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Play Games For Real Money No Deposit: A Gamee Review (Full Truth)

Lately, we have talked about apps that pay real money without getting into detail so today’s post is about Gamee review

If you want to play games for real money no deposit is required so the Gamee app is for you

I will try to mention what I have learned so far so you can avoid some mistakes and you learn everything about this application

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What is Gamee Prizes?

Gamee prizes is an entertainment app that let you play addictive games for free To collect tickets

These tickets will be entered directly in the weekly draw (every Sunday), the prize currently is $1,350

You can find so many fun games here without even the need to download them on your phone (available on Android & IOS)

It’s a big community with players that join tournaments every 3 minutes to collect more tickets

Now let’s talk in detail so you understand how this app works

How to start with gamee?

If you decided to try gamee then the first thing you need to do is to download it and install it on your phone

When you do this, you will be asked to sign up via Facebook – Gmail account – or just use an email and password

You will get your first team worker Antonio who will give you tickets every day

how do gamee prizes works?

In this gamee review, i will explain every section how works so you can learn some tips

The first option or section is called play where you will get game missions every 4 hours,

what are the game missions on gamee app?

The game mission is a daily task on gamee prizes app that happened every 4 hours, each time you have to win 3 different games to get the offered tickets

Once you win the mission just click on finish mission to get your prize and if you want to multiply tickets (up to x6) then you need to watch an ad

Team earnings

If you don’t have any referrals yet you will still get team earnings from your team worker Antonio every day

Antonio is a gift from Gamee to every new member who joined the platform so we could earn tickets daily

You can claim tickets or double it by watching an advertisement

Tournaments on gamee

To make the app enjoyable and more challenging, they offer 3 tournaments every three minutes

where you can choose one game or even enter the three of them if you want

But remember you only have 3 minutes to compete with other members

The prizes are tickets & stars to increase your level (we will talk more about it later)

Note: Higher position = higher amount of tickets

Offerwalls on gamee

Offers such as surveys, downloading games, and reaching certain levels can be found here (not available worldwide)

Games option on gamee

Find a list of games here where you will get 4 daily missions for each game,

These games will be unlocked after reaching a higher level and to increase your level you need to collect stars

On the side of each game, you will see how many tickets you can get if you win the 4 missions (up to 518 tickets)

But you can earn more by clicking on multiply tickets (up to x6)

In the picture below the arrow is on the x2 So if I click on multiply now I will only double my reward

To get a higher amount of tickets try to click on multiply when the arrow reaches x6

multiply tickets after a game mission on Gamee

Tip: Every 8 gameplays you will earn tickets+stars, keep playing to get 50 stars daily

what are the stars for?

The stars are in-app points that gamee prizes will give you when you play games and join tournaments

As mentioned in the tip every 8 gameplay you do you will get a notification informing you that you earned tickets and stars

You can do nothing and the reward will be added to your balance or just double it by watching an ad

The stars are for leveling up your score and when you reach a new level you will get rewards such as:

  • Unlock New Games
  • Tickets
  • Offerwall Access
  • Tournaments Access

This means when you first start with Gamee you won’t get access to all the games and features

But you need to play and collect stars to level up and unlock them

Not to mention with every level up you will get a multiple tickets level on each reward you gain by playing

gamee Spin feature

Click on the spin menu to get access to the daily spin option where you can earn tickets, multiply rewards for 10 mins, and cash

Usually, you can get up to 4 spins but if you want more you have to watch an ad to get 2 more spins

get spin daily to earn tickets and cash

And a cool thing about Gamee is that they offer you the wheel of cash on the 7th day of your activity

This wheel of cash only rewards you with money but if you skipped one day then you will get back to the first-day prize

what are the prizes at gamee?

piggy bank

Gamee changed since it launched and one of the new updates is called the piggy bank

All you need to do is collect 1,000 tickets then go to prizes and smash your piggy bank by watching an ad

weekly draw

This is the main prize in the Gamee app which happened every Sunday where the prize will be divided between 3,000 members

Currently, the reward is $1,350 (it can be higher or lower with time)

how are the prizes will be divided?

The reward will be divided between 3,000 members that collect at least 10,000 before the draw

Here is a table that contains all the details:

1st $750
2nd – 5th$100
6th – 10th$20
11th – 110th$1
111th – 3,000th5 GMEE

From my experience, the chance to win is super low so if you want to really earn focus on the daily leaderboard & the cash wheel

multiply lotto tickets

Prize number two is called the multiply lotto tickets (currently $10,000), here you can add 3 tickets to join the lotto draw

There are two options to choose the numbers which are: manually and randomly

Choose 6 numbers to add your ticket by watching an ad to be able to enter the jackpot draw

how did they split the prize?

Like the weekly draw, the prize will be divided between the members that entered the lotto draw

But here the numbers you chose must match the numbers in the draw

The prize will be split:

  • 5 matches + the bonus ball = $500
  • 4 matches + the bonus ball = $100
  • 4 matches = $3
  • 3 matches = 1,200 tickets
  • 2 matches = 750 tickets
  • 1 match = 500 tickets
  • no match = 250 tickets

daily leaderboard on gamee

This feature was not available when I started using gamee prizes but they added it later in one of their updates

It’s one of the best daily earning processes in the app but to be able to really earn you have to play a lot of games

What you need to do is collect at least 1,000 tickets by playing games & doing offers (you can only collect 1 million tickets in the offer wall per day)

But keep in mind the tickets collecting must be in the last 24 hours so the tickets earned the day before won’t count

how is the prize split work?

The more you collect tickets the higher your position will be in the daily leaderboard and so is your reward

6th – 10th$0.50
11th – 20th$0.35
21th – 50th$0.25

In the table above you will find the rewards for the first 50 members with the higher number of collected tickets

Of course, there are more rewards for the rest of the joined users but the amount will keep on decreasing to reach $0.01, and then only tickets

Your prize will be added directly to your balance whether it’s cash or tickets

buffed lucky games

There are several lucky games per day, most of the time it will be PayPal money from $5 to $100

Even sometimes there will be a draw for physical items such as iPhone or amazon gift card

So if you win a physical prize you need to contact Gamee support

To join this lucky games you have to watch an advertisement for each ticket, Gamee will give you up to 8 tickets each time

The more you add the higher your chance but again from experience the chances are low

offers on gamee prizes

The most earnable section in this app is the offerwall where you can do tasks such as survey, download some games …etc

If you’re in a country that allows offer wall then take advantage of this option because you can collect a large number of tickets

Note: some countries don’t allow the offerwall access

withdraw section

The last menu is the withdraw option, when you click on it you will see your cash balance and the minimum payout ($10)

Also, in this section, you can see your previous transactions

profile section

Every app has a section for personal information and to visit your profile in Gamee app just click on the profile icon

You can find it on the top right (your profile picture)

profile section on gamee prizes app

Change your profile picture if you want but to change your nickname or email you have to click on setting

To be able to do this scroll down to reach setting then edit what you want

On top of the setting option there is a voucher button, use it only when you win a voucher

you can only win a voucher after you lose in the weekly draw

Because Gamee gives the unlucky members a new chance to win by offering a spin that contains a voucher with a Gmee token

Gmee token is available on their second app which is Arc8 –> Join Here

ticket multiplier

As in the picture above, when you click on your profile icon you also can see your level and ticket multiplier amount

To reach a new level you need to collect stars (not tickets) get stars by playing games and joining tournaments

Each time you level up your ticket multiplier will increase too and that will benefit you when you win tickets

For example, if your level is 27 and your ticket multiplier is 3.7x then whatever your reward is will be multiplied by 3.7

achievements with gamee

There are achievements you can try to complete with gamee so you can reach new levels and get more tickets

Some of these achievements are: tournaments won – daily login wheels spin – friends referred …etc

invite friends for gamee prizes

Again in the profile section, you can find your referral link after you click on invite friends

When someone registers using your link he will be considered as one of your referral team

But you won’t get any referral reward unless he confirms his email address and reaches level 8 in the gamee app

When this is done you will earn $0.10 (sometimes it goes up to $0.90) + 500 tickets + 10% of his earnings

Tickets icon

If you click on the tickets icon in the top menu you will get all the needed information about how to use and earn tickets

How to collect tickets?

You can collect tickets in so many ways with Gamee which are:

  • Finish game mission
  • Invite friends
  • Wheel of fortune
  • Join tournaments
  • Play games
  • Offers
  • Level up
  • Unlock achievement


Unfortunately, the tickets aren’t exchangeable yet but who knows what the future is holding,

I think with the new updates Gamee prizes are doing regularly that can be done (let’s hope)

cash balance icon

Like in the tickets icon, you will also find here all the information needed to earn cash inside gamee prizes app

What you need to do is be part of the weekly draw & the daily leaderboard

gamee review: weekly and dailt draw to earn real money

Also try to join the lucky and lotto games even though with these two your chance to win tickets is much higher than real cash

But the last part that more guaranteed to earn cash is using their referral program and inviting friends

Also, stay active don’t skip any day, and use the daily spin to reach the wheel of cash weekly

How Do You Withdraw Money From Gamee?

When you reach the minimum payout which is $10 click on withdraw on the main menu then click again on the withdraw button

You will be asked to fill in:

  • Your First Name
  • Your Last Name
  • Your Address (street, city, zip code, country)
  • Date Of Birth (put it as in the national ID)
  • Country Of Birth
  • Country Of Tax Residency
  • Your Paypal Account ( Paypal email)

Then click on the –> I declare the above stated is true and click on submit

Your request will be pending up to 5 days but from personal experience, i received my payout the next day

gamee review: payment proof of gamee app

why is my payment request removed?

If you request a payment and suddenly it’s removed then you could have done some scammy behavior such as inviting fake users

So the system will automatically ban you, but if you think there is something wrong try contacting support using your username

Is gamee prizes app legit?

After using gamee prizes app for a long time I can surely say the app is 100% legit and paying

In the picture above, I posted my payment proof so you could make sure it’s legit

But I understand your fears especially if you read some angry comments around the internet that gamee is a scam

Or that the cash balance is vanishing or disappearing for no good reason

When I first reached my $10 payout limit I made the mistake of not withdrawing till I reach $12 or $15

But later on, my money was decreasing day after day and I thought gamee is a waste of time till I find something…

I searched in their faq section about this issue and found out that every cash we earn will disappear after 1 year if we don’t withdraw it

So it’s not a scam and Gamee warn us about this issue but sometimes we skip reading the terms and condition

My advice for you is once you reach $10 on your balance please withdraw it immediately

Final thoughts on Gamee review

Gamee is one of the famous play games for real money no deposit apps that let you earn extra cash

Even though the app is super legit and fun to use, don’t let the big shiny prize fool you

Because the chance to win these prizes is super low and after each draw, you will get disappointed

And keep in mind this kind of app will not make you rich but usually, it will take a lot of your time for a small amount of earning

But if you’re just using it for fun and to make extra cash while playing games then gamee is for you

The games are super addictive and I would play them even if the app won’t pay money to be honest

One more thing, if you want to reach the minimum payout faster focus on playing a lot to be in the top 50 in the daily leaderboard

I hope this gamee review was helpful for you to understand how this fun app works

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