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How To Increase Organic Traffic & Make Money On Social Media 2022

Ever since we start blogging our main focus has been to increase organic traffic

And while doing this we surely can make money on social media by sharing good content

There is no doubt social media platforms are everywhere and growing faster each day

There is always a new app added to this fake social world that makes people addicted and stays in it for long hours daily

In this post, I will only talk about how to use the high engagement inside the social media platforms to your advantage and gain organic search results

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what does organic traffic mean?

Organic traffic means the free visit (not paid ads) you get on your website after someone finds you when using a search engine like Google or Bing

That is the type of traffic every blogger need to be honest so he can get the post seen by users for free

How to get traffic to your website without social media

Your first step to getting traffic to your website organically and without using social media for marketing is to publish valuable and helpful content regularly on your site

The second step is to focus on the SEO (search engine optimization) in every post and page on your blog

Because SEO is what will make your articles show first in the search results which will increase your organic traffic over time

What is SEO Checklist to get a higher rank in Search results

There are a lot of steps you do while writing an article so you could get a higher rank in the search results and those tips are:

The right keywords

Choose your keywords wisely by doing decent research and using a combination of low and high-search volume keywords

Find your keywords with those free sites: Ahref Keywords GeneratorMoz Keyword Explorer

images optimization

Optimize your images by writing in the description and the alt text the focus keyword you choose earlier while doing your research

Use internal and external links on your post

The internal link is when you add a link to another blog post inside your article

And this way you are linking your content together

The external link is when you share links to some outsider website as I mentioned above the Moz keyword explorer for example

title and heading

Add the focus keyword of the blog post in the title and make sure this same keyword is also mentioned in the first paragraph

Try to add the focus keyword in some of the headings too, this will give you a high rank in SEO

meta description

Edit your meta description because it’s how your link will show in the search engine results

Keep in mind you could also gain direct traffic to your website and when you get this kind of traffic its means you got a returning user and that’s a good sign for the health of your site

What is direct traffic?

Direct traffic means the user entered your website URL directly in the browser search bar

Instead of searching the internet and clicking on your site by chance or by getting to you through social media platforms

social media and organic traffic

These days you need to be active on social media to grow your business even if you don’t like it

Especially if you are a blogger and want your posts to be seen and reach a good amount of traffic  

In this case, you need to share your content on other sites & social media networks to refer people to your website and not to mention its free

You have to keep in mind driving traffic from social media is not easy as they all make you believe and it’s getting harder since all the big platforms are optimized with paid advertising

But there are always some tips or specific social media platforms that could send organic traffic to your website the most

how can I double my traffic from social media

Firstly, study your target market to know how to go for the marketing plan

Every niche has a part of an audience that is interested in the same topic and these people are the ones that you have to target so you could possibly earn a sale or just a referral

After you know what users you should target your next step is to make a marketing strategy so you can surely get those visitors

Secondly, see on which social media platforms your target audience are active

For example, you can find professionals on Linkedin, teenagers are using TikTok these days..etc

If you have a blog you can find this information on google analytics if you link it to your website

Test what time is best for posting on social media

Try to post at different times to test what is the best time of engagement (likes. Comments, share) on your post on each social media platform

Here is some advice for the best time on each site:


The best time to post on Facebook is between 3 am to 1 pm from Tuesdays to Fridays

And stay away from weekends


Try to post early in the morning mostly between 8-9 am on weekdays and stay away from weekends


Post on weekdays between 9 am to 1 pm and don’t post on Sundays


Best time to post at 9 am to Noon from Tuesday to Thursday and don’t post late in the night or on Sunday

Post regularly

The best way to increase organic traffic is by staying consistent and posting at the right time on each platform, in this way you will be active in the eyes of your followers

Here are some tips on how many posts you should do on each site

Twitter: 5 to 8 tweets daily

Linkedin: 1 to 2 posts per day

Facebook: 1 to 2 posts per day

Pinterest: post a lot on a daily basis but don’t go crazy so you don’t look like a spammer

Instagram: +1 post daily

Blogging: 1 to 2 posts weekly

You can’t handle this much posting on all the social platforms unless you have a big team

So if you are going solo the best thing you can do is master one social site at a time and then focus on the other one this way you surely can maintain this marketing schedule

Of course, there are some websites and software that can help you to stick to your posting plan

For example, the Social media automation tools (Tailwindapp – IFTTT) both have free & paid plan

Those tools will help you post on the time you schedule it beforehand so if you want a pro version and can afford to pay for such a tool do this to not stress out about posting

which social media is best for traffic

Even though most people use social media but not all platforms work for our business so you have to focus on specific platforms depending on your industry

It’s not a smart move to post on every platform and hopes you will gain traffic instead you should make a strategic plan and master the platform you are using

The best social platform to gain traffic is:


This platform has more than 1.60 billion users and a lot of them are professionals who focus on work

After making an account you get the option to write articles and this is the one you should use when posting your content instead of starting a post

So if you already have blog posts just copy and paste them on your LinkedIn wall and profile but please don’t put direct links to products and offers

To do this go to the Linkedin dashboard or home page and click on Write article

click on write article on linkedin

You will get access to the publishing menu, add a headline and a cover photo the recommended size is 1280 x 720 pixels and after finishing your writing click on Publish

article dashboard on LinkedIn

Make your profile professional by adding a profile picture and writing a bio or description that represents you and your work by clicking on Me in the top menu –> view profile

Click on my network in the top menu to grow your community by adding connections or following people 

Tip: Linkedin has a creator mode for you if you want to be a creator on their platform

If you want to be a creator on Linkedin make sure to turn it on in the resources section on your profile and fill in all the required details

be a creator on LinkedIn


Quora gets more than 788 million users monthly

Here you can have your own space and post content to grow your community or just be part of other people’s spaces and become a contributor

By doing this your content could gain a lot of views

have your space on Quora to increase organic traffic

To join space click on spaces in the main menu as in the picture above

Then discover what you are interested in and be part of it by posting a topic or voting for the content

The most important section in Quora is to answer questions for the members to be seen and in this way, you can lead them to your website and products later

Again don’t post direct links instead share a blog post that contains your promoted links with good valuable content


Medium is made for publishing articles so if you don’t have a website you can publish your posts on medium

The site got a decent amount of traffic monthly (more than 136 million visits)

And they treat the members and the posts equally, for example even if you are a new member and just posted your first article they will show it on their dashboard like the old and popular posts

So Medium is a good start for you to share your content and grow your audience just make sure to add your website URL in your bio to increase the organic traffic later

In the main dashboard click on write to post your article or story if you have it as a draft and the other option is to just import a story

write on Medium so you can increase organic traffic

The fantastic thing about Medium is you can make money by writing, all you have to do is click on your profile icon at the bottom of the page and then go to the Medium partner program

make money on social media 2022 with Medium

There are some rules to get accepted and those are:

  • You must publish at least one story to apply to the Partner Program
  • You need to have at least 100 followers to apply
  • Stay active and post at least once every six months to keep earning

Medium also offers you to become a member by paying $5 monthly or $50 yearly to get access to all the content but don’t worry you can still join the program partner even if you are not a member

some tips for growing fast on medium

  • Follow people so you can get noticed when you start
  • Comment and be active on the platform
  • Post regularly


Pinterest is a visual search engine platform and also a big social media platform that helps you gain a fabulous amount of organic traffic

With Pinterest, you don’t just gain views and followers but also you could get new ideas and inspiration just by checking the idea pins and the trending topics

Pinterest doesn’t allow you to post direct links to products or affiliate sites

So make sure you always optimize links by sending them to blog posts/landing page that contains your referral links for example or add the tag #ads #affiliate

Create boards that focus on your niche and grow your account daily by posting and sharing other people’s pins

Don’t forget to put your website URL in the bio and use high-volume keywords in the description of every board you make


Reddit is a giant discussing social platform with up to 1.7 billion visitors monthly

Here you can find a lot of people sharing news, memes, pics, and videos about the topic they are interested in by creating communities

And you can make your own community about your niche to grow your audience and lead them to your site by clicking on Create a community on the home page as in the picture below

grow your community on reddit and make money on social media 2022

BONUS: check publish0x so you can earn crypto by writing & reading content

final thoughts

Social media platforms gain massive and terrific traffic daily because who doesn’t use those sites these days

Not to mention those platforms rank higher on Google the most used search engine so if you post your content there you surely will increase your organic traffic

If you know how to use this social traffic wisely so you will make money with social media

But don’t use all the platforms at once instead focus on one of them and master it or you will get overwhelmed

I hope this article is helpful to you and if you have any questions comment down below or post in the VC income forum

And share the post with whoever is interested in this kind of information

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