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learn how to get google AdSense approval fast with just 7 blog posts

Do you want to know how to get Google AdSense Approval With Just 7 Blog Posts?

Everyone in the blogging business wishes to get Google AdSense approval very quickly so they can make money in the early months of blogging

And this is because Google Adsense is the easiest advertising company that lets you apply to the service with minimum pageviews requirement compared to others

In this post, I will tell you how I got Google Adsense approval with just 7 blog posts

And if you apply these steps you can surely get approved and start making passive income

Disclaimer: This content contains affiliate links – it will cost you nothing if you take action (purchase, or subscription) know more about my affiliate disclosure in my privacy policy

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1 Google Adsense Account

Google Adsense Account

Google Adsense is one of many programs running by the Google company

That lets any website owner or content creator display targeted ads on their website or on a youtube channel

AdSense will add matching ads to your website according to your content and visitors

Advertisers who are looking to promote their products will pay for the ads

Since these advertisers pay individually for the ads, the amount you earn will be different from click to click depending on the value of the keyword

It’s a simple way to make passive income and is free to join and there is no limit on how much you can earn with them 

All you need to do is leave some spaces available to display ads by pasting the Google AdSense ad code on your site

Then choose where to display your ads manually or let Google do it for you automatically

How To Start With Google Adsense?

You will find a lot of articles and videos on how to start a blogging business that will make you confused or overwhelmed with all the unnecessary information they share

So I will try to keep it simple

If you want to work with Google Adsense you must be a content creator such as writing in a blog or making videos on YouTube

Your first step before knowing anything is to pick your niche carefully after doing a lot of research

NICHE: the main topic you will focus on for example affiliate marketing

Because you don’t want to post random articles about some unwanted topics or all your work will be for nothing 

You need to know that the only way to make money with Google Adsense is to get people to click on the displayed ads on your site

And this will not happen unless you gain traffic to the website

This means you need to write about what people are asking and need answers for 

Now your next step is to make a website or a YouTube channel and start posting valuable content to gain traffic

And for this you have free and paid options:

Free Option To Start With Google Adsense

If you are a beginner and just want to test how blogging works and see if you can be a content creator so my advice for you is to start with the free option which is

Sign up for a blogger account It’s a free content management system hosted by Google

That will give you a free subdomain name BlogSpot (for example and you will get AdSense approval immediately

You can create your first website in 10 minutes simply by choosing your website name and your theme

If you want your domain name to look more acceptable you can check Freenom to get a free domain without paying any penny so you can get rid of Blogspot

NOTE: beware you won’t get a dot com on Freenom but its better than a subdomain

But if you decide to use blogger and want your site to look professional

You could buy a .com or .net domain on Namecheap for example

Blogger is free and AdSense will be automatically displayed relevant targeted ads on your site but always the free version has some cons

And in this case, if you don’t stick to Google hosting rules they can shut your blog when they want compared to a paid hosting service 

Youtube Adsense Account

Another free option to work with AdSense is to create a youtube channel and start uploading videos and it’s totally free

As you know not Everybody loves writing & they prefer creating & recording videos instead

It is an easy way to get AdSense approval without getting rejected

But you need to keep in mind for your channel to be monetized and eligible to make money with Adsense on youtube there are some requirement

  • You have to be living in a country where the youtube partner program is available (Check YouTube Partner Program Availability)
  • Don’t get any strikes on your channel (upload only unique content and stay away from violence and copyrighted videos that will harm the youtube community)
  • Have more than 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months
  • Your channel needs to have more than 1000 subscribers
  • Link your AdSense account to your youtube channel

Once you meet those checklists you can apply to YPP (youtube partner program) by following these instructions:

Sign in to your youtube channel

Click on your profile picture in the top right then click on youtube studio

After this click on monetization and if you are eligible just click on start and review partner program terms

Sign the term then Click Start on the “Sign up for Google AdSense” card if you don’t have an Adsense account

But if you do have one choose an already-approved Adsense account 

And with youtube, you can make money with Google Adsense without a website

How to make youtube videos

The easiest way to record original videos is your mobile phone which all of us use all the time on a daily basis

So if you have a valuable idea there is no excuse to start making content and making passive income with youtube and Adsense

The second way requires some work from you because you will need editing and recording tools

When you search for editing and screen recording software

You will find a big list full of paid versions that will make it stressful especially if you want to start making videos for free

Don’t worry I will give you the best free software and you can make amazing and cool videos with their features without paying a cent

  1. Openshot (free video editor)
  2. Obs Studio (free video editor and screen recorder have great features but the only con is you can’t zoom in on a specific frame)
  3. Davinci resolve (video editor free and paid version)
  4. Vsdc (free video editor and screen recorder)

To help you more I will mention some famous ideas to start your channel and choose your niche but please do your own research too:

Cooking – fashion – crypto – fitness products – products review … etc

There are endless ideas and everyone can succeed if working right and constantly

If you want to start with the paid option I am assuming you have some experience with blogging or at least you have been searching and gathering information about this topic

So now you need to get your hosting and domain to start

The idea of having your own hosting & domain name may seem challenging and overwhelming at first

But trust me everything with practice will get better and perfect as they say

For a starter, you have to find a good hosting platform

And let me let you something there are a lot of providers out there which will drive you crazy

Not to mention the gurus and affiliate marketers seekers will push all of them in front of your eyes without providing you with helpful information so you can just start at ease

So after a lot of research online and gathering a lot of information from experimented people about the best hosting list I will only talk about the two best providers

Hostinger Vs Bluehost

Hosting ProvidersHostingerBluehost
PriceThe cheapest plan is under 2$ per month    The cheapest plan 3$ per month    
Plan Time1 month – 1 year – 2 years – 4 years 1 year – 3 years
Website Builder You only get one with the premium offer ( paid )You get a free web builder
Loading time   1.2 sec2.1 sec

Those are the most information you need, don’t get stuck on all the details you will see when you are about to choose a provider because for real they are just words

What Is Bluehost?

Bluehost is one of the most famous providers you will see online

And is recommended by WordPress itself which means this hosting company is super great

But when I choose Bluehost and not another provider?

If you are a beginner in the blogging industry and need a little time to get your feet wet

So your better choice is Bluehost because it will work well with WordPress and SEO

Bluehost is a cheaper provider for the short period of hosting like just a one-year hosting plan

But when the time for renewal the price will increase a lot

Bluehost Shared hosting is the easiest for beginners and the most economical way for you to get your website online so you can start building it

Whether you use the free Website Builder or the traditional WordPress

You will get all the features, tools, and help you need to build and launch an impressive WordPress website

Bluehost Shared Hosting Plan

The yearly plan starts from $4.95 to $18.95 per month

The difference between those plans is the number of sites you wish to run and some added privacy

If you are a beginner just choose the basic plan

That allows you 1 site and saves 50% then at renewal you will pay the regular price which is  9.99$

The second plan is for 3 years starting from $2.95 to $13.95 per month

The difference between them is the same as mentioned in the yearly plan above

So if you are thinking to take blogging seriously and making it a full-time job later on in your life and of course if you have the money

Just choose the 3 years basic plan so you can save 70% with this offer

But keep in mind you will pay $9.99 per month at the renewal

But if you want to run more than one blog choose (choice plus) the most recommended plan by Bluehost

start your blog with Bluehost the most recommend hosting provider from WordPress
Bluehost hosting plans

NOTE: the plan offer amount can be different from time to time depending on Bluehost 

Let’s talk about Hostinger

Hostinger is also one of the best hosting providers that have a lot of good reviews online due to their cheapest plan and fast response from their support team

When Do I Choose Hostinger?

Hostinger is a fast provider compared to so many hosting companies

And if you are one of the bloggers that love to grow websites and different niches for a long time then Hostinger is for you

That is because if you decide to purchase the 2 or 4-year plans you will get a better discount than Bluehost offers, especially after renewal

Hostinger hosting plans

If you are a beginner and just want to run 1 website then the single shared plan is what you are looking for

But keep in mind they don’t offer a free domain (unlike Bluehost) so you must purchase a domain online from Namecheap or Freenom as I mentioned above

Hostinger Orders:

  • $9.99 per month the monthly plan
  • $3.49 per month for the yearly plan (save 65%) pay $5.99 at renewal
  • $2.49 per month for the 2 years plan (save 75%) pays $4.99 at renewal
  • $1.99 per month for the 4 years plan (save 80%) pays $3.99 at renewal

If you are a little advanced in the blogging world and want to make multiple websites

So the premium shared hosting the most Hostinger recommended plan is for you

get your own hosting with hostinger and start blogging
Hostinger hosting plan offers

They offer free domain and free email and up to 100 websites for you

The offers are:

  • $11.99 per month the monthly plan
  • $2.99 per month for the yearly plan (save 75%) pay $8.99 at renewal
  • $2.99 per month for the 2 years plan (save 75%) pay $7.99 at renewal
  • $2.99 per month for the 4 years plan (save 75 %) and pay $6.99 at renewal

NOTE: the plan amount may decrease or increase from time to time depending on Hostinger

get 80% discount on hostinger hosting plan with this coupon code
Hostinger payment page form

Or copy my code RR62A5D59F6805E and paste it as a coupon code on the payment page

Also with this premium plan, you will get a website builder called Zyro where you can design and style your website the way you love

Now let’s recap which is best between Bluehost and Hostinger

Let’s be clear both providers will give your website the premium treatment and capacity you will need to have a functional and fast site

For a long-run project choose Hostinger for sure so you can get a big discount on your plan even after renewal

But if you have a short project Bluehost is cheaper if you are paying month by month (the basic monthly shared plan)

For loading page time both providers are super fast compared to a lot of hosting companies

But Bluehost is a little slower than Hostinger

Personally, I am using Hostinger right now and I have never experienced any problems with this provider

So don’t let the long list you will see online confuse your choice

Just choose one of that 2 providers depending on your project

And keep in mind the most important part is not your hosting provider but the work you will have to do to grow your blog constantly and gives value to your audience

I Choose My Hosting Provider Now What?

I will talk about Hostinger because it’s my hosting company but the information will work the same with Bluehost or any other provider

After paying Hostinger will ask you to link your domain which you will get for free the first year if you purchase the premium shared hosting plan

Install WordPress or e-commerce or another provider for hosting to start your journey of blogging

But I recommend WordPress for you it’s great for SEO and so easy to use 

Choose your theme by clicking on appearance –> theme –> add new after this choose a free one

Now that step is done you will have to focus on adding the navigator menu (blog – category – account ..etc)

And the most important pages (privacy policy – disclaimer – terms & conditions – about us – contact us)

To make a page on WordPress click on pages then add new

Here are links to make those pages for free all you have to do is complete the form and get the HTML code then paste it as HTML code in the page editor

For the about me page write everything that describes you or your project so your audience knows a little about who’s running the website

As for the contact us page just put all the information details so people can reach out to you such as email – social media accounts and phone numbers if available

After choosing your theme and linking your domain to your hosting service your website is ready to use which leads us to the most important step

And that is planning your content and writing blog posts so that later on you can apply for Google Adsense and get approved  to start displaying ads on your site and make money

Your second step is to keep track of your success step by step and you can do this by creating:

Google Analytics For Beginners

Google Analytics is a powerful free tool from Google that tracks your website and marketing performance so you can improve your work

With it, you can see how many people are visiting your website and which pages are getting the most views

How to create a google analytics account?

If you don’t have a Gmail account just create one with the same name as your domain (don’t use your personal account so you can track your website easily)

Go to then start for free, log in with your Google account

After this click on set for free, add an account name and leave the recommended options ticked then click on next

You will get a question about what you want to measure, choose whether you like to measure a web or app, or both, and click on next

Add the property details which are:

  • Your website domain name
  • Your URL
  • Your industry category
  • Your time zone

And finally, click on Create then agree to the terms for your country or region

Now its time to install the tracking code on your WordPress website so you can link your google analytics account

Open your google analytics account if the tracking code doesn’t appear automatically click on:

The admin tab in the bottom left corner -> tracking info -> tracking code (if you want to add the code manually)

how to get your google analytics tracking code id
get your google analytics tracking code

Log in to your WordPress dashboard (your domain

Click on plugins then add new, search for site kit then install it and click on activate –> start setup –> sign in with your analytics Google account and click allow and proceed

To set up the plugin click Allow again and add Site Now then click Go to my dashboard

Simply link your analytics account automatically by clicking on connect service and signing in with your google analytics account then click on allow

The final step is to click on configure analytics and with this process, your analytics account is connected now

Google search console

Google search console or google webmaster tools allow you to track and measure your organic search traffic and information so you can increase your website visibility on Google

How to set up and verify your website with Google search console?

The first thing you need to do is go to and click on Start now

Then log in with your Google Gmail account that you set specially for your website (it’s better if your Google search console and Analytics account is the same)

If you already connected your google analytics account to your website then Add your website URL in the URL prefix section

But make sure you are signing in with the same Google account in the browser too

know how to create google console
creating google search console

Paste your URL exactly how it appears online for example my website URL is (focus if your URL starts with HTTP or HTTPS) and click continue

You will get that your Ownership auto verified

What if I didn’t have a connected analytics account first?

In this case, you have to paste your URL in the URL prefix section and click continue

Download the Html file by clicking on download the file after this login to your Cpanel which is your hosting provider company for example Hostinger or Bluehost

Go to files –> file manager –> public_html then upload the file you downloaded from the Google search console

Then go back to the Google search console page we used before so you can verify your account

Now you have a verified Google search console account and If you want to link it to your WordPress just use the site kit plugin as we did with google analytics before

By linking those two accounts you will keep track of your success step by step and the reports will be in front of your eyes

reports from google search console of for tracking
Search console reports for VC income

how many articles should my blog have before I apply for Google Adsense?

There are a lot of questions on the internet about how many articles should my blog have before I apply for Google Adsense

And the answers you will find surely will make you confused and uncertain about the real deal here with getting Google Adsense approval which will lead you to be afraid and start to postpone your work

If you are searching about this question, so you read or heard that you need at least 15 blog posts fully published on your website and have at least 1000 pageviews monthly before applying for Google Adsense

This is what had worked for a lot of bloggers out there and they started sharing it but I think some blogs got Adsense approval with fewer blog posts and traffic and my blog is one of them

impressions for vc income
overview reports for vc income

As you can see I only had 301 users and 419 sessions last month and I got Adsense approval

So the basic information you need to know is that:

  • Your Site must be from 3 to 6 months old
  • Have at least 5 unique articles
  • Have at least 100 visitors a month
  • You have to be at least 18 years old

What Are The Required Steps To Get Google AdSense Approval?

To get Google Adsense approval you must do some steps and requirements on your website and blog posts which will make your site a good environment to display ads for advertisers so you can make money

You may face 2 main issues after applying to Adsense and getting rejected and those problems are:

No content

Before applying to AdSense your site must contain some blog posts so the audience can get all the information and help that they are searching for about a specific topic

Your blog needs to contain a minimum of 5 posts and the best shot at getting accepted with AdSense is to have between 5 to 20 articles

TIP: After posting any article make sure to index it in the Google search console

If you get no content issue after applying to Adsense do those tips and it will be fixed:

Post More High-quality Content

Post useful and informative articles that will help your audience and be valuable

Have Good Grammar

Your posts must contain good grammar phrases and paragraphs so whoever is reading your article will understand every word you have written

You could face some problems with grammar especially if English is not your main language or if you are not good at it so I will give you a helpful solution to fix your grammar problem

Make an account on Grammarly by signing up with your Google account and installing the extension, they have free and pro versions but with the free version you will get all the job done perfectly

Post Images

Every blog post you will publish must contain original and helpful content

And of course, to make your article more informative and professional you have to add images between paragraphs to explain more in detail and in-depth

As you all know some people get affected by visual effects more than words

Be aware of the length of your article

Google loves informative and helpful articles that explain what the user is asking for and will lead him to fix a problem

To do this you have to write a fully explainable post that contains at least 500 to 1200 words

If you stick to those tips you won’t have a no-content issue with AdSense, now let’s talk about the second issue which is :

under construction

This problem doesn’t require a lot of work to be fixed

What you should do is search if your site has some broken links and try to fix them

And check if all your pages are functional and fully working and not leading to error messages

why won’t my site get approved for Google Adsense? what can I do?

We talked a little about some tips you should do before applying to Adsense so you won’t face some issues with AdSense

Now we will get in-depth about the needed steps you surely have to do first to get approved fast like me with just 7 posts which are: blog posts
VC income posts dashboard

original content

Post original and unique articles and don’t think about copying other people’s work or just changing some words or phrases

Google is too smart and can find that you are not making an original article (so no scrapped content please) 

at least 500 words

As I mentioned before you have to keep in mind the length of your article so make sure that you have written at least between 500 and 1200 words for each post

But is not necessary to keep a range of your words just focus on writing valuable content that will help other people even if your article is so long

have articles on your site

The most important part when you start your blogging business is to make content and share your knowledge about a specific topic to help and guide people who are searching to find answers

So if you want to get accepted by Google Adsense without getting rejected make sure your website has at least between 5 to 20 original blog posts

Remove any ads before applying

If you are using another advertising company and you had ads on your site you better remove them before applying to Adsense

organic traffic

It’s logical to have some traffic and audience on your site before applying to any advertising company or else there will be no one to click on the ads so you could make money

And google recommends you have organic traffic

So don’t use any bots or purchase traffic because that will put you on the bad side with Google Adsense

If you did all the requirements that I mentioned above apply to AdSense and don’t think too much of it and you will get accepted

set important and technical pages

I talked about how to get the pages you need to have on your website so it will be easier for you to get Google AdSense approval

So to not waste any time I will just mention them briefly (Privacy policy – Terms&conditions – Disclaimer – About us – contact us)

To know how to write them check the header: I choose my hosting provider now what?

And of course, don’t forget to add the menu navigator and have a good functional design

Connect google analytics & search console

We talked about how to make those accounts in detail and how to link them to our website

Those two accounts will help you to track your success and get information about your audience so you could improve your work

GSC will focus on SEO and the technical elements that make your website successful in SERP (search engine results page)

while google analytics will focus more on social media and digital marketing

Update your sitemap and submit your posts

You can update your sitemap in the Google search console

This step will tell google that your website is online and will help your articles to be found faster

Apply to Google Adsense

After finishing all the work needed to have a functional and good-looking website its time to apply to Google Adsense

Go to

Make sure that the email you are using in your browser is the same account for google analytics and the search console

Click on start then fill in the required information :

  • Put your site URL
  • Your email address unless you are already signing in
  • Your payment region or country

Then click on Start using AdSense and agree to the term & conditions

Now you officially have an Adsense account select your account type individual or business and your name and address then click submit

This will take you to connect your site to the Adsense page, you will find your AdSense code copy it because you need to paste it on your website

And if you don’t get this code just click on sites –> add site and enter your URL

When you get the code paste it between <head> section by clicking on appearance –> theme –> file editor header on the theme files in the right sidebar

put AdSense code in the head section inside your file editor on WordPress
inserting AdSense code on WordPress

If you don’t know how to do this you can just install the google site kit plugin

After this click on request review on the Adsense account

It could take up to 2 weeks to receive an email from Google AdSense to know if you are accepted

AdSense email after applying
email receiving after applying to AdSense
AdSense confirmation email for approval
email confirmation after AdSense approval

As you see I applied on June 7th and got approval on June 9th so my approval only took 2 days so be patient

The ads will not show on your site until you got the approval so Make sure you don’t remove the ads or the code

You won’t be able to put your payment information before your reach $10 but when you do AdSense will send you a PIN to your email address so enter it into your Adsense account

Once your account reaches $100 you can withdraw your money to your bank account directly

What if I get rejected by Google AdSense?

In case you got rejected by Adsense its time to look for an alternatives advertising company

It was hard to find such a thing with little traffic because the company requires you to have at least 10,000-page view

But the good news is finally Ezoic has given the small blogs a chance to put ads on their site so they can earn money sooner and increase their revenue

Not to mention with Ezoic ads your website will load faster due to their monetization tools which will boost your SEO

Also, Ezoic has a referral program of a 3 % monthly commission based on the earnings of your referrals website

And that will help you to grow your passive income too

how do I fix an ads.txt error in my Google Adsense account?

After getting approved you may face a problem with ads.txt

One of the most common problems after getting accepted by Google AdSense is an ads.txt error that will tell you your earnings at risk

error message to fix ads.txt issue on AdSense
AdSense ads.txt error issue

To fix this issue click on Fix now so you can download the ads file

After this, you have to go to your hosting account provider Bluehost or Hostinger for example

Click on hosting –> edit my website

Hostinger cpanel dashboard
Hostinger main dashboard

Now you will be inside hpanel section just search for public_HTML like in the picture below

public_html folder on hostinger
Search for public_html inside Hostinger cPanel

Put the ads file that you download from Google Adsense by dragging it into the folder or click on the upload file button and choose it manually

Now check your Google Adsense account and if you still having an issue then you have one last step to fix it

Click on setting -> account information like in the picture below

Make sure to choose transparent under select your visibility status in the seller information visibility section and you’re good to go

fix your ads.txt with adsense by making your visibility transparent
google AdSense setting to fix ads.txt issue

AdSense approved: What should you do next?

Now is the time for real work because Adsense alone won’t make you the huge amount of money you’re dreaming about unless you maintain your audience and traffic

When you see the first few dollars in your AdSense dashboard, it’s the starting point for you to increase the revenue

You will do this by focusing on making a lot of valuable and informative content so you can increase your traffic

Because organic and targeted traffic will help you generate more money

Other than that you need to learn some basic AdSense optimization tips like Ad placement and targeting high CPC and CPM Keywords (we will talk more about those tips later on in this article)

It will take some time maybe a minimum couple of months for you to start noticing that your revenue is increasing so be patient and consistent

But you need to start now and don’t say I will do the work later and be like a lot of people who would blame their Circumstances and folks around them

And they keep on overthinking their ideas and just waiting  for the right moment without taking action

Because believe me that won’t happen unless you work hard or else you will just let your fears control you and you will stay in the same position for a long time

How to make more money with Adsense

Google Adsense is a great starter for making money online passively but It’s not enough to just put auto ads on your site

So here are some tips to help you earn more:

Try to put manual ads on the pages that have high traffic and you can find this information on Google analytic and search console and of course AdSense too

Choose an appropriate ad format and size that will work well with the theme on your website

If you don’t know how to put a manual AdSense ad on your site let me help you

Go to your Adsense account and click on ads –> by ad unit –> new ad unit

You will be redirected to a page displaying ad format for you which are:

The most recommend format from Google that designed to work well anywhere on your site

Display ads

It’s responsive to all kinds of devices by automatically adapting the ad unit size to your page layout

In-feed ads

This native ad works well if you put it in between posts and listing

Place it inside your feed or between your content to help monetize your site and provide a better user experience to your visitors

In-article ads

This Native ad works well if you put it inside your article between the paragraphs of your pages

Multiplex ads

A native ad that serves multiple ads in a grid-style ad unit

This format is customizable and you can change the style to fit your website

Usually, this kind of ad will be placed at the end of articles or on sidebars

Adsense will give you the opportunity to experiment with ads size and format so you can know what works best for your site

Place ads in a decent location

According to research, the ad placement will affect the number of clicks you will get

That is why Not all ads will get clicked on so you need to focus on where to put an ad on your blog

On top of pages

Try to display the ad on top of your pages and above the article so the first thing everyone can see is the ad

The Sidebar

Another working placement for your ads is your sidebar, put the ad there on top and bottom of your recent articles widget

Between articles

This is another way to increase the clicks on your ads which is putting the ads between your articles so that when your audience scrolls between them the ads will display in front of their eyes

inside articles and between images

The last step is inserting ads inside your blog posts and between paragraphs and don’t forget to put them also under or on top of an image

Those tips about ads placement will work like magic and will give you a higher chance of getting clicks to increase your revenue

How much does Adsense pay?

Adsense will pay you 51% of the revenue generated by the clicked-displaying ads on your website and impressions

But the amount will be different from site to site because it depends on :

Type of content

There are always some types of content that do well with Google AdSense and generate the most revenue which are:


This is one of the simplest types of content that will make you monetize your website well and have a great revenue

Create a blog on a particular topic (niche) and try to write a lot of content by adding new posts regularly to gain large numbers of visitors with time

Google appreciates this type of website and it will increase the amount you gain with Adsense

Forum site

If you are not the type of person that loves to write and be a content creator then the forum site is what you need

Growing a community that wants to talk about a specific topic is the second-best option to monetize your website with Adsense

Usually, forum websites have a lot of active members daily so Google Adsense will push those ads in front of those users

And you will have a higher chance of getting clicks which will increase the amount of money you will make

But if you decide to create a forum you must create content (no need for long posts) and start discussions topics and when users start interacting with you apply to Adsense

Having a forum helped me to get accepted fast with Adsense when I only posted 7 articles and that was because the forum grow faster than I could imagine and got a lot of traffic

vc income forum
VC-income forum dashboard

To build a forum install this plugin wpForo

free online tools site

Creating a free online tool is the last type of content to get more revenue from Google Adsense

If you are a developer and you create a specific tool that will help users to solve a problem online or if you have an idea of a helpful tool and you hired a developer

Then this kind of site will be great revenue for you with AdSense because it will have a lot of traffic daily if you target the right audience which will boost your income (more traffic = more ads)

kind of keywords

CPM ( cost per 1000 impressions)

Also called cost per mile is a marketing term used to put a price for every 1000 impressions displayed on a website

When the Advertisers run CPM ads on your site they set their desired price per 1000 ads

So if the CPM cost for a specific keyword is 2$ then the advertiser must pay 2$ for 1000 impressions

The formula to calculate CPM: cost/impressions *1000

CTR ( clickthrough rate)

Is the number of ad clicks divided by the number of page views (impressions) multiplied by 100

The formula to calculate the CTR rate :

Number of clicks/number of ad impressions * 100

For example, if you received 3 clicks for 250 impressions, your page CTR would be 1.2%. (3/250*100=1.2%)

CTR determines the income of your AdSense so you need to focus on how to increase the rate of CTR if it’s below 1% 

You can increase your ctr rate by knowing where to place your ads to get a higher rate of clicks

The best positions for Adsense ads are:

  • Right below the title of every post
  • After a couple of paragraphs or after an image
  • At the end of your post
  • On the sidebar and it would be better if you use the top one
  • In the header of your pages

But don’t add so many ads in the same post or pages because this will be a bad and annoying experience for your readers

The appropriate rate is between 3 to 5 ads on the same page

CPC ( The cost-per-click)

The CPC for any ad is determined by the advertiser himself so you can’t do anything to increase the rate

Some advertisers may be willing to pay more per click than others, depending on what they’re advertising

But the thing you can do is research for high CPC keywords like in the picture below

h-supertools free keywords generator
high CPM keywords with h-supertools
high CPM keywords
Search for High CPM keywords on google keyword planner

There are a lot of websites for this matter but I will only mention the free options so you can level up your work without paying a penny

Google AdWordsahrefs free keyword generator toolFree AI Content Generator H-supertools

page rPM ( page revenue per thousand impressions )

With RPM rate, you can know which page has the high revenue per view

Location of your audience

We all know that the location of our traffic will affect the revenue from Adsense because some countries will pay more for a specific keyword

Your ad placement and size

The position and the size of the ad we choose to put on our website will surely make difference in the income

Because as we know that some ads will get clicked more than others depending on their place

And we talked about the position of the most working ad you need to focus on

The niche

This kind of blog that focuses on a niche and has a group audience that is interested in a common topic will make Google Adsense pay more by adding more ads on your site depending on the engagement 

Final thoughts

Google Adsense is your first step to making money from blogging by displaying ads, especially since their requirement is manageable and doable

And with the tips we already talked about you can get accepted by AdSense fast with just 7 posts

Then focus on the factors that will affect your AdSense income such as ad placement and type – traffic source – and most importantly, high CPC rate

Target high CPC when doing keyword research because that is the best skill you can learn while blogging

Don’t forget making money with Adsense or Ezoic by displaying ads is not the only way to have passive income in blogging

And it’s the lowest-paying type compared to affiliate marketing and services so keep working to learn more and increase your revenue

Let me know your experience with AdSense in the comment down below or in the forum

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