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You Want A Free Clickfunnels Alternative ..Start With

A lot of people use click funnels or other tools for their online marketing business and pay monthly for this process, so today we will talk about the free clickfunnels alternative

Here you can find an honest review of Systeme so you can manage your email marketing and funnels builder for free

Since you want to find an alternative to the paid tools keep on reading

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It’s hard to start your online business and pay for a bunch of tools and software to build your funnels & manage your marketing and email list while you don’t have a lot of money at first

So the best option is to find a clickfunnels alternative that’s cheaper or even better for free website is an all-in-one marketing platform that gives you a bunch of tools to build your business funnels, manage your email list, promote your own affiliate program and so much more

Above all, you can build your own website with a custom domain and have a blog to grow your traffic with proven tested templates

With this platform, you can manage all your online business in the same place for free compared to other tools because they give you the following:

  • sales funnels builder
  • email marketing
  • website builder
  • affiliate program management
  • business automation
  • evergreen webinars
  • online courses
  • sell products

To start with this platform click on get started for Free and put your email in the pop-up form then click on get started for Free

start your free account with

Systeme will send you an email for verification so make sure to confirm it to start your marketing journey

After that, you will be asked to enter a password to complete your account registration

how does work

Basically, This marketing platform works as a lead generator to convert your visitors into sales simply by creating sales funnels to collect emails using an opt-in form

And later on, send those subscribers emails that contain your products or links with Systeme email marketing automation

On the home page, you will see your new leads and your sales balance

And of course, the main menu which I will help you understand better step-by-step

the dashboard menu

The dashboard menu contains three options which are:

  • The main dashboard is where you can see all your leads and sales
  • Affiliate dashboard where you can get your affiliate id and the referral link so you can promote Systeme

And by doing this you can earn a 50% lifetime commission when someone signs up using your link and makes sales or upgrade their plan

  • The marketplace is where you can search for an offer to promote made by other users and to make it easy and simple for you the offers are filtered by category
promote offers by category with

And the other option is to choose an available affiliate program to promote and in both cases, you can earn a commission depending on the rate and tier

systeme offers details page

Contacts menu

In the contact menu, you will have the contact section & the tag section

To create a contact for your email list click on contact –> +create contact

Fill in the information about each user you got from your sale funnels but if you have an existing email list just click on import contacts

add your contacts on

Also, you can divide your contacts by adding custom tags for each subscriber and build your list depending on what actions they take

Funnels menu

Create your funnel to build an email list or sell a product by selecting a designed template or just make one from scratch

Click on +create to make your first funnel

Choose the funnel name and your currency then select one of those options:

create a funnel for your sales on

build an audience

If you want to grow your email list then the build an audience option is for you,

Here you get to choose a proven tested template to start your squeeze page

After choosing the template you will be redirected to the editor builder where you can change text, headlines, images & videos simply by dragging and dropping items

editor builder from systeme io

The editor builder is super easy so with a little practice you will master it

And don’t worry you can always come back later to edit your template page

Make sure when you add a button Choose to send form under the option of action when the button is clicked

Your other options are (show popup – open URL – next step URL – download file)

And when asked if you want to redirect users choose the next step as in the picture below

the best button options to grow an audience

Now you finished your first squeeze page but you need to add a thank you page where you will lead people to your products or offer by telling them to check their email or click on a link

Tip: you can use these traffic exchangers to promote your squeeze page -> Easy Hits 4 UGlobal Hits 2 U

After you get those emails you need to create emails automation which we talk about it later

sell funnel

If you already have a product or a service then you need to choose sell when you create your funnel

The difference here is you don’t get a squeeze page

But you have to select an order form from the templates Systeme offers which will contain a payment method so people could pay you

The process is the same with the thank you page just make sure to give value to people and explain to them what they have to do when they receive your email

custom funnel

Build your funnel from scratch the way you want it to be with this easy editor builder by adding text and headlines and so much more

emails menu

You got 3 options here with email marketing which are creating your campaigns and your newsletters

And the last one is your statistics where you can see the open rate and the clicks of your sending emails

Choose the visual or classic email editor and create your newsletter

Add some of the Available substitutes to make your users feel special such as using their first name or affiliate id

add a substitutes for your emails automation

blogs menu

Launch your free blog with without the need to learn to code or get a hosting platform

With a few clicks choose a tested template and start Writing content to be seen online and in time grow your business and your sales funnels

Click on Create a blog, choose the name and a template from the designed ones Systeme is offering

have your own blog with

You will get one whole blog site not just one blog post where you can add posts – pages and categories

They will give you a sub-domain that contains with the free plan for example

But you can get a custom domain to look more professional by clicking on:

Your profile account –> setting –> domains –> add domain

In order to add your custom domain read the Systeme tutorial article here

automations menu

The first option is the rules and by adding a rule you will get the (if this then that process)

Choose a trigger type (When this event happens) and an action (do this)

trigger and action automation with

For example, choose the Funnel step form subscribed in the trigger

And choose to Send email in the action section, this means when a contact has just subscribed to a form the automation tool will send him an email

Secondly is the workflow where the action will happen after applying the rule

For example, after someone clicks on the link in an email you send before, you add a tag for this person and wait 1 day before sending your resource or link

Then you add another action such as waiting like 1 week and seeing…

If they click on the link you will send them an email if not then you can remove them from your tags

products/sales menu

The products section has a lot of options for you which contain:

  • Physical products: if you have a physical product click create and put the name and price then click save
  • Coupons: insert your coupon by adding the required information as in the picture below
add your coupon for your sales with systeme
  • Orders: your order list
  • Transactions: all your transactions are filtered by offer or type
  • Subscriptions: your subscriber information such as name – email and status
  • Affiliate invoices: list of your affiliate invoices
  • Courses: Here with Systeme you can build and launch your own online course in writing and videos with their easy system without technical knowledge

Then you can market and sell it and even offer an affiliate program for your online course to let other members promote it for you

Payment is accepted via PayPal, Stripe, and much more

To add your own course click on add a new course so you can fill up the form

The required information needed to be added are:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Language
  • Url path
  • Course domain (your Systeme domain)
  • Theme (the color you want to use)
  • Font
  • Instructor name
  • Add a logo and image
  • Embedded HTML/JS code (add the Facebook pixel’s code for example)
  • Sales page (the URL that leads to the sale page)
  • Course-bundle
  • Students
  • Communities: Create a new Community
  • My affiliate program: your affiliate program dashboard

setting menu

Click on the profile icon to get access to the settings

Edit whatever you need to complete your account and don’t forget to connect your payment method by clicking on payment gateways offers you different methods for payment such as Stripe – PayPalMercadoPago – Razorpay – Flutterwave

upgrade your account

Systeme has 4 plans for you and those plans can give you all the tools you need for your online marketing business

By the way, they are cheaper compared to famous tools


The free plan will give you up to 2000 contacts which are decent number for a starter & 3 sales funnels with 15 sales funnels steps

Also, you can create 1 website and 1 blog with a custom domain too

You get access to the automation system and all the options on the platform except for creating an evergreen webinar and adding a marketplace offer

startup plan

This plan will cost you ($27 per month – $228 per year)

Get up to 5000 contacts and 10 sales funnels with 15 steps, you can create 5 blogs with 3 custom domains and 5 offers on the marketplace

Create your own affiliate programs and set up a multi-tiered commission-based one too for your products so you can increase your profits

Set how much commission you will get for one sale and manage all your links inside the platform

webinar plan

The webinar plan will cost you ($47 per month – $396 per year)

Get up to 10000 contacts & 50 sales funnels with 300 steps, and have up to 20 blogs with the availability of adding 10 custom domains

And you can create and run your own evergreen webinar (10 webinars) and add 20 offers to the marketplace

unlimited plan

The highest plan on Systeme will cost you ( $97 per month & $828 per year)

All the options are available for you with unlimited access

So this plan is good for you if you want to scale your business after making some money with the platform

what I should do in

Now that we understand every section in the menu we will talk about what you should do to start your marketing plan

The best way to earn money is by promoting a high-quality product and then having a landing page that targets people’s fears or has a solution for them by offering valuable content such as free books and free course

The very first step is to create your sale funnels by clicking on funnels –> create

Make your squeeze and thank you page to collect emails

Sales funnels for online business

It’s difficult to build and design an effective sale funnel which is why Systeme will make life easier for you to start your business

By offering you a proven and tested template that has more conversion rate to sell more with just some clicks

The templates are professional eye-catching pages that work well as a landing page

That, later on, will lead to a thank you page where you will offer your products or free courses to gain a potential subscriber

And all this will be done in a few minutes by using the drag-and-drop editor (what you see is what you got)

And without the need to use different sites and software

Read the funnel menu section in the table of content to learn more

Your second step is to add the contacts you get from your funnel to your email list by clicking on contacts –> contacts –> create contact

Email Marketing

Online business owners need to grow their email list to grow the work

And they search for tools and software that can manage and automate the process of collecting emails and later send their products or courses to them

Usually, those tools will cost you so much monthly but with you can scale your email marketing for free

Because it’s designed with personalized emails sender, autoresponders, and follow-up emails

To do this you have to Create a squeeze page because it’s an effective part of email marketing

By using this page you will catch the attention of someone interested in your niche and hopefully, you gain a subscriber to add to your email list

You can send unlimited emails with the free plan

And when you set up your email templates for the autoresponder process that is combined with the page builder and opt-in forms you will have more time to do other important work

They have a top-notch system so the emails you will send won’t be treated as spam

And also they will give you all the needed details such as how many clicks or the number of an opened email


Your next step is to create your newsletters so you can send templated emails to your contacts automatically

Click on emails –> newsletters –> create a newsletter and just choose a template to edit it or start from scratch

Lastly is the automation process

how the Automation tool works

When people opt into your landing page, you collect their email, and they will come into the contact area so you can set them up in an automation funnel

Create a rule and an action (read the automation menu in the table of content) to see how your audience is behaving so you can create a workflow depending on their action

Who is Good For? is a great option if you sell digital products or virtual goods

It is a perfect platform to run and manage your online business without paying for different tools compared to other companies

it’s will make the work much easier for beginner bloggers, marketers, small business owners, etc. who need to use those marketing tools:

  • Sales Funnels
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Builder
  • Affiliate program management
  • Business Automation
  • Online Courses
  • Blogging
  • A/B Testing
  • Sell products

The pros and cons about systeme

Every tool or website has its share of good and bad but with the free plan you can do a lot of things and you have nothing to lose if you try it

With the free plan, you got access to all the features which is awesome

But you will be limited of course with how many times you could do an action

But honestly, you only need email automation, and landing pages for your sales funnels so the free plan will work fine for you

Pros of

  • All the marketing tools you need in one place
  • Compared to other marketing tools is much cheaper
  • High service and support
  • Work smoothly no major issue
  • Effective tutorials sending to you via emails

Cons of

  • All the features can be a little overwhelming for beginners
  • You cant integrate a third-party software
  • The designed templates are limited

Systeme vs other marketing tools

WebsiteSystemeKajabiClick funnels Kartra
free plan yesnonobuild mode for a limited time
required upgrade to use
the system is called build now pay later
basic/starter plan27$ per month
228$ yearly
149$ per month
119$ per month for the yearly plan
147$ per month
127$ per month for the yearly plan
99$ per month
79$ per month for the yearly plan
Second plan webinar plan
47$ per month
396$ per year
growth plan
199$ per month
159$ per month for the yearly plan
pro plan
197$ per month
157$ per month for the yearly plan
Silver plan
199$ per month
149$ per month for the yearly plan
Third planunlimited plan
97$ per month & 828$ per year
pro plan
399$ per month
319$ per month for the yearly plan
funnel hacker plan
297$ per month
208 per month for the yearly plan
gold plan
299$ per month
229$ per month for the yearly plan
Last plan Platinum plan
499$ per month
379$ per month for the yearly plan

As shown above, Systeme is a cheap all-in-one tool

And if you pay month by month for the unlimited plan it will cost you much less than the other tools

FeaturesSysteme.ioKajabiClick funnelsKartra
contacts free plan: 2,000
startup plan: 5,000
webinar plan: 10,000
unlimited plan: unlimited
basic plan: 10,000
growth plan: 25,000
pro plan: 100,000
basic plan: 10,000
pro plan: 25,000
funnel hacker plan: 200,000
starter plan: 2,500 leads
Silver plan: 12,500 leads
gold plan: 25,000 leads
platinum plan: 50,000 leads
sales funnelfree plan : 3
startup plan: 10
webinar plan: 50
unlimited plan: unlimited
basic plan : 3
growth plan: 15
pro plan: 100
basic plan: 20
pro plan: 100
funnel hacker plan: unlimited
blogsfree plan: 1
startup plan: 5
webinar plan: 20
unlimited plan: unlimited
basic plan: 1 website
growth plan: 1 website
pro plan : 3 websites
basic plan: 1 website
pro plan: 1 website
funnel hacker : 3 website
productsfree plan: none
startup plan: 5
webinar plan: 20
unlimited plan: unlimited
basic plan : 3
growth plan: 15
pro plan: 100
unlimited products for all plansstarter plan: 20
unlimited products for the other plans
Emailsfree plan: 1 campaign
startup plan: 10 campaigns
webinar plan: 100 campaigns
unlimited plan: unlimited
send unlimited emails for all plans but without campaigns and automationsend unlimited emails for all plans but without campaigns and automationstarter plan: 15,000 emails
send unlimited emails for all plans but without campaigns and automation
landing pagessame as the sales funnels optionsunlimited landing pages for all plansunlimited landing pages for all plansstarter plan: 100 pages
unlimited landings pages for all plans
customers/studentsunlimited basic plan: 1,000 active customer
growth plan: 10,000 active customers
pro plan: 20,000 customers
basic plan: 1,000 students
pro plan: 10,000 students
funnel hacker plan: 20,000 students
custom domainfree plan: 1
startup plan : 3
webinar plan: 10
unlimited plan: unlimited
basic plan: 1
pro plan : 3
funnel hacker plan: 9
starter plan: 1
Silver plan : 3
gold plan: 5
platinum plan: 10
coursesunlimited basic plan : 3
pro plan: 15
funnel hacker plan: 200
workflowsfree plan: 1
startup plan: 5
webinar plan: 20
unlimited plan: unlimited
unlimited workflows for all plans
videosbasic plan: 50 videos
unlimited videos for all plans

Here are all the differences between these marketing tools so you can compare them and know what to choose depending on what you need

As can be seen that if you choose the unlimited plan with you will get all the features the other companies offer and that will cost you less

Frequently asked questions

What is Systeme io? is an all-in-one marketing system to generate leads, grow your emails list, automate the process of sending emails, and also sell products

You can save money on a monthly basis because You will only need this platform to do all your marketing work instead of using a ton of different tools and having to integrate all of them together

Is Systeme io free?

Systeme has a lifetime free plan for you to start your online business by giving you tools such as sales funnels, email marketing & automation, selling products, and even a blog site

Of course, this free plan is limited on how many times you can use a feature

But at the same time is so much cheaper than other online marketing tools

Is Worth it?

Getting started online is not an easy road so we all need tools and software to help us succeed and grow our business

However, with all these websites and apps we can get confused and sometimes we don’t have the time to understand and learn how each of them works

Even if we don’t need all the features these software offers people are willing to pay so much money for them

And certainly, that’s what makes Systeme worth it

They will do all the hard work for you from managing your email list to automation and so much more inside their system without even the need to integrate with another tool

Its works perfectly for beginners or anyone who is looking to run a successful online business for free or paying a cheap price when upgraded

Final thoughts

Systeme is a great clickfunnels alternative since it provides us with the same tools even with just the free plan

This all-in-one platform is will be a good start for a beginner that wants to start working online and sell products and also it will give value to the experienced ones

You may not understand the benefits that this platform is offering for you with their free plan

And even if you want to upgrade their price is much less than the other tools and both do the same work

Plus with the saving money, you could do other things such as buying crypto and assets, running ads to get more traffic

I hope this review was helpful and if you decided that Systeme is surely the tool you are looking for to help you grow your business go ahead and sign up here for a free account

On the other hand, If you find this post informative share it on social media so you can help other people start their own business

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