why do you need to join free national lotto

Why Do You Need To Join Free National Lotto?

Free national lotto is one of the most legit lottery platforms that I use on a daily basis and I got lucky to win one of their daily draws which I will post prove later on in this article

I will explain to you how this free earning money online site works in detail so you could join it and add it to your simple ways of passive income list

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What Is Free National Lotto?

Free national lotto is a free lottery site that offers daily draws which is completely free to enter, simply you have to register an account and select your numbers

To do this click on join then the registration page will be open in front of you, all you have to do is choose your numbers by clicking on the ball and writing the number you want

Then put your Paypal email address and a password also make sure to agree on the terms & conditions before registering, or you could just simply sign up with Facebook or Twitter and google

free national lotto joining form tutorial
free national lotto joining form tutorial

Note: if you want to register with an email make sure to put your Paypal email address so if you win and claim your reward they won’t send it to the wrong address

What If I Want To Change My Numbers Or Email?

Simply you have to click on the three dots on the right side above then click on my account

You will get options like profile and change password and numbers so you have to click on one of them if you want to change anything then after editing it click on save

What Are The Bonus Balls?

Free national lotto ( FNL ) reward you with the bonus balls that will be added to your account when:

  • Every time you log in you will get 1 bonus ball
  • Every time you refer new member and he sign up you will get 20 bonus balls
  • Entering the survey draw will get you 5 bonus balls

The value of the bonus ball is equal to 1p (GBP) or 0.01 euro, but keep in mind you can’t withdraw your bonus balls because they will convert the amount you got to cash and will be added to your prize when you win in the draws

How Free National Lotto Works?

Free national lotto is a free lottery platform that gets its money from ads and offers that why the site will always be free like they claim and because of this they give you 3 draws so all the work you have to do is check those draws to see if your numbers match

Another tip: if you want to win the whole prize you could always check if anyone chooses the same numbers as you by clicking on my account then numbers then how many players share my numbers

The first draw is the daily draw that takes place at 12 am every day, the prize usually is 5 or 10 euro

The second one is 5 ball draw that takes place at 8 pm every Thursday and Sunday, the reward is 2000 euro sometimes its more and other time is less so its depend

The last one is the survey draw that takes place at 9 am (UK) every day and to enter all you have to do is complete the survey of the day which once complete will allow you to see the winning numbers

Does Free National Lotto Have A Referral Program?

Yes free national lotto have a referral program so to get your referral link click on referrals in the menu above or at the 3 dots then referrals and most of the time you will find it on the left sidebar just by scrolling down a little

the referral link your will find on free national lotto
your referral link on FNL

You won’t get a commission with this referral program but you will gain 20 bonus balls when someone signs up and confirms their email which is equal to 0.20 euro and that will add up to your amount when you win so your payment will be higher

In the picture below you will see how the members of the leaderboard are killing it so make sure to copy your link and share it with friends and family or on social media to increase the value of your bonus balls

the referrals leaderboard of free national lotto
the referrals leaderboard and how they make money

Does Free National Lotto Really Pay?

Yes the site is really legit and as I told you in the introduction I once win the daily draw and they send me the payment via Paypal so in the pictures below you will see the email I received and my Paypal transaction

free national lotto sending the payment email
email sending by free national lotto after winning the daily draw
PayPal  transaction after receiving the payment from free national lotto
Paypal transaction after receiving the payment from free national lotto

And if you want to check your transaction and withdrawal on the site go to my account then click on transactions

transaction section on free national lotto
transactions on free national lotto
the withdrawal details on free national lotto
the withdrawal information on free national lotto


Free cash lotto is an amazing legit platform for the free lottery online you can earn extra cash by checking the draws daily

So don’t forget this because if you analyze the results on the site you will notice that sometimes people are winning but they didn’t even claim the prize which is a shame

The last thing make sure to choose your numbers wisely even if you had to change them every day and for this purpose, I made an excel file that includes the last results so we can analyze if there are certain numbers that appear from time to time

If you are into lottery check freenationallotto.com and don’t hesitate to comment down below or in the forum when you win and share the article with whoever you think is interested

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