free cash lotto is it legit

Free Cash Lotto The UK Lottery Platform .. Is It Legit?

Free cash lotto where you can play the UK and euro millions lottery and win free cash, the platform that isn’t shy to tell you that they get their money from advertisers and won’t ask anything from you which is a good sign

So is free cash lotto legit? I will have to explain to you how the site works and we will find if it is a scam

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What Is Free Cash Lotto?

Free cash lotto is one of the simple ways to make money online series I am writing about to let the newbies get their foot wet in this adventured journey and by simple ways I mean you don’t have to do hard work

And you only need 2 mins daily to check everything on the site but first, you need to join by clicking on join free

join free cash lotto sign up template
sign up template to join free cash lotto & play for free

You will be asked to fill the form and when that is done they will send an email for verification make sure to confirm it

You will be temporarily suspended if you didn’t visit the site for 7 days. The account can be un-suspended simply by signing in again. However, you are not eligible to claim free cash for 24 hours after your account has been un-suspended

Now you should be redirected to the account page where you can view or edit your profile information so make sure to add your Paypal payment setting and choose your numbers

To do so click on change your numbers on the account page or on the daily draw page then you will get to choose your 3 numbers from 1 to 59 but the first ball will be your initials as in your first letter from your first and last name

the account profile on free cash lotto
the account details on free cash lotto to check your bonus cash and FCL credits

The second thing let me tell you what bonus cash and FCL means

What Are FCL Credits And How You Use Them?

FCL is the currency short for free cash lotto credits and you will get them by :

  • Signing up ( 5 FCL )
  • Log In and checking the draws ( 1 FCL )
  • Refer someone ( 3 FCL but only when they confirm their email address )

How Does FCL Work?

FCL credits are used to double down on the daily draw, all you have to do is click on the account or the daily draw button

In the picture above, you can see FCL credits under your account and double down under the daily draw so click on one of them if you want to double down your chance

If you want to double down it will cost 5 FCL every time you do this

What Are Bonus Cash In Free Cash Lotto?

Bonus cash is simply the cash you will get by :

  • Joining free ( 5 euro )
  • Refer new member ( 1 euro but only when they confirm their email address )
  • If you win with your entries in the free lotto and euro millions play ( for me i only win 1 euro )

How To Claim Those Bonus Cash?

You only can claim your cash by winning in the bonus draw which is randomly selected every day at 10 am UK GMT

So you need to check the bonus draw daily and if your username is selected just click on it to claim your bonus cash but keep in mind the max payment is 100 euro ( through Paypal – amazon voucher or bank transfer ) But there is NO limit to the amount of “Bonus Cash” you can accumulate

the bonus draw on free cash lotto to win your bonus cash
the bonus draw on free cash lotto to check if you win and claim your reward

What Should I Do In Free Cash Lotto?

The work on free cash lotto is so simple all you have to do is check the daily draw that will occur every day at 7 pm UK GMT so if the balls match yours you have WON & can claim FREE Cash

How Much Can I Win?

  • If you get ball 1 & 2 you will win 5 euro
  • If you get ball 1 & 2 & 3 you will win 50 euro
  • If you get the 4 balls you will win 500 euro

But what you should know is you have another option which is double down your chance of winning so the 5 euro will be 10 and you match the 4 balls you will win 1000 euro

the daily draw on free cash lotto. Win free cash its completely free
the daily draw on free cash lotto to earn extra money

2- Play The Free Lotto And Euro Millions

On the main menu, you will see play the free lotto and play the euro millions

play lotto free on free cash lotto to earn bonus cash
play lotto free section to earn free bonus cash by submitting free entry ticket

The work is similar In both sections all you have to do is submit a free ticket every day to increase your chance of winning the draw, in my case, it’s always 1 extra euro added to the bonus cash.

For free lotto the draw is on Saturdays and for euro millions is on Fridays, so when this happens make sure to click on view winning entries & claim and check the 6 pages to see if your username got selected then claim your bonus

3- Check Your Referrals

Your last work will only apply if you have referrals so you have to click on family & friends then check for winners

In this section get hundreds of extra chances to claim “FREE Cash” every day! so if they win you win the same amount

free cash lotto check for your referrals in the family & friends menu
my referrals in the family & friends menu on freecashlotto to check if they win

Final Thoughts is a free lottery platform that will ask nothing from you more than a couple of minutes daily which is not time-consuming nor will affect your making money online process harder

Because we use this kind of websites to grow our chance of winning free cash without doing anything but our main work not depend on them

So the site is not a scam because it’s been there for a long time without any complaints from users unless they are thinking we are not making money from free cash lotto so its a scam, but they forget its a lotto game so the chance to win is super low and we are just doing this for fun

If you are into lottery check and don’t hesitate to comment down below or in the forum if you find any suspicious behavior on the site so I update the information here

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