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free birthdate lottery to make up your day

Free Birthdate Lottery Makes Money With Your Birthdate

Free birthdate lottery where you can get extra cash & prizes with just your birthdate

Yes, you read it right, with it is this simple to gain a little free cash just by entering your birth date as a lottery ticket

And if you are lucky enough you will be picked in the daily draws

If you want to know how this free lottery site work keep on reading 

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What Is Free Birthdate Lottery? 

Free Birthdate Lottery is a free lottery site where your date of birth is the lotto ticket that you will use on this fun platform

The goal of it is to give away free money and make someone’s day without doing any work online

For you to be one of the winners you have to check your account daily

Where there are 2 draws taking place at 11 am with a prize of 10 euros each.

So a registered user will be picked randomly for each draw (birthdate and survey draw)

This means there are currently 2 guaranteed winners every day

They will pay your prize via PayPal & wire transfer 

How To Start With Free Birthdate Lottery? 

First click on login in the menu bar then click on the register button

You will have to fill out a form that includes the following:

free birthdate lottery registration form
register form for free on the free birthdate lottery
  • Email (if you don’t have an email just go to Gmail and make a new account) 
  • Full Name
  • User Birthday (Your Date Of Birth)
  • Password

Confirm your password and solve the captcha

And don’t forget to check the box that says click Yes, I want results reminders

When you receive the email to confirm your account check your spam folder if it’s not seen in your inbox

Do I Need The Same Email Address For PayPal And FBL Before Registering? 

The answer is No. when you win you will have to fill in your payment details and your PayPal email address is one of them

And if you are using a different email it is ok no need to worry about it

When you win you will receive your winning prize fast (Between 5 To 30 Minutes) like a lot of the testimonials are saying on the site and social media platforms

How The Draws Are Working on 

Click on birthdate draw and survey draw to check the daily results

If your birthdate is picked, you will see a Claim button click on it to get your prize

And be aware you only have 24 hours to claim or you will lose your reward 

free birthdate lottery birthday draw section
the birthdate draw on free birthdate lottery

Other Options To Win On free birthdate lottery

To increase your chance of winning extra cash and vouchers

Click on comps to enter the cash competition to win money

You will get a page full of instants cash games

In this section, they have a quiz for every month to give you an extra chance of winning cash prizes

For every month there is a challenge like guessing the missing letters in a word

And on each day you have to submit your answer

If your answer is correct you will get 2 free entries in the draw

And if it is wrong you will only get 1 entry

All entries will be pooled at the end of the month

And one winner is drawn randomly to win a prize of 10 euro

free birthdate lottery competition section
free birthdate lottery competition games section

The process for instant wins is a little different but you don’t have to be a registered user to enter the games

So try your luck it’s so easy all you have to do is refresh the page until you get the required task

There is no limit to many times you can check the page and the prizes are instantly from 5 to 50 euros 

free birthdate lottery instant games section
free birthdate lottery instant wins games section

Is It Really Free? How does FBL Make Money?

Yes, free birthdate lottery is totally free. the site makes money by placing ads on the pages to generate revenue 

How Can I Know This Isn’t A Scam?

FBL will never ask you for any payment or deposit

And all you have to do is enter your date of birth and check daily if you win in the draws 

You can find in the comment section how people are winning in the draw

Can I delete my account on free birthdate lottery?

Yes you can delete your account at any time but be aware this action is irreversible

And if you have any problems just contact the support team 

What If There Are Multiple Winners on FBL?

The cash & prizes usually will be split between the winners that have claimed their prize

And If there is more than one winner only the user that submits his claim will get the full reward 

Does Have A Referral Program?

No Free Birthdate Lottery doesn’t have a referral program

So your chance to increase the possibility of getting extra cash by referring others is not available for now

Your only way to gain more is by using the competition and instant wins as I explained in this article

Final Thoughts on free birthdate lottery

Free birthdate is a Free cash lottery platform the main goal for them is to make you have instant tickets for free just by your date of birth to get a real chance of winning the cash prize draw

It might not be a lot of money but who wouldn’t want free cash and a lottery win chance

But keep in mind these kinds of sites are just for fun and a little cash-winning and they are not our main source of income online nor do we focus on them because they’re not a priority work

So sign up and be one of the many cash winners on this platform

And claim your lottery prize if you win in the lottery draw just by entering the ticket which is your birthdate

If you are into the lottery check out

And don’t hesitate to comment down below or in the forum when you win…

And please share the article with whoever you think is interested

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