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How To Start A Blog And Make Money

If you’re here then you are probably searching for a way to start a blog and make money

In this blog post, we will talk in detail about the things you need to do first before even getting your first hosting & domain

And after this, you will have your own website for both the free and paid option

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what is a blog?

A Blog or a website is a place online (web page) where you write articles to share with people who are searching for a specific topic

It could also be like a journal to share personal thoughts

why do I need a blog?

If you have a company or products you need buyers,

And that when a blog can be helpful for you because adding posts and information about your work can send traffic to your site

And these people or audiences can turn into leads and buyers in the future

Or let’s say you’re just someone who loves to write and share thoughts with other people,

For this, you will need a place to rant and what’s better than to have your own website

And if you learn anything related to blogging and SEO you can turn your hobby into a full-time job

How to start a Blog for beginners

I know that the first step is always the hardest, and I struggled with the idea of creating my own website for over a year

And in this time I watched so many youtube videos on this topic,

But I didn’t take any action because I focused on unrequired stuff instead of just start working

And this is what you need to do just start and be patient and accept that every small step will add in the future and on the way to growing your blog you will learn

Now take notes because I will mention some of the most important steps you need to take to start a blog and make money smoothly

find a niche

Before thinking about what hosting you want to use, you need to find your niche (general topic) that you want to focus on

It’s better to choose a big niche that can be divided into sub-niches later on when your site grows

And my advice for you is to start with something you love and are passionate about or else you will get bored and wouldn’t find the will to write

how to Find your niche

You have to brainstorm your thoughts first by listing your hobbies and what you love to do on a daily basis

Or write what your skills and how you can turn them into articles to help people and later on make money from it

But what if you got too many ideas and can’t find your way?

Then please take a deep breath and take a break from everything that stresses you out, because you’re struggling with a deeper issue than you think

Some people call it the shiny things syndrome

This is when you can’t stay focused on one thing and when anything new comes across you, all your thoughts and focus will turn to it

So how to choose my niche if I have too many ideas?

Ask yourself some questions to minimize the problem:

  • What I love to do (hobbies)
  • Is there anything that I am passionate about?
  • What are my skills and how to make them useful to people
  • Is there a topic that I can say I am an expert in it?
  • Is this niche my best priority

After you answer these questions and make a list, it’s time to choose your best and top choice to start

If you have more than one idea just choose the one that can make money faster,

And leave the others to a later time when you gain some experiences

Now you have taken the hardest and the big step in your blogging journey which is choosing your niche 🙂

choose a domain name

The second step you need to take is to decide on the name of your blog or domain

Because it will be Your brand that represents you as your whole business and the main topics you will share with your audience

Tips on how to choose your blog name

Choose a simple name that is related to your niche (the main topic and not the sub-niches)

Make it short and easy to be remembered by users,

It is better if you stay away from numbers and special characters too

You could try online domain name generators like Godaddy & Namecheap

tip: make sure before buying the domain to check the availability of this name on social media accounts

The niche is done, the name is done, now what should I do?

The next step is required because it will represent you as much as the name of your blog

This step is the logo creation

And it is not hard as you must think because nowadays there is a lot of free online software that can make our job easy

And you don’t need to hire a graphic designer for this matter but you have to do a little work

Now go to Canva and just choose a free template and play around till you create your desired logo

Or use Looka logo maker to display templates related to your niche

get your hosting & domain

After all the work you have done, now you’re in the serious area which is choosing your hosting company

And that is because there are a lot of hosting companies online and some of them are crappy

Since it must be your first time getting a blog so you must have good experience with the price and functionality of your hosting platform

And not to mention the support system in case you face some issues,

I had a big database error and when I contact my hosting company’s support system

They answered me within 15 minutes and for 3 days straight they kept on trying to fix my problem till it was done 

So for this, I will recommend my hosting company which is Hostinger

Because I am truly enjoying my experience with them so far and I brought a premium plan for 2 years and for sure I will update it when it over

get your own hosting with hostinger and start blogging
Hostinger hosting plan offers

I posted an article about hosting companies that can be helpful for you (click here)

And also it contains great information and tips related to getting Google AdSense approval

Get your hosting with Hostinger with a 75% discount if you use my code

But if you want to start blogging without paying anything just join and get a free domain from Freenom

Create your social media accounts

I know it’s still early to promote anything since you just got your domain, but you need to make sure you have the same name as your domain on your social accounts

So create them and forget about them for now

design your blog

When you get your hosting plan with Hostinger or Bluehost or even if you have your own hosting company

They will help you with instructions to install WordPress and link it to your domain

Just go to your WordPress dashboard and choose a free theme that can be editable with a plugin called Elementor

I recommend you these themes: OceanWp – Astra

Then start getting used to the WordPress dashboard by checking every menu and trying to design your theme the way you want

Create your pages and menus

Your next step is to create your main menu and the technical pages

That you will need later if you want to get approval for applying to affiliate programs and advertising companies such as Google AdSense to make money

These pages are: privacy policy, disclaimer, terms and conditions, contact us, and about us

To make a page on WordPress click on pages then add new

Here are links to make those pages for free all you have to do is complete the form and get the HTML code then paste it as HTML code in the page editor

For the about me page write everything that describes you or your project so your audience knows a little about who’s running the website

As for the contact us page just put all the information details so people can reach out to you such as email – social media accounts and phone numbers if available

Don’t overdo it now because you can always add and edit pages so don’t stress yourself out

create content

Start making your content plan 2 months ahead so you won’t run out of ideas, especially in your starting days

Create your first blog post and don’t overthink what should I write or how to write

Just write about anything you have knowledge about and is related to your niche and can be helpful to people

Your next step is to stick to a posting calendar so when you upload at least 12 months you can finally launch your website

Tips for good design in your content

  • Choose a good font with a size of at least 18 so it could be readable
  • Make sure to add headers in every blog post to break down your work
  • Add photos to your posts
  • Use spaces between paragraphs

track your work

To track your work you need to create an account on Google analytic, google search engine and link them to your domain and WordPress dashboard

So you can know what posts are getting traffic and who your audience is and what devices they are using …etc

If you don’t know how to link it to your website just Click on plugins then add new,

Search for the Site kit plugin then install it and click on activate –> start setup –> sign in with your analytics Google account and click allow and proceed

To set up the plugin click Allow again and add Site Now then click Go to my dashboard

Simply link your analytics account automatically by clicking on connect service and signing in with your google analytics account then click on allow

The final step is to click on configure analytics and with this process, your analytics account is connected now

The same process can be done to link your google search console account

Monetize your blog

The final step is to grow your website by monetizing it so you can start making money

To do this start promoting your content on your social media accounts and forums to gain traffic besides your organic traffic from SEO

Option number 2 is to build your email list by using a free plugin (MailPeot) or a paid system

Option number 3 is affiliate marketing and this method can be used in your first blog post and on your pages

Option number 4 is the last one which is joining an advertisement company that allows you to display ad spaces on your website such as Google Adsense or Ezoic

learn how to join and get accepted by Google Adsense fast –> Click Here

final thoughts on how to start a blog and make money

To start a blog and make money you must do some preparations and planning first so you can stay consistent and focused

And by doing the steps we talked about in this article you surely will have a steady start

But the most important thing you need to know is to just start and don’t let insecurity and doubts stop you from working

And if you wait till you find the right moment you will never do

Don’t forget knowledge increases with sharing 😉

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