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Cointiply earn money in bitcoin

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What is cointiply?

Cointiply is an earning crypto platform especially bitcoin, all you have to do is interact on this cool website by claiming faucets, watching videos, and playing games.

And the most interesting part cointiply works as a crypto wallet to store your bitcoin

Cointiply faucet 

You can claim the faucet twice daily, you will get coins that you can later withdraw as BTC, LTC, DOGE, DASH

Cointiply PTC (Paid to Click) Ads

The best way to collect coins on cointiply is by visiting websites ( PTC ) where you have to surf a site for a limited time depending on the offer 

Cointiply Offers

The offers on cointiply are simple you just have to complete offers, install games, and take a survey so you can collect coins to grow your balance

Cointiply Promo Codes

You can get redeemable promo codes if you follow them on Twitter turn on the notification or if you install their app

Other way to earn on cointiply

The other ways to earn money in bitcoin on cointiply are:

  • Chat with other users to collect a coin rain
  • play games and have fun
  • play the multiplier to grow your coins
  • level up to earn more coins when you complete a quest
  • Earn interest on your coins if you put at least 35,000 coins in your wallet


Now that we know how this site works let's reveal how to take advantage of the interest program on cointiply

To be eligible for this program you need to have at least 35,000 coins in the cointiply wallet ( every 100 coins = 0.01$) so 35,000 = 3.5$

After this click on your profile then select the account setting and enable the 5% annual interest option

You can also deposit bitcoin and use the cointiply wallet to stake coins and grow your portfolio

And to withdraw just click on activity & payments then withdraw coins and choose which crypto you want 

they pay in bitcoin - litecoin - dogecoin - dashcoin

the minimum withdrawal to bitcoin is 50,000 coins & 30,000 to the others

I will attach pictures of my payment proof and the interest I got with this legit crypto platform so you can make sure it's paying 

If you are already a cointiply user I wish you happy earnings but if you just heard about it and you want to earn bitcoin in an easy way --> join here