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how many subscribers do you need to make money on YouTube

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Youtube is one of the most popular ways to earn money online especially since a lot of people like to watch videos instead of reading articles

Of course, there are some requirements to be able to make money on Youtube so it's not just a simple process like you think

How to start on youtube?

The first step is to choose a niche (topics that you know everything about) and then make a plan that contains topics for at least 2 or 3 months ahead

You don't want to start your channel and later on, you stop uploading because you're stuck and running out of a new idea

Secondly, start making video content and don't overthink and try to make everything perfect because, in the end it won't be mainly in the beginning 

And with time you will learn and be more skillful, make sure your content is good and is helping people or entertaining them

how many subscribers do you need to make money on youtube?

To start earning on youtube you will need to have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time in the past 12 months, or 10 million valid public short views in the last 90 days 

And when you reach this limit you need to apply for the youtube partner program so your channel gets monetized 

how to enable monetization on YouTube?

To enable monetization you need to sign in to your youtube account then click on your profile icon and select Youtube studio

After this click on other features -> monetization in the left menu 

Agree to the youtube partner program terms and apply to google Adsense if you don't have an existing account yet 

The Youtube partner program will review your application and determine if your channel is valuable you will get accepted

When all of this is done youtube will start showing ads on your videos and you will start earning real money

The amount you can get depends on your content, keywords, the origin of the traffic, and the type of ads so not everyone male the same amount


Share your experience with youtube if you have a profitable channel