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Everything You Need To Know About Coinpayz To Earn Free Crypto

How can we earn free crypto working on the CoinPayz site?

A lot of beginners who work online especially those who want to collect cryptocurrencies and earn money, are trying to discover faucet or paid-to-click sites

And today we will talk about a website called CoinPayz that combines all these tasks and more, and we will explain all the detail that can help you earn daily crypto to grow your portfolio

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What is CoinPayz?

CoinPayz is a very good crypto faucet site that launched on 29 November 2020 and has up to 500,000 users at the time of writing this article

The site allows us to claim the faucet every 5 minutes that also work with a leveling-up system which means each time you reach a higher level your bonus will increase

But we will talk in detail about this bonus later on when I explain each section

Add to that, this crypto platform provides us the paid to click ads, the shortlinks solver, and offers that can get you experience points to increase your level

how to start on coinpayz?

To start an account go to and click on register but keep in mind only one account is allowed and you can’t use a VPN or you will get banned

You will get a pop-up form that contains the following detail:

  • Email
  • Username
  • Password (twice for confirmation)
  • Agree to the privacy policy and terms by checking the box
  • Solve the captcha then click on register

Keep in mind the captcha on Coinpayz is different than most sites because here you have to choose the upside picture every time instead of choosing a specific item

coinpayz registration process

How does coinpayz work?

After you registered on the site, now you have an account, and when you log in you will be redirected to the dashboard page

On the dashboard page, you will find a lot of information that can show your progress and some options to earn crypto which are:

  • Your coins balance
  • The energy you have
  • Daily bonus Claim
  • Faucet claim
  • Your level

And if you scroll to the end of the page you will see the active bonuses you have which are usually your level bonus (depending on your total level) & your streak daily bonus

active bonuses on coinpayz

Don’t worry i will explain these bonuses in detail 🙂

Now we will talk about the earning process on this crypto faucet site, to be able to earn free crypto you have to click on one of the options under the earning section on the left sidebar

earning section on coinpayz

Note: if you’re using CoinPayz on your phone you have to click on the menu that contains 3 lines

contest earning on coinPayz

CoinPayz runs weekly contests for its users to let them earn more and challenge each other

The contests are always the same and they start every Monday and stay till Sunday, so whoever wants to participate in them has a whole week to gain points

The contests available on CoinPyaz are:

Referral contest

This contest requires you to earn as many referrals in a week to be in the top 20 or else you won’t earn any coins

weekly referral contest on coinpayz

But you can see in the picture above that only the first 10 users in this leaderboard will earn coins

How much does the top earner in this contest make?

The first thing you need to know is that every 1,000 coins on CoinPayz is equal to $0.01

So let’s make some calculations for this matter, here the first winner will earn 1,600,000 coins which are equal to $16

Good amount right, but is this guaranteed?

Of course not because this will require you to do a lot of marketing work in a little time and every one of us knows how hard to gain a referral

In this contest, I think the first winner has an audience that trusts him and they just register for his sake especially since he’s just starting and still in level 1 (check the picture above)

offerwalls contest on coinPayz

To be able to enter the Offerwall contest you have to do a lot of offers during the week, and every 100,000 coins will get you 100 points

The top reward in this contest is 800,000 coins ($8)

coinPayz links contest

This contest is about how many short links you can claim during the week and if you reach the top 10 users you can earn at least 5,000 coins ($0.05)

Here a table that’s let you know how much you can earn in this contest

PositionCoins earnedEarning in $
1400,000 coins$4
2 200,000 coins$2
3100,000 coins$1
450,000 coins $0.50
525,000 coins $0.25
6 & 7 10,000 coins $0.10
8 – 9 – 105,000 coins $0.05

Faucet contest

The more you can claim the faucet the higher your chance of winning this contest or at least reaching the top 10 participates

The top reward is 400,000 coins ($4) while the one that gets in the tenth position will earn 5,000 coins ($0.05)

activity contest

The activity contest depends on how many experiences points your earn weekly, you can get them by claiming faucet, PTC ads, and shortlinks

Meaning you have to use the site daily and a lot to be able to win, the top reward is also $4

what is the highest-paying contest on coinPayz?

We talked about each contest in detail but now i will let you know which is the highest-paying one

  • The referral contest pays the first position $16
  • The Offerwalls contest pays the first position $8
  • While the short links, faucet, and activity contests pay the same amount which is $4

daily bonus section

The first thing you need to know is that if you miss a day your daily bonus streak will reset and get back to zero

So do not forget to claim daily if you want to increase your earning

By logging in daily and claiming the daily bonus you will get rewards in energy, increasing your earning bonus by 0.1% each day, and you will get +5 experience points & +10 exp after day 10

All you have to do is solve a captcha and claim as in the picture below

daily bonus streak on

the faucet section

On CoinPayz they allow you to claim a faucet every 5 minutes, and the reward can increase depending on your level

You will get +1 experience point each time you claim the faucet

For my current level, i get 51.43 coins each time which is equal to 2 sats

The claiming process requires you to click the anti-bot links which usually are numbers, click on them in order then select the upside picture and click on claim or boost

The boost option will increase your reward by 10% and that will cost you 1 energy

I did the boost and that got me 56 coins instead of 51.43

where i can get energy?

You can only get energy by login daily and claiming the daily bonus

offerwalls section

There are a lot of offerwalls companies on CoinPayz but of course, some of them are not available worldwide, So keep this in mind

The system here is every 1 USD earned from offers will give you 1,000 exp points

Of course, you won’t get the coins before they confirm them which usually will be approved max in 24 hours

Note: 0.001 USD = 1 exp

PTC or paid to click ads

You will get at least 20 PTC ads to click and earn coins up to 570 coins and with each ad you visit you will get +1 exp

short links section

This is where you will earn the most after the offer walls option, up to 3,500 coins daily and more than +120 exp points

The system here is rechargeable which means when you visit a link you have to wait 24 hours to visit it again

mining option on coinPayz

This will require you to use your device’s CPU power for mining coins

The minimum transferring amount to your account is 1,000 coins, and you will get 90 coins (3 sats) per 1 million hashes

Personally, I don’t think mining on this kind of website is worth it because the amount we will earn is so small and at the same time we will put our device under a lot of pressure

games options

This section is for gambling and lucky games such as dice, coinflip & lottery which i don’t recommend them

But there is one option that I use and like which is called Wheel of Fortune

This option is available once daily (after the server time change), it will cost you 10 energy only just by solving the captcha and spinning the wheel

spin the wheel of fortune to earn coins on

achievements section

Some people do not know about this or forget to check it after they finish their daily tasks

I don’t do them all, to be honest, I only do the PTC offer which requires visiting 10 PTC daily, and sometimes i do the 10 short links offer

account section

your account dashboard on coinpayz

Here you can find your profile info such as your email, username, your level, how many coins you have made…etc

By the way, to increase your level and get more bonuses you have to collect exp points which can be earned by every task you do on the site such as faucet, PTC ads, and shortlinks

Under the account section, you can find the referral program that allows you to earn 20% commission on your referrals earning as long as you log in daily

Just take your referral link and share it with your friends or your audience and when someone registers through this link and starts using CoinPayz you will earn a commission

deposit & withdrawal on coinPayz

You will only need the deposit option if you’re planning to put your links for advertising on the site and when you do this there is no refund so be careful

So your links will be showing as paid-to-click ads for the Coinpayz users

The minimum deposit using faucetpay is $0.50 only but if you want to deposit using Coinbase then the minimum amount is $5

But what if I want to put my links for advertising and at the same time i don’t want to deposit?

Does Coinpayz allow this?

Yes there is an option on Coinpayz that allow you to transfer your main balance coins to the purchase balance so you can use it in their system

Now let’s talk about the withdrawal system

Coinpayz pays through Faucetpay, Coinbase, Payeer, direct wallet & Binance smart chain

I have been using this platform for over 2 years now and i have never faced a problem during my payout

But I have to mention some complaints about withdrawing from other members on Coinpayz that I find in the chat room

A lot of them think the site is a scam because they didn’t receive their payments quickly or at all and after my experience with Coinpayz i think i know what’s happening

The first reason may be that they are using the wrong direct address, and the second reason must be they detected some unusual activity on your account like using a VPN or opening your account on two devices at the same time

Personally, I only request my payment via Faucetpay wallet because it’s instant and has the lowest minimum amount of coins for withdrawal which is 1,000 coins, as for the best second option try Payeer because the minimum payout is 5,000 coins

Also for Faucetpay and Payeer withdrawals, you will get zero fees unlike the others

The other payment system has a higher minimum payout limit which can take you a long time to reach, and i don’t recommend you leave your crypto balance on any platform no matter how legit it is

So to be safe try to withdraw to faucet pay or Payeer only, and in the picture below you can see my payment proof for the last 4 months

payment proof on coinpayz
proof of payment on

final thoughts on coinPayz

Coinpayz is a legit crypto earning platform that I use daily for over 2 years and I totally recommend it to anyone that wants to earn free crypto while doing simple tasks

But always keep in mind that every earning site can turn into a scam and stop paying you so whenever you reach the minimum limit of withdrawal take out your money

And stay away from getting paid through the direct wallet to avoid putting a wrong address and losing your crypto, and as mentioned above this option require a big amount of coins and we have to get our crypto out as soon as we can

Try this crypto site to earn free crypto if you’re into faucet claiming and simple tasks and take advantage of their referral program to gain an extra 20% earnings too

Did you hear about Coinpayz before? or are you using another crypto-earning site that’s similar to it?

If so please share your experience with me in the comment section below or use our forum to reveal your process and don’t forget to share this post with whoever is interested

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