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Find Out The Best Niches For Blogging In 2023

Let’s find out the best niches for blogging in 2023 so far so you could start your blog with ease

Blogging become a cool way to make money from home while you write about your passion and thoughts

And as you all know not everyone who owns a blog is making a decent amount of income

Why this?

Simply because they don’t choose the right niche, so in this article we will talk in detail about this topic

And hopefully, at the end of it you will find your targeted niche

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how do I start a niche blog

So you want to start a niche blog but you don’t know what to do

I know it is difficult to choose a specific topic when you have so many ideas inside your head

And you’re thinking maybe this one will work or should I start with the next idea, we all feel you because it’s a common problem

But you need to know that the first thought you should consider is …can this niche make me money?

So don’t start a blog just because you like something without doing a deep search analysis

how do I choose a niche

As you know not every niche will earn you the same amount of money, so it is better to choose topics that interest you and you have knowledge about

By doing this you will always have ideas to talk about and you won’t feel burned out

Another thing, you need to find a big niche that can be divided into sub-niches where you write an endless amount of topics

Make a list of your ideas and start doing your research about each one by checking the affiliate programs you can join to generate passive income later on

And when you find the best idea that combines both your passion and affiliate work then you can choose your niche

how do I know if my blog niche is profitable

At first, you won’t find if your blog niche is profitable because everything needs time and testing

You have to add content and gain decent traffic monthly to be able to know if you’re gaining money

So before giving up stay consistent and grow your blog for at least a year as long as you’re making processes regarding the page views, clicks, and engagement on your site

Most profitable blog niches 

Firstly, there is not any kind of niche topics that can’t work because every topic has its own audience and traffic

But some of them have more potential or you could say that some niche topics have been tested by the majority of bloggers and they proved that they are profitable

Now I will mention some blog niche list for you and you decide what’s work better for you

And keep In your mind that there are more blog niche ideas that are profitable and could make you a lot of money if you work smart

Note: the list is in random order

Digital marketing Niche

No one can deny the power of Digital marketing or online marketing because who doesn’t use the internet these days

If you want to grow online or even gain customers you will need digital marketing by using social media platforms or by emails or simply by sharing content

That is why this niche is one of the best niches for blogging but beware it’s not an easy road

Check Neil Patel’s website which focuses on the digital marketing niche (he’s famous for a reason)

neil patel digital marketing niche blog

making money online niche

Making money online niche is getting popular each day especially since people started getting into crypto and investment, and after the coronavirus turned the world upside down

People started to think it was better to be my own boss and have a business that I can rely on if anything happened

So they started blogging and getting into other side hustles online which you should do too

Only Try this niche if you have experience with it and you could help other people gain money online because an unexperienced person can lead beginners to scam sites which we don’t want

Examples: eMONEYINDEEDmy room is my office

product reviews niche

This niche could work for you if your whole goal of blogging is to earn passive income through affiliate marketing

Wherever you surf online you see a niche blog that does product reviews to promote a certain product

So there is no denying this niche topic is popular and will get more in the future

Example: Wirecutter

health and fitness niche

One of the top niches for blogging is the health and fitness industry because what is better than to focus on our health by learning to exercise and a healthy eating habits

But if you choose such a niche please be careful what you post and share because we want to help people to reach a new level of a healthy lifestyle

And not just creating any risky content for the sake of promoting certain products to make money

Check this article about the best health and fitness blog examples 2023 -> Read More

entertainment niche

I love this kind of niche because it could discuss movies, tv shows, reading, games ..etc

Really it’s a big niche and people always searching for any kind of entertainment to relieve stress and having fun

With this kind of niche, you could make money by displaying ads on your site or by sharing affiliate links related to the movies or games you review

Example: Keith and the movies

recipes niche

Oh god who doesn’t love food, I am sure everyone does

This niche is so big that you can focus on any sub-niches related to this topic such as salad recipes, chicken recipes, breakfast recipes …etc

The way to earn with this niche is by promoting kitchen products affiliate links on your site, you can join amazon associate for this purpose

Example: Damn DeliciousMinimalist Baker

fashion niche

The fashion niche is a popular and profitable topic that you can combine with a print-on-demand business these days

Or just use it to promote affiliate products that related to fashion

Example: My Style Diaries

Do It Yourself (DIY) niche

If you watch youtube videos you can see how the videos that show people how to craft by themselves are getting a lot of views and attention

Then for sure, you have an idea that this niche topic is good for blogging

So if you have any ideas that can get trendy do it

Example: How Does She

travel niche

Another endless niche topic is the travel blog, by choosing this kind of niche you will get the attention of travel lovers worldwide

People who love to travel will always search for new places and they need information about every detail to make their vacation amazing

Example: Uncornered Market

pets niche

Anything related to animals can be worth it for blogging, but you know people prefer the pets kind of animals so you could focus on it

But don’t choose a big niche such as cats lovers or dogs lovers instead try to pick a certain kind of cat or dog at first so you can gain audiences

one of the best niches for blogging is the pet niche

how to get my blog

Finally, you decided what niche you want, now what to do?

The work you need to do is to get your hosting and domain so you can start blogging

For this matter, you have two options the free & paid way

I highly recommend you to use the paid hosting and domain in case your niche blog gets successful and you decide to sell it in the future

Personally, I use Hostinger as a hosting company and I got my domain for the first year from them for free

Start with Hostinger using my code to get a 70% discount

Because free hosting such as can affect your work if somehow you post any topic that isn’t allowed on their system

So without any warning or explanation, they can shut off your site 

So it’s your choice either way

To start for free you can use or

And it is better if you get a professional domain so you could get rid of the blogpost subdomain that you will get from

You could get a .com or .net for less than $12 on Namecheap and by doing this your site can look decent and acceptable for companies and audience

But what if you don’t have any kind of money to start?

Then in this case just visit Freenom and get a domain for free

I wrote an article that will help you with the hosting & domain process –> Check Here

final thoughts on best niches for blogging

I know its hard to choose the best niche for blogging because honestly there isn’t such a thing

All the topics can be best if the person behind this niche is experienced enough to share knowledge with people

Don’t stress yourself and think that hard or else the anxiety will stop you from taking any action

Just choose a niche that you’re passionate about and you could help other people by reading your content

And with time the monetizing work will take place

If you find this post informative and helpful, don’t hesitate to share it with other people to increase the knowledge

What do you think? Share your thoughts down below

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