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The Best Paypal Games That Pay Real Money (Full Truth)

We all love to play games and forget about anything that bothers us even for just a period of time, so let’s list the best Paypal games that pay real money

And earn some extra cash while we’re having fun instead of just playing for nothing

In this post, I will just mention the games and apps that I tested myself and received payment from

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1- clipclaps

Our first game app is called clipclaps cash for laughs and from experience, it’s one of my favorite Paypal games that pay real money

I have been using this app for a long time so I will try to reveal everything I had learned so far

what is clipclaps

Clipclaps is a mobile app that works worldwide on Android/iPhone and it’s free to join

The main purpose of this app is to watch entertainment and funny videos and get rewards for doing this

Of course, clipclaps have changed since they started because now you will find serious topics such as news, movie trailers, crafts, and music

But in general, you surely will enjoy spending every minute scrolling videos

Note: clipclaps contain ads so don’t say I didn’t warn you

how clipclaps work?

What you need to know about clipclaps is that they reward you with their own token (clapcoins) whenever you do a task inside the app (every 10,000 coins = $1)

And you can collect clap coins by:

  1. Watching videos
  2. Playing games
  3. Free daily spin

But you won’t always receive coins sometimes the reward will be a treasure chest that you have to open manually or real cash

The chests are of 4 types: Copper, Silver, Gold, and Diamond

The Copper treasure chest will reward you only in clapcoins while the other types will give you clapcoins+raffle tickets

The minimum withdrawal is 15 dollars at the time of writing this post which is equal to 150,000 clapcoins

And they only pay via Paypal so when you register make sure to link your Paypal email address to your personal information

clipclaps payment proof

Tip: check the daily task reward so you won’t lose your daily prizes

But keep in mind the earning process is slow and if you’re not active on clipclaps app and collecting a decent amount of coins daily

You will not reach the minimum payout quickly as you expected and my advice for you is to have fun using this kind of app and don’t think too much of it

Instead, think about them as a piggy bank while doing something you’re doing daily while using the internet

My clapcode is 7184884257 redeem it so you can be one of my clapteam

Find everything about this app in this post –> Read clipclaps review


If you love to play games or compete with other people in tournaments and earn cash by doing this then you must join gamee prizes app

what is gamee?

Gamee prizes app or gamee prizes: real cash games is one of the legit Paypal games that pay real money

All you need to do is play games to collect tickets that will be automatically entered in the weekly draw for the jackpot prize

The app is completely free to join and available worldwide on Android & IOS phone

How does gamee work?

Gamee app is super easy to use and the games are very addictive and fun that even if this app doesn’t pay money for playing games, you will surely still use it

The main prize is the weekly draw which usually occurs on Sundays, the current prize is $1,350 but the amount change from time to time

Aside from that you can find other draws daily that pay to PayPal such as lotto numbers picker

To be part of the weekly draw you have to collect as many tickets as you could have

And tickets can be gained by:

  • Playing games & joining tournaments
  • Free daily spins (if you stay active on day 7 you will get the cash wheel)
  • Do Offers (not available for all countries)
  • Invite friends (get $0.10 + 500 tickets + 10% for referral earning)

The minimum payout is $10 through PayPal only and from my personal experience gamee pay within 2 days after you request the payment

gamee payment proof

But before you start using gamee you have to keep in mind that it will take some time to reach the payment threshold

And a lot of users won’t win in the weekly draw and the only way to earn is by the cash wheel or if you play a lot of games and could reach a high position on the daily leaderboard

Read Gamee review –> click here

3- big time winr games

The final app for this blog post is called big time games by Winr games Inc, this company had developed more than 36 games until now

Winr games’ main goal is to give us prizes & rewards for playing fun games and what is cool about it you will have a linked account balance for all the installed and played games

what is big time game

Big time game is a huge games platform where you will be rewarded with real money prizes 2 times a week (the current prize is $3,000)

To enter the draw you have to collect tickets by playing games this app, in particular contains up to 15 addicting games

Unlike gamee prizes app here you can exchange your gained tickets for cash immediately (the minimum amount to exchange is $0.10)

The app is completely free to join and available worldwide on Android & IOS phone

how does big time game work?

Play games to collect tickets, you can enter the next draw even if you just have 1 ticket in your balance so the procedure is so simple

The more you get tickets the higher your chance of winning the jackpot

But the honest truth is the chance of winning is super slim and if you check the previous winners you will find that:

Some of them hit the prize with only 75 tickets while another one enter the draw with more than 1 million tickets

So my advice for you is don’t waste all your gained tickets for a slow chance of winning instead save those tickets in the bank option inside the big-time app

big time game is a paypal games that pay real money

And this saving can help you for future use such as exchanging those tickets for cash or simply adding them to the current draw

You can collect tickets by:

  • Playing games
  • Get free tickets by watching ads, installing other Winr games, doing offers
  • Invite friends (get $0.10 + 2,500 tickets for each referral)

Tip: get the advantage of the booster you gain when you reach a new level

If you sign up using my code you can get free 2,500 tickets as a welcome bonus provided that you enter this code 2U6Q7 in the enter invite code section

Find out more about big time cash –> click here

Quick information needed to be mentioned

Clipclaps offer an app called news pie which they claim will pay you PayPal money by reading news and watching videos

I tried it a while ago and when I reached the minimum withdrawal which is $1, I requested my payment to Paypal but the truth is this app was a scam

in the picture below you can see that the payment process is still on hold and it’s been more than 7 months

news pie is a scam proof

Gamee also have another app that lets you earn crypto (their own coin GMEE) for playing games so don’t forget to check if you’re into crypto earning

The app called ARC8 –> Join here

Winr games have up to 36 apps or games that can be linked together so you could collect a higher amount of tickets

Final thoughts on Paypal games that pay real money

A lot of people around the internet just put a list of apps or games so people can register and they gain commission from it

And Personally, i am sick of this scammy attitude because it will only mislead people and they will waste their time for nothing

So in this article, I just mentioned 3 Paypal games that pay real money after I used them for quite some time and I am sure they are paying

But even though they’re paying, you need to know it’s will take so much time to reach the minimum payout and usually that a sign of legitimately

My advice for you play these games and have fun while earning extra cash with time but don’t focus on them because there are other websites or projects that are worth more

Share your thoughts down below if you have any experience with these apps

And if you find this post helpful don’t hesitate to share it with your friends or audience

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