You are currently viewing Invitation Codes: Your Way To Gain Free Referrals Without Demand

Invitation Codes: Your Way To Gain Free Referrals Without Demand

Invitation codes: the underrated platform to grow your community by gaining referrals

Referrals are one of the most wanted achievements everyone wants to get when starting work online

And at the same time, it’s a struggle we all experience and drives us insane because it’s not easy at all

And that’s when invitation codes the referral codes platform appears

So in this article, I will share with you all the information about this underrated system that will help you for sure to grow your community online

First, let’s answer some questions for the newbies that know nothing about referrals

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what is a referral?

In the online working field, a referral means a person who was referred or directed to a company or a website by another person

why are referrals so important?

  • Referrals will help you grow your profit if they are active by earning you a commission
  • Referrals create a virtuous circle by that I mean once you gain a real referral he mostly will recommend other to your business (that will help you only if the referral program work as a multi-tier affiliate system)

how do you get referrals for free? and what are the sites?

You can get referrals for free by joining invitation codes, the platform I will give you all the information needed so you can grow your community and hopefully get to know real and active referrals

And of course, there are other options like traffic exchanger sites (Easyhits4uGlobalhits2u)

Or big social communities like Quora or Reddit and so on but this is another topic we will talk about it later so stay tuned

how do you get money from referrals?

The big question is here how we get money from referrals and the answer is so simple :

By commission yes guys by the commission so all we have to do is refer someone to the site we think its have potential and will make a difference to both of us

And don’t refer people to some scam platform that will waste their time and energy for nothing

what is invitation codes and is it legit?

Invitation codes is a referral codes platform for sharing your referral links with the world

It’s like your landing page which lists all of the promo codes you will post

It is a legit website the community is growing fast on social media and the members are killing it on the platform

how does it work?

It Works On Autopilot. Your Posts And Pages Keep Driving Traffic Over Time So It Grows Organically

what are the features of invitation codes?

  • Free plan forever (of course they have a premium plan but you could try this after gaining some rewards so don’t worry)
  • You will gain $20 free credit after signing up and you can gain those rewards after completing challenges to unlock premium features
  • you can post your links and grow your profile for free (click on my codes –> post new)
  • Meet your matches members with similar interests (by clicking on people –> my matches)
  • Exchange referral codes
  • Discuss referrals programs and ways to earn online (by joining the discuss section)
  • Meet members who are killing it on the leaderboard follow them and connect with them (click on people –> leaders)
  • Compare the best programs and avoid traps and scams
  • Grow your empire: track traffic and clicks on all your links (by clicking on my codes –> performance)
  • Grow your followers to get more visibility

how to start with invitation codes

Go to the invitation codes site and click on create account and sign in with your Google account

sign up an invitation codes account

Or simply put your username in the empty spot beside the Start My page as in the picture below

write your username ti start your invitation codes page

how invitation codes work

After creating your account on invitation codes you will be redirected to the main dashboard where you can find your profile info

invitation codes profile information

As you can see my profile got up to 11,000 views with just 72 posts

Let’s talk in detail about how this underrated platform work

When you scroll down on the home page you will get different options which are:

post new

Click on post new so you can add your referral code to any product or site

post your ref code on invitation codes platform

Click on the select product option and search if your website is available in the list

Select it then paste your referral code and click on done

After you post your product make sure to check the description on your dashboard to see if it involves other people’s ref code

Make sure to edit it and write your own description in the personalize offers as in the picture below

write your own description on invitation codes

And in case your site isn’t available on the invitation codes list you have to click on I can’t find the company I’m looking for

You will be redirected to the page where you have to fill in all the details needed for your website

Tip: if you want your profile to look different from other members use this fancy text generator simply by writing your description in it then paste it on invitation codes

Add a new site with referral program

The details you will enter when you have to add a new site on invitation codes as a referral program are:

  • Name of this site /app
  • Company URL
  • Category
  • Product Description (the most important field you have to fill, make sure you write every info needed about the site)
  • Invite value (only if you know what your referral will get if they sign up with your link)
  • Your referral reward (what you got when you gain a referral)
  • Action required for new users to get the signup bonus (complete a task or deposit)
  • Reward description (how the referral program works)
  • Where can you find your code (put a description or just tell people where to click so they can save time)
  • Dashboard URL where users find their code ( if available )
referral site filament details on invitation codes
post your product on invitation codes

After you finish filling in the details click on continue so you can be redirected to a page like this

paste your referral link to add a site on invitation codes

Put your referral code and click on done

Note: Inside the post new page, you will also see all the products you had saved before

Boost visibility

With this option invitation codes will give you visibility 3 times a month by displaying your code in their website extension and in the products list

Join new programs

add your favorite sites to your profile on invitation codes

Search for new programs to join so you can grow your portfolio by checking the newly added products and sites


This section will help you get to know people and exchange referral codes to grow your community

Follow the leaders first because they are for a reason which is adding constantly and finding new programs

There are also matches for you in the traffic competition the platform is having daily so you can find new people to follow and chat 

Invite friends

If you click on people or invite friends you will be redirected to your referral link

Your referred friends and their friends always see your codes first
Inviting people to sign up is the best way to get more people to see & use your codes

The referral cookie is valid for 2 weeks so you’ll earn your reward even if they wait a few days later to signup

You can invite them by email and social media and you and your referral will get 20 coins at the same time

Earn coins

The best way to earn invitation coins is by:

Numbers Of Invitation CoinsThe Task Needed To Gain Invitation Coins
45 coinsImprove 10 product descriptions – this will help other users too
30 coinsWrite a blog post about invitation codes
30 coinsSuggest 5 relevant referral programs not currently listed on the site
20 coins Invite 1 friend
20 coins1 year birthday
20 coins Add the invitation badge or embed your code list on your website
10 coins 6 months birthday
10 coins Reach 100 profile views
10 coins Post 8 codes on your profile
5 coinsInstall The invitation codes browser extension
5 coins Get 3,000 views
5 coins Follow 15 users
5 coins Customize your profile
5 coins Add 15 products to your favorites

How can I use invitations coins?

Invitation coins can  be used to boost your reach on the platform by reposting your codes to get more traffic

Also, you can get special badges for your profile

Can I buy Invitation coins?

No, you can’t buy those coins as I mentioned above you can only earn them by doing tasks

Your profile page

The other section of your main dashboard is your profile page which contains:

My profile

This is your landing page that displays your added codes as you will see In the picture below

grow your portfolio with invitation codes by posting your referral codes

Profile settings

You can edit how your profile page will be displayed by adding:

  • A Page title
  • Short Intro that describes your work
  • one of your social media accounts or a website
  • Link your google analytics
  • Full name
  • your main country

Track performance

To check your traffic performance on the platform in detail about how much your profile and codes getting viewed  and of course how many clicks you got

track your traffic & clicks with invitation codes

Scroll down a little to see how every post and website is doing by seeing how many views and clicks it gets

Also, you have the option to repost any code

each post performance on invitation codes


Apps you haven’t posted yet but you had added as a favorite product in the join new program section or by clicking on deals –> just added on the top left menu


Messages from users on the invitation codes platform

My Activity

The notifications you will receive are :

Post from your followers when they added a new program

When someone starts following you

When someone sends you a message

Upgrade plan

Invitation codes have monthly and yearly plans that give you 30 days money back guarantee

And those plans are:

Basic plan

  1. Free forever and get your own page @username
  2. Add unlimited links
  3. 1 repost per month
  4. Compare referral programs
  5. Browse ad-free


  1. plans are ($10 per month, $8 per year)
  2. 5 repost monthly
  3. Verified badge
  4. Priority support
  5. Pin posts to the top of the page


  1. Plans are ($30 per month, $24 per year)
  2. 20 repost monthly
  3. Ad free profile
  4. Advanced stat
  5. Claim a 3-4 letter username

the main menu on invitation codes


Discussing group run by all the members on the invitation codes platform where they exchange advice, referral programs, and ways to earn money online

If you want to post your own topic just click on start a new discussion


All the referral programs added on this platform by you and other users


Install the invitation codes extension on your google chrome browser

The extension works when you visit a site by showing you an invitation code of other people

And of course, your code will show on other users who are using this extension too

how can you work with invitation codes?

The invitation codes platform offers you an option to work with them as a writer if you are a blogger and want to grow your audience

To be eligible for this kind of work you have to consider some conditions which are:

Insights based on a topic that’s relevant to their audience (like crypto -making money online-reviews – tutorials- creative ways to save passive income)

Your post must be 100% original (original content – once your article is published on their site you can then post it on your blog with a disclaimer that the article appeared first on invitation codes with a backlink to the invitation URL

Your article must contain fresh ideas

You have to be familiar with the blogging world

You have to submit a request via a form that is required (email- name – website- article suggestion- links to previous work-your invitation username or profile link)

what’s in it for you?

  • your article will be shared with an audience of more than 200.000 monthly visitors
  • you can add 1 non-commercial and follow the link to your business or personal website as a backlink for SEO purposes
  • you can link to 3 of your post in the content
  • the team will help you and ensure your article really hits the mark and fits perfectly within the invitation brand

Final thoughts on invitation codes

Invitation codes are not very popular yet & still an underrated platform on the traffic exchangers’ sites

But to be honest they should get more credit because personally, I got a lot of referrals redirected from invitation codes to my other sites

With this platform, you can share all your favorite referral links on the same page as your own landing page

Also, you can grow your community by following and messaging new people that are interested in the same topic as you

Just make sure you only add a trusted site or app so we could all stop misleading people about sites that waste their time

Follow me on the invitation codes platform so we can all share what is new in the money-making online business

Comment down below or share your thoughts in the VC Income forum

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