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How Can I Get Free Litecoin With Bitcoin Aliens?

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I don’t know if you have heard about bitcoin Aliens games before, but today’s topic is about how we can get free Litecoin

And what’s better than to gain extra cash in a crypto giveaway with minimum effort

So let me introduce you to this legit app while doing a free Litecoin giveaway app review

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What is bitcoin aliens?

Bitcoin aliens games is an app developer that started in 2014 focusing on making bitcoin games only

But since 2019, and after the success they had made

They decided to add new crypto giveaway options which are bitcoin cash ( BCH ) & Litecoin ( LTC )

Is bitcoin aliens legit?

After working with all the apps that bitcoin aliens developed, I can honestly say they are very legit

And I will insert my payment history with the two apps I use on a daily basis later on in this blog post

What are the apps by bitcoin aliens?

As i said they have been making bitcoin games since 2014 but they don’t have many apps considering their legitimate

Their games & apps in order:

  • Free Bitcoin ( their first paying free bitcoin app but now it’s only available as an APK file )
  • Blockchain Game ( an addictive game that requires stacking blocks and the longer your chain the higher your reward
  • Alien Run ( daily missions of running and jumping to reach the rewards in satoshis
  • Bitcoin Cash Giveaway ( claim hourly rewards in BCH and receive a weekly payout )
  • Litecoin Giveaway ( Claim Hourly rewards in LTC and receive a weekly payout )

Free litecoin giveaway app

Now to the main topic of our article, how to get free Litecoin with bitcoin aliens specifically

So I will not get deep and explain to you how to get free Litecoin in general

Because it’s a long discussion and needs a lot of information and it would make this post longer

The free Litecoin giveaway app started in 2019 and I have been using it for so long

The work you have to do is super easy daily and it won’t take a lot of your time

How to start with Litecoin Giveaway

You can try Binance and Coinbase for safer use,

Or use a simple multi-wallet like Faucetpay because it has a low withdrawal limit

If you don’t know anything about how a wallet address work

Please leave a comment down below so I make sure to add this kind of information for you later

But for now, I will mention quickly how to use the faucet pay address to put you in the picture

Note: you need the deposit address specifically and don’t even think about the withdrawal address or you will lose your coins

Install the app

Your Litecoin address is ready but you need to download and install the free Litecoin app

So you can start collecting and gaining LTC

When its finally on your phone, open it and you will get a notification click on agree

Then you will be asked to register by entering your email, do this and click on submit

Your last step now is to enter your Litecoin address

When you finish these steps you will be in the main dashboard as in the picture below

free litecoin giveaway app

As you can see i put a star icon on the important sections and the most needed tasks

I will explain briefly how this app works because really it’s so simple and easy,

But you need to know that they pay weekly every Tuesday

So let’s start with the hourly claim:

This option is available for you every hour and there is no limit on much you can claim

So if you want to gain a decent amount of LTC you have to work more

free spins to gain up to 100,000 LTC

In this image, I explained how to reach the top line of rewards which is by gaining the LTC icon in order

By the way, you only get 2 or 3 spins every hour but they give you the option for more spins by watching ads

From experience, you will only get the 46 ( 2,500 )& 49% ( 1,551 ) rewards in the top line

The bonus claim

The second worldwide available option to gain more LTC,

But here every time you want to claim a reward you have to watch an ad

bonus claim for free litecoin with litecoin giveaway app

Usually, you get 5 to 6 bonus claims per session and the next available one will be 4 to 5 hours later

The Control Panel

Why the control panel is an important section of the free Litecoin giveaway?

Because here you edit your registered email, Litecoin address, and the minimal amount threshold you want to set for your payment

your payment threshold on free litecoin giveaway

Just click on control panel –> payment threshold then choose the minimum payout amount

And don’t forget to click on Referrals to get your referral link

So you can earn a 10% commission on the earnings of your friends

Are there other ways to earn on Litecoin giveaway

is Litecoin giveaway a legit app

You can use this app and be positive about it because surely and from experience it’s so legit

And they always pay on time which is on Tuesday and this is if you reach your minimum payout threshold

Here is a screenshot of my last payout from the Litecoin app

payment history from free litecoin giveaway

a similar app to Litecoin giveaway

how to start with bitcoin cash giveaway

Make sure you have a bitcoin cash ( BCH ) wallet address then download the app and install it on your phone

The process is the same as the Litecoin giveaway app

After opening the app click on agree then enter your email and BCH address

bitcoin giveaway app dashboard

Select the hourly claim available option and spin for your reward

( watch some ads to get more prizes ) and choose the higher amount you got as in the picture below

spins every hour to earn BCH on Bitcoin cash giveaway

And to claim more free BCH go back to the main dashboard and click on the bonus claim available

Note: Beware to get the reward you have to watch an ad

The last work you need to do is go to the control panel to set your minimum threshold amount

bitcoin cash giveaway payment threshold option

Personally, I choose the minimum available option which is 5,000 or 10,000 BCH

So I can reach my limit and get weekly payment which is every Tuesday

And don’t forget to get your referral link by clicking on the referrals section

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is bitcoin cash giveaway a legit app?

Bitcoin cash giveaway app is a legit app from bitcoin aliens games developer

And they pay on time every week if you reach your minimal payout

payment history on bitcoin cash app

As you can see in the picture above my payment history with the app

And the notification you will see in your dashboard after they pay you

Final thoughts on Bitcoin aliens

Bitcoin aliens have some fun and addictive games

They pay you in bitcoin and another crypto such as Litecoin ( LTC ) and Bitcoin Cash ( BCH )

But For this article, our focus was on the Litecoin giveaway and bitcoin cash giveaway app and their legitimate status

Which are super legit and pay weekly, but at the same time

And for an honest review, you won’t make a lot of money using them so you have to keep this in mind

We use these free faucets or apps to gain some extra coins and cash

And use them in other ways for our future plans

For example, we can use the money we get from Litecoin or bitcoin cash and buy a domain or monthly hosting to start a blogging business

If you are into collecting crypto coins for holding and investment

Or just want to do a weekly exchanging download these apps to earn for free

Don’t forget to comment down below for any questions or suggestions

Share this post with whoever is interested so we can exchange knowledge of new legit apps

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