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Is Clipclaps Still Paying 2023

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Is clicpclaps still paying?

A lot of people asking this question because there is some scam behavior going on for a while now

I wrote a review about the clicpclaps app on the website here and honestly, it was paying and that's what made me say it's legit (i need to update the article by the way 🤣)

Last month I tried to cashout my payment which is $15 but as people were saying the app turned into a big scam app and it's not paying anymore

Usually, i love to test everything myself before talking and sharing information so i waited to see if they will send me money but to my surprise, they declined my request twice for a fake and unreasonable explanation

What is the reason? 

The same reason they send to anyone trying to cashout which is irregular activity detected ( 🙄 for real Clipclaps team )

So my final words guys, please beware of clicpclaps they're not paying anymore and you will only waste your time 

I will attach the screenshot so you can see for yourself


What do you think about the Clicpclaps app? Share your experience with me