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Earn Paypal Money By Watching Videos With Clipclaps For Free

Clipclaps is a very popular app to earn Paypal money by watching videos but in case you didn’t hear about it before and you’re searching for this kind of application

So this article will help you learn and understand how this app work, and i will mention everything I have experienced so far

And as usual, this full tutorial will be 100% honest and scam free

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what is clipclaps

Clipclaps is an app developed by grand channel entertainment, its also called watch for laugh or find your interest

The main purpose of this app is to let people add their own entertainment videos

And earn Paypal money by collecting clapcoins when someone like the video

They want a big community that loves having fun and at the same time make money

When clipclaps started the majority of videos uploaded were just funny ones, but now after a lot of users joined it

You will find videos about music, movies, news, crafts…etc

Clipclaps is a worldwide free-to-join app that’s available on all kinds of mobile devices

How to start with clipclaps app?

The first thing you need to know is to download and install clipclaps app, you can find it on google play or the App store

You can redeem my clapcode to earn a welcome reward –> the code is 7184884257

Open the app after the installation process is complete, now you have to register an account

The registration options are through Facebook or Gmail account, choose what suit you better

After this, you will be asked to upload a profile picture, choose your gender, and add a nickname

When this is done click on next and select 5 categories of content you’re interested in such as food – anime – music – funny – art …etc

Now you have a clipclaps account for free so start earning

how clipclaps work?

To be able to earn money on clipclaps you have to collect their own currency which is called clapcoins

Clapcoins price: 1,000 coins = $0.01 , 10,000 coins = $1 , 100,000 coins = $10

These coins can be collected by doing tasks which are:

  • Watching videos
  • Playing games
  • Free daily spin
  • Entering the raffle draw
  • Do offers (not available for all countries)
  • upload your own videos and get claps from members

When you do any kind of these tasks you will be rewarded with clapcoins, cash, or treasure chests that you have to open manually to gain coins

The chests are divided into 4 types: Copper, Silver, Gold, and Diamond

The Copper treasure chest will reward you only in clapcoins while the other types will give you clapcoins+raffle tickets

Can I earn money watching videos?

Now that we mention how clipclaps work let’s get deeper and explain what to do in every section

And yes you can earn money watching videos by collecting treasure chests that you can later open to get clapcoins and then exchange them for cash

You have to watch a video for 30 or 40 seconds at first and then the timer will go progressively up to 9 minutes and 18 seconds so you can get your reward

To get a treasure chest you need to open a video and wait for the timer to reach the end of the orange line down below

And if you don’t want to watch you can just scroll through the page

But keep in mind if the videos aren’t loading the line will turn blue so just move to the next one

get treasure chests while watching videos in clipclaps to earn money

As in the picture below you can see that when the line reached the end, a chest appeared and will be added to the rewards section

And a few tips as mentioned in the picture when you like a video please clap it

Because this way the user that uploaded the video will gain clapcoins and also you will level up with time

And then you will be rewarded with treasure chests + higher coins on every task

clipclaps best games

Clipclaps have a games center where you can play fun and addicting games to earn more coins by going to the rewards section –> game center

But not all the games are worth your time and not all of them will give you clapcoins so for this, I will only mention the rewardable ones

The games you need to focus on are:

  • Aquarium
  • Coin cat
  • Luckytime
  • Bricks Breaker
  • Battle Blocks
  • Coin planet
  • Fishing joy

Every game has its own way of earning but the commonality is by the daily check-in rewards

For example, in the aquarium game you have to feed your fishes that will be worth clapcoins or real cash money

Also, you could get gift fish in the raffles after you collect the targeted numbers of tickets

Don’t worry the games are super easy to play so no need to talk in detail about them

Spin rewards on clipclaps

clipclaps mega spin for real cash

As in the picture above the spin reward in clipclaps are 2 types: the daily normal spin & the mega spin

The free daily spin will give you 4 spins and after you do them all you can get 3 additional spins if you watch an ad for each one

Note: Every 5 hours you will get a new spin

As for the mega spin, it’s only available once a week and i think its the day when you registered on clipclaps

In this spin you will only get cash rewards up to 5 dollars, but do we really get this kind of reward

From my personal testing, i win the $1 prize more than once before so it’s not a scam but i am not sure about a higher reward

To get more mega spin you have to use their referral program by inviting new members

clipclaps raffle

Clipclaps offers you raffle rewards once you claimed a certain amount of tickets,

And those tickets can be gained when you open treasure chests

When you finally have raffle access, the raffle icon in the rewards section will light up with the number of draws you got

Click on it then you will be redirected to the raffle options available on clipclaps as in the picture below

cliplclaps raffle draws to earn amazon gifts

Here you can win clap-coins – a small amount of cash – a fish gift to add to the aquarium game

become a mega star on clipclaps

Clipclaps will let you upload videos and have your own channel so you can earn more coins and grow your balance

To do this click on ME on the main menu then you will find a video icon

When you select it you will get two options: 1- link a youtube channel, 2- upload from your phone gallery

You can only upload videos from 5 seconds to 90 seconds so if you want to upload a longer video you have to go with the youtube option

Also, clapcoins will give you the option to become a house owner which will get you a large number of audiences and traffic and you will earn tons of rewards

In addition to all of this, you can make a fans group, and not to mention you will run your own support access

But can anybody be a house owner?

The answer is yes, but there is one required rule to be eligible for this program

Which is to have a minimum of 10,000 followers (audience not included)

When you reach this amount of followers just click on Me on the main menu then beside your name you will find not certified or in your case certified

Click on it and agree with the clipclaps house owner verification terms

Exchange and withdrawal on clipclaps

I forget to mention that watching videos & playing games are the daily tasks where you can earn 600 clapcoins if you did them

So don’t forget to go to rewards then scroll down a little to see the daily task options

exchange coins to cash in clipclaps

Like in the picture above under the daily task, you will find the cash exchange section

Click on it to convert your coins to cash immediately, after clicking on exchange you will have to watch an ad

Note: There are no fees on exchanging your clapcoins for cash on clipclaps

Before any payment process, you need to link your Paypal email address to the app

To do this select Me on the main menu

Then click on your name to be redirected to your personal information and add your Paypal email

The withdrawal limit at the time of writing this article is $15 ( equal to 150,000 coins)

But before the minimum payout was $10

When you reach the 15 dollars just click on your clapcoins balance so you could go to the wallet and then choose the cash option

minimum payout on clipclaps app

Follow the steps to receive your payment

Usually, it’s will take a couple of days even if they say it’s will take up to a week

clipclaps redeem code

Another way to earn with clipclaps is through their affiliate program which is available to anyone once creating an account

Just click on rewards then scroll down to reach the invite friends options, share your link or your clapcode with other people

But there is something that must be done by your referral so you can get the referral rewards

And this thing is he must fill in your clapcode within 24 hours of registration in the redeem code section as in the picture below

reddem  code process on clipclaps

The rewards are diamond chests and more mega spin and of course more cash and clapcoins

My clapcode is 7184884257 redeem it so you can be one of my clapteam

clipclaps scam or legit?

Clipclaps is completely legit even if some people are complaining that the 10 dollars option is not available

But let’s be honest now, even if the app is legit the earning is kinda slow, especially for the people who want quick ways to earn money

It’s could take 2 months to reach the payment threshold if you’re just using the app for just 10 minutes daily

But if you are active and even post your own videos and with time you grow an audience

You surely will fast your earnings by gaining more clapcoins when people clap at your video

Here a proof of payment from clipclaps

clipclaps payment proof

final thoughts on clipclaps

Clipclaps is a legit app that let you earn Paypal money by watching videos and playing games for free

It’s paying for sure and it’s one of the most fun apps for earning and entertainment you can use on daily basis without getting boring

But the truth is a lot of promoters won’t reveal that it’s so hard to reach the minimum payout which is $15

So unless you’re using clipclaps for fun and for getting some extra cash with time then this app is not for you

It’s will be worthless to spend so much time and get a small amount of reward for someone who intends to make money fast on the internet

Here i give all my honest opinion on clipclaps so share your thoughts and experience with me down below

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