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How To Earn Crypto For Free – Is it really Possible?

Cryptocurrency is getting more popular which is why people are searching for ways to earn crypto online

Especially these days when we are facing problems and issues with banks worldwide

So we need a more straightforward method of using our money

I would like to share with you some of the ways and methods to earn crypto free

But also you need to keep in mind there are a lot of scams sites in this journey so be wise when you choose a new platform

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What is cryptocurrency?

I don’t like a complicated explanation so you won’t get confused that is why I will answer this question with a simple respond

Cryptocurrency or crypto is a digital or virtual currency

That we can exchange for real money on the internet without an authority like a bank or government

See it’s so simple

Some people get confused with all the wallet addresses and the names of crypto available, that’s why they fear entering this world

But don’t be afraid because with time and some experience, you will learn everything

Is it possible to earn crypto for free?

Like anything related to earning money online,

There are a lot of ways to earn crypto for free which we will talk in detail about them later on

So to answer your question, yes it is possible to earn crypto for free online

How to earn crypto free – the methods

First thing first, before you start searching for ways to earn crypto for free

You need to do some things so you will be prepared

Get some crypto knowledge

Anything you need to do in life requires you to learn some basics before you get started

And cryptocurrency is not a small world and is getting bigger each day

So my advice for you is to watch some youtube videos or read articles related to this topic to learn

Try Publish0x for reading articles to grow your knowledge

And beer money forum to ask the crypto community any question you need and earn money at the same time

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Have a crypto wallet

Remember when we talked about how people get confused by the wallet addresses

Now its time to explain how they work

What is a crypto address?

A crypto address looks like a sequence of letters and numbers combined together

This long identifier is a unique key you can use to send or receive a specific coin

You can see it as your email address to make things simple for you

Now every crypto coin has its own address so you need to be careful when you send your money

crypto wallet address for deposit

For example, in the picture above you can see a Bitcoin address for depositing only

That means it only works when you want to add BTC, so if you need to withdraw then check the withdraw wallet address

Note: This address needs to be generated first before depositing or withdrawing

Where can I get a crypto wallet?

I will only talk about the software wallet because that is what you will need mostly for earning crypto online

The software wallet can be a desktop, mobile, or a web wallet

Desktop crypto wallet

With this kind of wallet, you need to download the software and then install it on your desktop

You can try Atomic Wallet (also available on mobile)

With the Atomic Wallet, you can also get rewards by staking your crypto

Mobile crypto wallet

The process is similar to the desktop wallet but here you will install an app on your phone

By doing this you can manage your crypto portfolio by sending and receiving crypto to your mobile wallet

Try trust wallet it’s secure and also works as an exchanger and staking platform

Web crypto wallet

A web wallet is a digital wallet where you don’t need to install any software

Faucetpay is a multicurrency web wallet that allows you to receive crypto payments online

Now that we talked about our first steps, we can finally mention the ways we can use to earn crypto for free

crypto faucets

Why did they name it like that?

Simply because faucets crypto work as a real water faucet when it dripped 

They give you a small amount of crypto aka satoshis just for resolving a captcha or visiting a website

earn crypto by solving captcha

Before starting you should know that there are types of crypto faucets

The simple faucet as mentioned above (the captcha type) will give you a small tiny amount of satoshi

A good example of this kind of faucet is

Freebitcoin faucet also works as a BTC wallet and a staking platform if you keep at least 30,000 satoshis in it

But the minimum withdrawal is a little high (30,000 sat)

The highest-paying faucet type will give you a decent amount because you have to work a little harder

With these sites, you will visit websites – solve shortlinks – do offers such as registering and installing games and apps

Examples: fire faucetsatoshi monstercoinpayu

crypto Airdrops

Usually, some companies and project owners will give a great number of tokens to grow their coin

This method is really simple you only need to join some airdrops so you can gain free tokens

Try Coinmarketcap & as a beginner

To join airdrops they will ask you to visit their website and link your wallet

And sometimes they will ask you to do some task as in the picture below

earn crypto now by joining crypto airdrops

join cryptocurrency affiliate programs

If you don’t like to waste your time by doing faucets, you still can earn crypto for free by joining the referral program for crypto sites

For example, let’s talk about an amazing earning free crypto platform that I use daily called Dutchycorp

This site offers you faucets every 30 minutes, PTC ads, short links

And lately, they added playing games to earn their own token

To gain crypto with Dutchy you have to mine or burn Dutchy by using the auto faucet

earn crypto with the auto faucet on dutchycorp

As in the picture above

firstly, you need to choose your reward multiplier and the timer for each refresh and select the coins you want to claim

mine dutchy to earn crypto free

Secondly and lastly, keep the browser tab open till you burn your Dutchy tokens

Because if you close it you will earn nothing

Now back to the main topic which is earning crypto by joining affiliate programs without working on faucets

Create an account to join their referral program and try to promote it to gain active referrals

This way you will earn 20% of crypto passively

earn crypto by sharing affiliate links

And there are a lot of great crypto websites that have an affiliate program

You just need to do some research and testing before considering the promotion part

Because we want to help people earn crypto and not lead them to scammy sites

games and apps

Another way to earn crypto for free is to install apps and games that pay in crypto

Of course, there are a lot of scam apps so you need to be careful

You can easily spot the scammy ones simply when they offer you a big amount of rewards in little time

Usually, the legit apps will pay you a small amount daily

You can always try and test these apps and when you reach the minimum payout ask for a request to see if they are legit

Check these games and apps that I have tested myself

  • Sweatcoin (they recently started paying in crypto by installing the Sweat Wallet)
  • Rollercoin (play games to grow your mining simulator room)
  • Arc8 (play arcade games and earn Gmee token)
  • Crypto Sense (play flip games and puzzles)
  • Bitcoin Blast (play a puzzled matching game and earn BTC or ETH)

cloud mining crypto

I am sure you heard about mining crypto

But in this article, we will talk about cloud mining only because it’s more profitable for you and won’t risk your hardware

Keep in mind a lot of free cloud mining sites are scam

Because they will promise you a big amount of interest on your crypto if you deposit

And when you do this the site will vanish

So if you decided to use cloud mining please don’t deposit anything

Try Rollercoin it’s legit you only need to play games to grow your mining system or simply just buy miners

Also, Stormgain allows you to mine BTC every 4 hours but you can only withdraw them to the app so you can trade

use a browser to earn crypto

We use the internet daily to check social media or search to get information and all this without getting any penny

And why not do this and earn crypto?

This method requires you to install a browser that will mine crypto when you use it

So the more you use it the more you gain

You can try Cryptotabroswer to earn BTC or try brave browser to earn BAT token

writing & reading

Do you love to read or write?

Then you can earn crypto for free while doing this

Of course, there are a lot of sites to do this but I like to focus on one example so I don’t confuse my readers

Our site is called publish0x, with publish0x you can earn as a reader and as a writer

how so?

If you want to only read and earn crypto then create an account and scroll through the articles

When you find something interesting click on it, read it, and scroll to the reach the tip section

Choose your payment percentage and tip the author the rest as in the picture below

earn crypto by reading on publish0x

Note: you have to tip the author to earn

I like to tip the writer at least 30% which will encourage him to work more because he is earning a big amount

If you want to write then you can earn in both ways (writing + reading)

But to be able to write you have to join the system by clicking on your profile -> become an author

After this, they will ask you to fill out an application before they accept you

publish0x author appilaction

I applied to be an author and got my approval the next day, so if you have the skill of writing

It’s a good start for you to earn crypto by doing something you love


The last method I want to talk about in this article is freelancing

Did you know there are a lot of freelance sites that will pay you in crypto these days

Yes that’s right since cryptocurrency is getting popular each day some freelance sites are accepting crypto payment

Try Latium for exampKnowledgean offer your skills and get paid in crypto if your work was accepted

It’s not easy to earn because Latium is like any freelance site will require you to do the task and wait for approval from the project owner

So be patient

final thoughts

There are a lot of ways to earn crypto for free such as faucet sites, mining, games and app, and freelancing and writing

But at the same time, you have to be careful and avoid scams

To do this please do some research by reading comments and reviews before using any site

Secondly, be sure that your crypto wallet is secured by enabling the 2-step authentication and having a strong password

Lastly, be aware of the get-rich-quick theme

Because the majority of people around the internet only focus on making a quick profit even if they lie about it

Share your experience with free earning crypto methods down below

Knowledge increase with sharing so don’t hesitate to share this post on social media

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