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How To Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money

If you’re trying to learn about affiliate marketing so you must have heard about how to start affiliate marketing with no money

And that’s because a lot of people want to do their own online business without the need to pay any investment at first

Not to mention a lot of us are afraid to lose our money on something we’re not so sure about yet

To answer this question, we will talk and mention some ways that can help us start affiliate marketing with no money

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How does affiliate marketing work?

Let’s not complicate things and start talking just for the sake of talking so you won’t get confused

Simply affiliate marketing is the process of promoting or sharing links of services and websites

Easy right, that’s all you need to do and when someone clicks on this link and takes an action ( such as registering, being active, or buying)

You will get a commission depending on what you are promoting

Do you want an example? sure don’t worry

Let’s talk about Rollercoin website that works as a crypto mining simulator system by playing games

So I registered and start using this website and when I searched in their system I find out they have an affiliate program

And I decided I wanted to promote it and gain crypto without even playing or doing anything

For this, I will get my affiliate link and start sharing online to gain referrals

rollercoin referral link

As in the picture above you can see how a referral link looks like

When I get any user to register by using my referral link he will be on my team and I will earn a commission

If you’re into mining or gaming to gain crypto join Rollercoin and start earning

Note: to gain active referral you must explain and give value to people about the website or service you’re promoting

Is it possible to start affiliate marketing with no money?

Of course, it’s possible to start affiliate marketing with no money and there are a lot of ways to do this (we will explain them later)

What you have to do is to share the links of your targeted websites or whatever you want to promote and wait for someone to use your referral link

As you see its a simple procedure but it doesn’t mean you surely will earn money because this kind of affiliate marketing is not strategic

And that is why the most successful affiliate marketers are active and they promote their services regularly whether by blogging or creating videos and so on

So it’s possible but you need to put in some serious work

How to start affiliate marketing with no money?

There is something you need to consider before starting your affiliate marketing journey

And for this matter, I will list the most important things you need to do first

Choose your niche

You don’t want to share and promote random stuff because that will confuse the audience you’re trying to gain

So the first thing you need to do is to choose a specific niche

If you don’t know what a niche is then let me explain it quickly

A niche is a common saying or word that we use online when we focus on a specific large topic for example here on VC Income the main niche is making money online

But inside this large niche, we discuss sub-niches such as making money with crypto, apps, and affiliate marketing

So your first step, make sure to know what topic you want to target by making a list of your interest or of what you have experience with

Choose an affiliate marketing program

Now that you know your niche, your second step is to join affiliate marketing programs that don’t require you to have a blog

Because some affiliate programs won’t accept a new member if he doesn’t have a blog or audience in general

But please consider these tips before starting

  • The products or offers need to be related to your niche
  • The quality of the offer (don’t promote anything just because it’s paying a high commission)
  • How easy to promote the service because some require a lot of effort from you such as making ebooks – promoting pictures and so on

Using some tools

You will need to use some tools to create banner ads, product images to promote, email marketing … etc

So you have to know what to use before starting

You can use Canva for making creative pictures and templates, for sending emails and making landing pages

what are the categories of affiliate marketing programs?

As you know every affiliate program or service is considered into a specific category

So let’s see what are the most popular categories in affiliate programs

  • Webhosting affiliate program
  • Email marketing affiliate program
  • Graphic design affiliate program
  • Video editing affiliate program
  • E-commerce affiliate program

To help you I will mention some of the affiliate programs that you can start without the need for a blog

Impact (a big platform where you can join affiliate programs in one place) (an online tool to start your affiliate business with a commission of 40%)

Bluehost (web hosting company but sometimes they won’t accept you if you don’t have an audience on social media or youtube)

Clickbank (acceptable for us users but you can register using a vpn)

Amazon Associates (they will give you up to 180 months to make at least one sale to stay in the program)

Name cheap (domain and web hosting service with up to 50% commission)

And if you don’t want to join a big affiliate program platform you can just simply search on any search engine like google for a specific program

It’s this simple so don’t worry

For example search for software or website name + affiliate program such as Hostinger affiliate program or Coinbase affiliate program

how to search for affiliate programs on google

Tip: don’t join a lot of programs just focus on one or two that have a related offer for your niche

Choose a way to promote

There are a lot of ways to promote your affiliate links or services and it’s different from one person to another

Some may love to make video content while others like to write or have marketing skills on social media

So your last step is to know your way and what you’re good at

If you want to use social media please focus on one platform first and don’t confuse yourself

Learn everything related to this platform while you’re testing and promoting and when you get successful then use another platform to grow your business

The same procedure will apply if you want to choose youtube for example which is just focus on it and don’t do other work at the same time

And keep in mind success takes time and nothing will happen overnight so be patient

do I need to blog to do affiliate marketing?

It’s better if you have your own website that way you won’t face any problems or limitations when posting your links compared to social media platforms

But if you want to do affiliate marketing without a blog then let’s mention some of these ways

Social media platforms

Social media marketing is one of the most popular ways to promote affiliate links

For this matter, you need to create social media accounts to start your work

And again you don’t need to use all platforms at the same time and just post your links randomly because like this it will be a lucky game for you

Some people may use your link and check the website to register but they won’t be active and make you money

Instead, focus on one platform and get to know it so you can master it with time, and my recommendation for you is to start with Pinterest first

It’s the best and fastest to gain traffic, but Pinterest won’t accept a direct link to the product

So try to use platforms such as Systeme, Medium, and Publish0x to write a post that contains the affiliate link then put the link of the published article on Pinterest

Email marketing for affiliate marketing with no money

The second option to start affiliate marketing with no blog is email marketing

This option requires an email marketing service and most of them aren’t free

But since we are trying to do affiliate without a blog or money we will use a free platform for email marketing

The best all-in-one tool for this matter is where with only the free version you can use their email marketing tool and also a free blog too

do affiliate marketing with no money on systeme

youtube channel for affiliate marketing

Video content is a super famous and popular way to grow your affiliate journey

So youtube is your way to do affiliate without a blog for free just for posting related videos for your niche

how to promote links?

The answer is simple to promote your affiliate links you need to make a video that explains how your product or service works and put the links in the description

blog comments and forum

One of the simple ways to promote affiliate links is to just share them as a comment on a blog or forum posts

But don’t just post the links for the sake of promoting instead answer and give value to people and on the way share your links

final thoughts on affiliate marketing with no money

It’s possible to earn with affiliate marketing without a blog and there are a lot of ways as mentioned in this article

But if you want full potential and more income you should consider making your own website with time

Because with a website you can add banners and links as much as you want without the need to be afraid that a platform can take your links off for some reason

Try some of these options for a while and share your experience with me down below as a comment or in the forum so we could all learn and grow together

knowledge increase by sharing

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