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What You Should Know About 1WmKz Exchanger After Their Return

1wmkz exchanger is an electronics currency exchanger in Kazakhstan that allows you to exchange your money between payment systems and crypto coins

If you used this site before so you must have known that for a while it has been shut down and unlisted from best change suggestions & other exchange platforms

They get the trust back and now they are online again but with a new update for their system

So I will try to mention what’s have changed and what you should know before using

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what is 1wmkz exchanger?

As I mentioned in the intro of this post, 1wmkz exchanger is an electronics currency exchanger in Kazakhstan

It started in December 2014 and since then they tried to gain the trust of its users and members, and I have used it personally that’s why I know it’s legit

But you may ask yourself, how is this site legit and why was shut down for a while?

See I get what you’re thinking 😉

1wm exchanger was unlisted and faced some trusted issues specifically with Bestchange just because of its location in Kazakhstan (financial issue)

Digital currency exchangers

But at the end of May 2023 and after they made some changes and gained their trust again, this problem was solved completely

Because the 1wm team has proved that the exchanges offer convenient and efficient solutions for cryptocurrency conversion by confirming the maximum transparency and reliability of their system

The payment systems available on 1wm are: Payeer, Perfect Money, and Advanced cash

While the Crypto & stable coins available are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Binance
  • Tezos
  • Tether
  • Usdc
  • Dai and so much more

How does 1wm work?

First, make sure you choose English as a language because the site uses Russian as the main language 

choose english as a language if you dont understand russian on 1wmkz exchanger

To use this exchange system you have to click on Create order

Then all you have to do is choose your payment system under the you send section and then the you receive section

the exchange order process in 1wmkz exchanger

But I need to mention something important after the update they did lately

Now you can’t exchange between perfect money, Payeer, or Advanced Cash like before and they removed webmoney too

So you better use another exchanger for this matter

You can exchange between cryptocurrencies now but the new update has a higher minimum amount for exchanging (500 Usdt) unlike before which is not affordable for a lot of people

Unless you want to exchange Tether (trc20 or bep20) to get Payeer USD then the minimum amount is 10 Usdt

I used to make orders between perfect money and webmoney but now it’s not available, maybe things will change again in the future 

How to start with 1wm?

To be able to make an exchange on 1wmkz you must have an account first

That’s why you have to register on the site by clicking on Sign up

You will get a form that includes these detail:

  • Log in as your username
  • Email
  • Password (put it twice for confirmation)
  • Answer a captcha

Then agree to the terms & conditions and click on sign up

They will send you an email to confirm you’re a real person, make sure to click on the link attached to the email

1wm also offers you to verify your account by taking a photo of your personal document such as your id or passport

Then you have to take a selfie holding this specific document

But from personal experience, I can assure you, you can use the exchanger platform without the verification process

So it’s up to you

The platform is secure and they even added a security setting for you which are

Notification upon authentication (email)

Two-factor authentication by pin code that will be sent to you via email each time you log in, and without it, you can’t access your account

So that’s a good sign that the platform is decent

How to add this security system?

Simply, you have to click on account on the right top menu then scroll down a little till you reach the personal account on the right sidebar

Click on the security setting as in the picture below then make sure to enable the two-factor authentication and click on save

security setting on 1wmkz exchanger

Aside from the security setting here on the right sidebar, you can check all your exchange orders by clicking on your operations

Does 1wmkz exchanger have an affiliate program?

Yes 1wm exchanger has an affiliate program that allows you to gain up to 30% because this program has 6 levels

10 or less than $10,0005%
2up to $10,000 10%
3up to $50,00015%
4up to $100,00020%
5up to $250,00025%
6up to $500,00030%

To be eligible for this program you have to register an account and get your referral link then share it with other people, and when someone registers using this link he will be your referral

But only when he makes an order and exchanges money you will earn a commission

Keep in mind, the minimum payout to perfect money is $0.01 but to WebMoney is $10

So make sure to add your wallet or payment system by clicking on your payment detail at the right sidebar menu

After requesting your affiliate payment, the admin must verify your account first so for this matter you may need to add the photos of your document that we talk about earlier

Is 1wm legit?

Whenever I need to take my WebMoney cash out of their system I use because I had a good experience with them and I trust them

This is a screenshot to one of my exchange orders that were completed successfully

Because in the past I made an order to send $27 to my pyypl visa card using the 1wm currency exchange system and they did send it to me

But I was sleeping due to the time difference and if you didn’t know pyypl require an instant verification by confirming the OTP code which I missed

After this, I send an email to the 1wm support system as in the picture below

email sending to the 1wm exchange system to getting back my money

And the admin returned my money to my account balance and I send it to another payment system

The exchange order usually doesn’t take much time so their work is super fast

If you had any problem or issue with your exchange order just send an email to:

Another sign of their legitimacy is the live statistics info on the sidebar and they show the reviews and the news about their site so you could know what’s happening

1wm live statistic detail

final thoughts on 1wmkz exchanger

Don’t worry the site is legit but after the latest update I can tell you it’s now designed for people in Kazakhstan, especially the bank users

As for worldwide exchangers, unless you want to convert at least 500 USD between cryptocurrencies then 1wmkz is not for you

But I like to say something about any exchange system, please don’t test a big amount of your money if you’re using it for the first time

And always make sure to check every detail such as the minimum exchanged amount & if the payment system you’re sending your money to will let you cashout before even making the order

Check Bestchange or any exchanger monitor site to see the rating of each currency exchange system before deciding on which one you want to use

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