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Easyhits4u Review – Can You Really Make Money Using it?

Easyhits4u is a traffic exchanger system that will help your links get views from other members of the platform

That is the main reason why most people use easyhits4u or any other traffic exchanger site

But what you don’t know is that you could also make money using this site

How to do this?

Well, that’s what you will find out at the end of this review, aside from whether is it really worth it

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what is easyhits4u?

Easyhits4u is a popular traffic exchanger that allows you to drive traffic and visits to your links

The system works automatically, so when you visit one site you will receive one visitor back to your link

how to join easyhits4u?

The first thing you need to do is create an account on this platform which is super easy and fast

Visit and click on sign up, you will get a popup form that contains these detail:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Username
  • Password (twice for confirmation)
  • Solve Captcha

After putting this information click on sign up to start

Or you could sign up using your Facebook or Google account

how to start with easyhits4u?

Now you have an account but what do you need to do to start?

The home page of your account contains your dashboard

The dashboard of easyhits4u website where you can start surfing and earning credits

As you can see in the picture above, the dashboard will show you how many credits and banner and text impressions you have

In addition to this, you will see your XP (experience points to reach the next level)

And if you have referrals and connection requests from other members

To start earning credits, impressions, and XP you need to surf links inside the platform where you have to wait up to 20 seconds to receive your reward

But first, you have to know you can’t surf unless you put your own link

Because that is how traffic exchanger work (1 visit by you = 1 visit by another member)

how to add a website on easyhits4u?

On the left sidebar, there is a menu that allows you to see what offers are available for you to earn credits or cash

Also, there is where you can add your website’s links or banner impressions..etc

To add a link just click on websites then add a new website to get a popup form as in the picture below

add a website link on easyhits4u to exchange traffic with other people

Add your link and use a describable title to catch the attention of the surfers

And don’t forget to add the main language of the site you promoting

There is no minimum limit for assigning credits so it’s up to you

After putting all the required information click on Submit website

Now easyhits4u will open this link for you to make sure it’s working properly

If everything is good and the site opens without any problem click on confirm to finish the setup

how does easyhits4u works?

After putting the link or banner you want to promote on this traffic exchanger platform, it’s time to gain credits and impressions

Because without the credits or the impressions, your link won’t show on the surfing list when people surf the system

As mentioned before you have to visit a site to receive a visit back

how to earn credits or bonuses on easyhits4u?

In the dashboard, you will find 2 buttons for surfing 2:1 & 1.1

The difference between these two options is the time of surfing and the credit earning

With a 2:1 ratio, you will get 1 credit for two viewed sites on a 15-second timer

While With the 1:1 ratio, you will earn 1 credit for each view site on a 20-second timer, so choose the 2:1 ratio if you want to earn bonuses faster

But if you want to earn more credits use the 1:1 ratio

After choosing a ratio to surf you will be redirected to the surfing page where you have to wait between 15 to 20 seconds

Then a captcha that contains icons will pop up for you

To be able to get credit for this surfing page you have to click on the duplicated icon in the picture

easyhits4u captcha process

In the picture above, there are some icons such as the gift box and the heart and these icons are there for a reason

The gift box icon is to display how many surf you have to do before your next bonus

The heart is to display how much you need to collect before your weekly bonus

item collecting for the weekly bonus on easyhits4u

Note: every week you have to collect a specific item

Each time you surf 25 pages you will get a bonus reward so make sure to claim the bonus reward before solving the next captcha or else you will lose it

easyhits4u prize claiming page
earn credits and text or banner impressions after surfing 25 page on easyhits4u

As you can see in the picture above, each 25 pages surfing can earn you credits or banner & text impressions or surfing tickets, and of course the specific weekly item

The surfing tickets can be collected only by surfing the platform and that for entering the daily draw which can earn you the following prizes:

  • 10 lucky surfers get $1 each
  • 10 lucky surfers get 500 credits each
  • 10 lucky surfers get 5,000 banner impressions each
  • 10 lucky surfers get 5,000 text ad impressions each

After the draw ends every collected ticket in your balance will vanish completely

ways to earn money with easyhits4u

A lot of people think that easyhits4u is just a traffic exchanger and you can’t earn real cash by using it

But there are some hidden ways inside this platform that allow you to earn money and these ways are:

  • Use the referral program
  • Surf 1,000 pages to earn $0.30
  • Be active and surf to collect surfing tickets to join the daily draw

Referral program earning

Easyhits4u has a referral program that allows you to earn $0.10 when your referral surf 100 pages

So to be able to really earn passively with this platform you need to have an active referral

It’s rarely happening unless you explain how everything works before recommending it

surfing 1,000 pages process

Not everyone knows this information but you could earn $0.30 daily by surfing 1,000 pages

But I need to tell you something about this way

I have tested myself and it would take a long time (5 hours) to reach this goal

Because for every 100 pages you need to surf for 30 minutes

So in my opinion, I think you could do other things that are worth more than this like blogging or learning a must needed skill for working online

daily draw bonuses

I mentioned above the daily prizes and how to collect the surfing tickets that allow you to be a part of this draw

But in this section, we only will talk about the $1 prize because we are talking about the ways to earn money with easyhits4u

This way is not guaranteed because only 10 lucky surfers will earn $1 each and I am sure you won’t earn this prize every day

And in this kind of draw, the more tickets you collect the higher your chance of winning which means you need to surf a lot of pages

If you win they will send you an email notification of your prize either is it cash or credits or impressions

The minimum payout on easyhits4u is $5 and they pay through Payeer

Note: the surfing tickets will vanish after the draw so it’s a daily thing

Is EasyHits4u a scam?

Easyhits4u is not a scam and by using this traffic exchanger you can drive traffic to your links

Even though you will get traffic, this can be cold or useless traffic because these viewers or surfers only care about getting credits so other members see their link or site

Or they are using this platform to earn extra cash, but the site is legit and paying so it’s not a scam

Is EasyHits4U Recommended?

First, we need to clarify that the traffic quality we get is low, and rarely our links will get clicks or convert well

Because as mentioned before, most surfers only care about getting credits so their links get views in return

And if you’re promoting your blog this will damage your domain authority because the search engine will discover this kind of behavior especially since every visitor will only stay 20 seconds on the page

In this case, don’t rely on such traffic because it’s a time-wasting for your long-term plan which is getting organic traffic from Search engine

But if you just want to promote affiliate links for other sites you’re using online then it’s ok to use easyhits4u

If you want referrals without doing a lot of work check my Invitation codes article -> Click Here

Can I earn money from my blog by generating traffic through

It is possible to earn money from your blog by generating traffic through but the chance is super low

And that is because the traffic is cold so the conversion rate will be low

By that, i mean when someone uses a traffic exchange site he won’t care about your link or content unless it’s worthy and catches his attention, and you will do the same thing

So the quality of visits to your blog is useless which also leads to low income too

Not to mention this kind of behavior will send negative signals to Google or search engines which will damage your authority

Best sites like easyhits4u or other websites like

There are a lot of traffic exchange sites like easyhits4u

Some of them will only earn you credits and impressions while the others allow you to earn cash too

These traffic exchange sites are:

final thoughts

Joining easyhits4u could be fun for anyone that enjoys this kind of work and they only want to promote links to another website for free

But if you’re a blogger or you plan on getting organic traffic through SEO then easyhits4u or any other traffic exchange site will do you no good

And that is because search engines will think your content is not worth it since the visitors only stay for 20 seconds on your page

As for earning money with easyhits4u, it’s possible and achievable but it will take a 5-hour work daily from you which is too much and could drive you crazy if you don’t like this kind of work

As for me, i use it from time to time to promote affiliate links, and most of my referrals i got from the easyhits4u platform

But i don’t promote my personal blog because i care about my ranking and authority

Hope i could help you understand how this site work, now it’s up to you if you want to use it

What do you think about the easyhits4u platform? share your thoughts with us

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