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How To Make Money On Faucetpay Wallet?

If you’re trying to earn free crypto online then you must have heard of Faucetpay wallet

What is faucet pay and how does it work? And how can we make money on it?

You will find the answers to all these questions and more in this tutorial

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What is faucetpay wallet?

Faucet pay or faucetpay io is a micro wallet or multicurrency digital payment system that accepts crypto payment from thousands of websites around the internet

It’s also a place where you can store your crypto

How does faucetpay wallet work?

The main goal of faucetpay wallet is to allow the users to receive crypto through faucets sites that are contributing to faucet pay platform

This means you have to use a faucet site and connect your faucetpay account to receive crypto

Other than that you’re allowed to earn crypto by doing tasks on the offerwall section, taking surveys, and watching PTC ads

But we will talk in detail later on

What crypto is available on faucetpay?

At the beginning of faucetpay’s days, there was only a small of crypto available but every once in a while, they add a new one

The crypto allowed on faucet pay are:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Dashcoin (DASH)
  • Digibyte (DGB)
  • Tron (TRX)
  • Tether (USDT)
  • Feyorra (FEY)
  • Zcash (ZEC)
  • Binance (BNB)
  • Solana (SOL)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Polygon (MATIC)

How to create a faucetpay account?

The first thing you need to know is that to create an account on faucet pay you must be 18 years old

And secondly, don’t use a VPN when you’re creating an account

To create a faucetpay account click on sign up then fill up the application that contains:

  • Username
  • Email (twice for confirmation)
  • Password (twice for confirmation)
  • Click on I accept the terms

Solve the captcha then click on Create an account, now you can use this wallet for free

What should I do after I create my faucetpay account?

The first thing you need to do after creating the account is to secure your wallet

To do this click on your profile icon then choose the account setting and after this enable 2fa (two-factor authentication)

How to enable 2fa?

For this matter, you must install an app called Google authenticator

Why this?

Because when you enable the 2fa, faucetpay will ask you to scan a QR code

To scan the code just open the Google Authenticator app then click on the + icon and choose Scan a QR code

When it is done the Google app will give you a 6 numbers code every 20 seconds

Now that you linked faucetpay account to a secured 2fa code you need to enter this code each time you log in as in the picture below

faucetpay account 2fa secured login

Your second step is to link your crypto addresses to faucetpay account, by that I mean to link the address you want to withdraw your coins to

why do I need to do this?

Because to receive payment on faucetpay you will get 2 options:

  1. By entering your faucetpay email
  2. By entering the wallet address of a specific crypto coin

How to link a wallet address on faucey pay?

In the main dashboard of faucet pay click on linked addresses (you can find it in the center of the page aka the 2nd menu)

Here you need to fill in three pieces of information which are:

  • Name or label (I usually put the name of the wallet I use)
  • Address (you want to receive your crypto to)
  • Coin (the crypto you want to link the address to)

Then click on link to complete the procedure

faucetpay linked addresses

As you can see in the picture above I put in the name of the wallet I use for this address which is Atomic wallet

And I chose Ethereum as my coin, see it’s not complicated and you can do it easily

Can I receive payment on faucetpay wallet if I didn’t link an address?

Of course, you can receive a payment if you didn’t link an address

How so?

Simply you need to generate an address for your specific crypto coin in the deposit section then put this address in the faucet website you’re using

How to make money on faucetpay wallet

faucetpay is a wallet to store your crypto but at the same time there are some ways to earn crypto for free online with it

Now let’s talk about these methods in detail

To get access to these methods click on earn and choose one of them


On the faucetlist you will get access to hundreds of websites that allow payment to faucetpay directly

All you need to do is select your crypto coin then scroll down and visit faucets till you find your favorite one

tips: always check the faucet’s health status before joining any faucet and choose the healthy ones

Because if the status of a faucet is unhealthy it means they don’t always pay

When you decide to use a faucet click on the heart icon beside the visit bottom so you can only access your favorite site as in the picture below


are the faucets worth it?

There are 2 types of faucets here, the first one pay instantly to your faucetpay wallet by entering your faucetpay email or your crypto address that linked to your faucetpay account

With this kind of faucet you only need to solve a captcha and sometimes visit and solve a short link

The time between each claim could range between 1 to 30 minutes

The payout is super low for most faucets and it’s super rare to find a worthy faucet

The second type is much better and with this kind, you need to register an account and do tasks such as claiming the faucet, Visit PTC ads, and solve shortlinks

Most sites allow you to level up and earn a decent amount of crypto daily compared to the instant faucet

Usually, the minimum payout is low and can be reachable daily or in a couple of days

But to be able to gain a good amount of crypto from faucets

You need to stick to a strategy where you have to work on different faucets sites daily and not focus on just one

This way the small amount from each site will add up to your whole balance

Offerwall on faucetpay

When you first start with faucetpay you can’t get access to offerwall unless you receive crypto payment from faucets at least 5 times in the current month

So you need to go to the faucetlist and visit some faucets to receive payment

Once you get access to the offerwall section you can start doing tasks to earn more crypto

But how can I do this?

When you do any offer or survey you will receive your reward in a coin called USDP

which means to be able to gain crypto with Offerwall you need to convert this coin to cryptocurrency

Every 100 USDP is equal to 1 USDT (it could change with time)

The minimum amount to convert USDP to USDT is 1 USDP (0.01 USDT)

Note: with the timewall offer you need to withdraw your USDP coins to be able to use them

To do this click on withdraw then withdraw USDP to Faucetpay (the minimum withdrawal is 100 points)

survey on faucetpay

I need to be honest with you about this earning section

Beware it’s not available worldwide and if you’re in a country that allows this kind of earning then you won’t get access to it unless you receive at least 5 faucet payments in a month

That is because the main concern of faucetpay is the faucets websites

This option is available worldwide but also it’s required for you to receive at least 5 faucet payments monthly first

You only need to visit a PTC ad and wait till the timer is done then solve a captcha and get your credit

faucetpay wallet paid to click earning option

In the picture above you can see the steps for this process but I need to mention that with some of the ads you need to stay in the tab or the timer will stop

And to be able to get your rewards which are right now in usdt (it was BTC satoshi earlier)

You have to solve the captcha quickly after the time is off and click on get credit because if you waited more than 1 minute the prize will expire

There are a lot of PTC ads daily and you only could earn up to 0.03 usdt which is not worth it unless you decided to do more with them

For example, I recently decided to swap the amount I gain from PTC ads on faucetpay into another crypto such as DGB and FEY which earn me 1 + of each one

And when the price of these two coins goes up I will exchange them for BTC or usdt to grow my balance

Or I could keep my FEY for our next and last way of earning on faucet pay (stay with me)

fey staking

This is the last option of the earning section on faucet pay

First, you need to know that the main cryptocurrency of faucetpay is called feyorra aka FEY

So faucetpay allows the users to stake their feyorra tokens and earn more on them

They have pools that you can join and when they collect the total amount of this pool you can start earning

But you need to know that your staked amount will be locked for at least 80 days

And faucetpay will gain up to 20% of your rewards which is what every staking company do

stake fey on faucetpay

In the picture above you can see I have to wait till the pool is complete and after this, I can earn passive income on my fey amount

what if I decided to unstake my fey amount?

It’s possible and you can do this but you need to know that if something like this happened you have to pay 3% fees of your staking amount

Multiply BTC on faucetpay

The section that I don’t recommend no matter what even if they promise you to multiply your crypto fast

Faucetpay offers the members to gamble and play games such as dice, crash, limbo, roulette, Plinko, and chart rider

Please stay away from any kind of these lucky games because you will lose your money

Coin swap

Faucetpay wallet allows you to swap or exchange your crypto inside the platform without the need to send your coins to an outsider exchanger and lose some of your balance through transactions

The fee on faucetpay sway is decent and acceptable which is 2.99% and sometime could be up to 1 or 2% more if the price of the crypto is super high

Faucetpay Affiliate program

Another way to earn crypto with faucetpay wallet is by joining their affiliate program which is available for anyone after creating the Faucetpay account

I put all the referral rewards in the table below

Exchange 1.5% of each trade
Offerwall15% of each task
PTC 50% of each click
Dice0.45% of each wager
Crash0.30% of each wager
Roulette0.20% of each wager
Plinko0.10% of each wager

To be honest the referral program on PTC & offerwall is good, other than that is super low

But maybe because in gambling and wagering games people put in a big amount of money

There is another way you can earn through their affiliate which is to promote sites that pay to faucetpay

For example, Claimfreecoins is a popular faucet site that offers a 25% commission on each crypto coin

So if anyone uses my referral link to this site, I will receive 25% of their claim directly to my faucetpay account

Faucetpay rewards points

Every day you login into your faucetpay account you will get a pop-up notification that tells:

You earn 1 reward point, to claim it click on I like it

faucetpay wallet login rewards

Each day your reward will increase if you log in

For example, on the first day you will receive 1 point and if you sign in for 10 days straight, your reward on the 10th day will be 10 points

But if you skip one day your rewards points will reset and goes back to 1

What are the maximum reward points on faucetpay wallet?

The maximum streak of rewards you can get on faucetpay wallet is 100 points

What can I do with faucet pay rewards points?

These reward points can be exchanged for real money (only BTC right now)

Or you can use them as powerups for offerwall or PTC tasks or referral income

The minimum amount of RB to convert to BTC is 1,000,000 and every 10 RB is equal to 1 sat

To be able to do this click on your profile icon then power-ups

How can I earn them?

Reward points are minted or earned by:

  • 10rb = 600 satoshi wager in BTC or what equaled in another crypto
  • 10=50 USDP earned in offerwall
  • 10= $0.25 earned by referral
  • 10= $1 exchange
  • If you create a PTC listing

Is faucet pay legit?

Faucet pay is completely legit, I have used this wallet since it launched and every time I ask for a withdrawal I receive it without any problem

You could read some complaints around the internet that faucet pay is a scam

Or that their money disappeared but to be honest that could be because they put some wrong address or something

And if I remember correctly, a while ago faucetpay faced some issues and they send every member an application to fill out so they can keep our money safe and they recovered fast

What is the minimum deposit for faucetpay?

The minimum deposit for faucetpay is none so don’t worry and deposit even if just 1 sat

How much does faucet pay charge?

When you want to withdraw your crypto, faucet pay will give you 2 options and for each one of them there are some fees

The first one and the most recommend is the normal withdrawal (4 hours)

This procedure will take at least 4 hours till you receive your crypto money but in case it took more than 8 hours you can contact support

But usually, you will get your money fast 😉

The second option is called the Priority withdrawal (5 minutes)

This method is for the one that can’t wait and needs their money fast, But the fees are much higher compared to the normal withdrawal process

Check this table to learn the fees and min withdrawal for both withdrawal options

CryptoNormal Withdrawal FeesNormal Withdrawal Min PayoutPriority Withdrawal FeesPriority Withdrawal Min Payout

As we can the crypto coins that have the same fees no matter what method you choose are:


So if faucetpay didn’t change the fees in the future, it’s better to withdraw these cryptos fast because you’re paying the same amount of fees

How to convert crypto to cash on faucetpay

As you know to convert crypto to cash we need to use some exchanger first and later on send the money to our bank account or Visa card

To be honest, since I started my work online I struggled to find a way to get my money out

Until I came across this amazing company that gives us a free virtual card and allow us to top it using crypto

Meet pyypl card to solve this problem for you

How could this work?

First download pyypl app and get your pyypl virtual card for free, after you verify your account which is super easy

If you want to convert your crypto from faucetpay to cash you need to withdraw your coins to Binance or Trust wallet

Personally, I use trust wallet to do this because I can connect it with my pyypl card

To connect your virtual card with your trust wallet just open pyypl, click on top up then click on Binance top-up with crypto, After this click on light wallets

pyypl card top up process
top up your pyypl virtual card with crypto by connecting a light wallet

Choose the trust wallet and complete the process as in the pictures below

connect wallet to pyypl
trust wallet connection to pyypl
top up your pyypl with usdt

To be able to top up pyypl card with crypto you need to use the Binance smart chain only (BSC)

So whatever crypto you send from faucetpay you need to swap it to USDT (bep20) in Trust wallet

After your crypto become available in your usdt (bep20) inside trust wallet, now you can add it to your pyypl card

Pyypl card allow you to send your money via phone numbers and through payment systems worldwide like MoneyGram

And even better you can ask for a physical card so you can use it in your country

Here you have it even if you need to do some work

Final thoughts

Faucetpay is an amazing wallet to secure your crypto and receive payment from faucets online

And its offers you some ways to earn more crypto by doing tasks such as PTC ads, offerwall, and survey

If you only work inside faucetpay platform it’s not worth it because you won’t make much money

But if you only use it to receive payment from highest paying crypto sites it would be better

I hope this full tutorial about faucetpay wallet will help you to start with crypto at ease and don’t forget to share this article online

Don’t hesitate to put any questions or suggestions in the comment down below

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