps to writing a first post on a blog

Now the real deal and the steps to writing your first post on a blog will take action

We talked briefly before about the first steps but now let’s get into deep

audience analyze

You need to analyze the niche you’re working with and what your audience are searching for

Because the most important thing a blog post can provide is giving value to people

When you understand the topics your audience wants, you will know what to talk about and you will never run out of new ideas

Don’t underestimate the keyword research

The keywords you use in your blog posts are very important for SEO to gain organic traffic in the long term

That’s why i mentioned before using the long tail keywords will benefit you

But for your first blog post try to choose a low-competition and high-volume search keyword

And don’t overdo it by adding a lot of keywords instead use the keywords naturally as you’re talking in a normal conversation

Write the outline of your first blog post

After you’re done with all the research (categories, topics, keywords) it’s time to start

Now take a deep breath and just focus on this one task which is to write the outline of your blog post

Nothing is complicated so there is no need to freak out, just write the top headlines you need to discuss and start writing

You don’t have to focus on spelling or grammar faults yet because it’s an outline and you only have to put your ideas in front of you

But make sure to install the Grammarly extension to fix all your misspelling before publishing your post

add images & videos

Every blog post needs some graphics to make it better and more interesting and enjoyable for the readers

After writing all the details, add the images and videos if available, and don’t forget to optimize them for SEO use (put the keyword in the alt text description)

how long should first blog post be

One of the biggest mistakes most bloggers do is writing a very short first post thinking it’s better because they are introducing themself

But as we talked about in this post, it’s better not to make your first blog post about you

Instead, you will choose a topic related to your niche and write everything you know about it to give good valuable content

By doing this the words will flow easily and with no time you will find a blog post filled with knowledge

But to answer the question the length of the post must not be too short because this is bad for your SEO ranking

So a blog post that contains between 500 and 1,000 words is a good start

Final thoughts on your first blog post

The best advice for you before writing your first blog post is to don’t rush yourself and write carbage content just because you want to start blogging

You have to make your content click-worthy, so think clearly and slowly before deciding what you have to put in the title

But please consider the steps I mentioned in this article so you can start writing peacefully and strategically

The steps are: understand your audience and what they want to read and do your keywords research right

Then write the outline and focus on optimizing your content for SEO and fix the grammar faults before publishing your first blog post

In final word, don’t overstress yourself just take a deep breath and start writing because you have to start somewhere and not taking any action will only stop your process

In the end, it’s just a post that you can always edit so why think too much of it

What was your first blog post about? Share your experience with me and don’t forget to share this post on social media

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