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How To Choose: A Personal Website Or Social Media To Promote Affiliate Links?

When you first get into affiliate marketing and decide to promote affiliate links, you may ask yourself some questions…

Is it better to promote on social media platforms or do I need a personal website?

And if I want to use social media, what is the best platform for me?

A lot of thoughts will cross your mind until you know how to start, this is why I will try to help you find your way

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What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when you promote a service, product, or just a referral link for a specific website

And after someone clicks on this link and takes an action such as buying or signing up ..etc

You will get a commission depending on the offer you’re promoting

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I talked in detail about affiliate marketing in this article

personal website or social media to promote affiliate links?

This topic or question is so popular and a lot of people are asking about it

This is why when someone wants to start affiliate marketing always gets confused and doesn’t know what to do

Because if you searched enough you surely have come across videos and articles that lead you to use social media

While some others recommend you to have your own website

See I know very overwhelming opinions around there

Now, I will try to make a comparison between a personal website & social media platforms

And depending on your business or goal you will know at the end of this post where to start

How a website can help my affiliate marketing?

If you have a website or you are considering starting a blog and you want to do affiliate marketing then you’re on the right path

Because having your own personal website will make you look more professional and trustworthy to customers and affiliate companies

And this is because a lot of affiliate programs will accept your application faster if you have a website compared to just a social media account

And on a website, there are a lot of ways to promote your affiliate links without the fear of taking your content down or even shutting off your site

Some of the ways to promote are:

  • Create a page full of resources or referral links
  • Add an ad space on your website (sidebar-in content-top of the page)
  • Put referral links inside any blog post
  • Make an ebook that contains affiliate links and offer it to your audience

When you blog and test a lot of ways you will learn what will work for your niche

how social media will help my affiliate marketing?

As for promoting affiliate links on social media platforms, I will mention some of the benefits and the cons to help you

There is no denying that social media is super effective for affiliate marketing these days since people spend hours daily on it

And by sharing your links you will lead traffic to your website or the affiliate offer

But you need to keep in mind that social media lack the search intent

By that I mean every second there is a new post and a new interesting thing that caught our attention and leaves us in this social world without taking any action on the links

This means when using social media for promotion you can’t guarantee to get clicks and sales

The best platforms for affiliate promotion on social media are Instagram-Facebook-Pinterest

First, let’s answer a popular question which is:

can I promote affiliate links on social media?

The answer is yes you can promote affiliate links on social media platforms

But some social media platforms may forbid you to share direct affiliate links or even remove your content if they think you’re scamming

So be careful before you choose a social platform to read their policy terms about affiliate promoting

Here are some tips to avoid getting your links banned:

  • Shorten your links (don’t put a direct link) try Split & Sniply
  • Always put a disclaimer that your content contains affiliate links
  • Create good content and don’t spam

I already wrote an article about how to increase traffic on social media -> Check it here

Final thoughts and conclusion

If you’re someone that doesn’t want to pay anything or you don’t have any writing skills

And if you don’t consider affiliate marketing as a future work for you then social media to promote affiliate links is your way to go

But don’t forget to learn some social media marketing strategies to be successful

And if your goal is to make affiliate marketing a full job and want to grow your business with time

So for sure choose a personal website first to promote your affiliate links then you can also use a social media platform or two

Because you can’t risk your hard work on a rented space such as a social media platform where they can remove your links when they see something they don’t like

The final word and my advice is to take advantage of both to increase your chance of growing your affiliate income

In case you don’t want to pay for a domain and hosting you can always try free platforms for blogging such as Medium & Publish0x

Share your thoughts down below to help more people start affiliate marketing

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