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Do you want to know how to earn free cryptocurrency by playing addicting games?

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There are a lot of ways to earn free cryptocurrency but today we will talk about playing some addicting games specifically

And not just any games but the Coinbase games that pay in crypto directly to your wallet

I will tell my honest review of the bling financial games & the B programmer’s developer so keep on reading

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what is bling financial

Bling financial is a financial technology company that develops games and rewards platform

The first game or app they launched was bitcoin blast in 2019, and now their platform has up to 9 addicting games

Bling pay in bitcoin and Ethereum for now and their payment method is Coinbase only

What are the games from bling?

Bling financial has up to 9 addicting games and they always add new ones, here is their list in order:

  • Bitcoin Blast: launched on 16 May 2019 ( match-three game )
  • Bitcoin Blocks: launched on 18 February 2020 ( match-two game )
  • Bitcoin Solitaire: launched on 20 March 2020
  • Bitcoin Food Fight: launched on 13 June 2020
  • Bitcoin Pop: launched on 13 October 2020
  • Sweet Bitcoin: launched on 30 April 2021
  • Bitcoin Sudoku: launched on 31 August 2021
  • Word Breeze: launched on 30 November 2021
  • Ethereum Blast: launched on 3 June 2022 ( match-two puzzle )

How to start with bling

To be able to start playing those addicting games, you need to visit their website –> Click here

After doing this you can see that they provide you with links for every game

So you can install the one you want on google play or the app store

Choose whatever you are interested in and have fun, but I will only focus on two games in this article

Your second step is to have a Coinbase account so you can receive your free cryptocurrency payment

Note: Coinbase has a high fee for bitcoin so make sure to only withdraw when your balance is decent

Things you need to know before registering

If you create your Coinbase account, now it’s time for you to know some information before installing any game

First thing when you want to register your bling account in any game

Make sure to sign up with the same email you created your Coinbase account with

Secondly, Bling has a feature of linking your balance to all the games on one condition which is to register with the same email

Your rewards are called bling points and those can be exchanged for BTC or eth when you want to cash out

What are bling points

Bling points are the official currency for bling financial company

They reward us with those tokens when we play the games, Those points can be exchanged for BTC or eth

Note: Every 1,000 bling points = 1 satoshi in bitcoin

How to earn bling points

Every time you play a game you will gain bling points whether you win or lose your level

How to start with bitcoin blast

Download bitcoin blast from their website directly first –> visit here

Then register with your Facebook or Gmail account for faster sign-up or simply register with your Coinbase Email

How to play bitcoin blast

When you install bitcoin blast o your phone open the game and click on play

You will get a pop-up with your level task or target and the reward of bling points you will receive after playing

This game is a super fun and addictive match-three-game puzzle where you have to link and match and clear at least 3 blocks of the same color

bitcoin blast is one of the addicting games from bling financial
bitcoin blast task to win your bling points

As you can see in the picture above, the game is super easy just focus on the level task and try to do it with the available moves you have so you can win

But I need to tell you something so cool about bling financial company which is

Whatever your final result in the game whether you win or lose you still gain your targeted reward of bling points

There is another thing needed to be mentioned which is…

After you finish the game wait till you really receive those bling points and are added to your balance

Before clicking on play the next level or you will lose the reward

in bitcoin blast you need to take your bling points before watching the ad

Note: before playing any level you must watch an advertisement, so the game contains a lot of ads

You will get 20 games daily that will be filled again at night and in my personal experience you can gain up to 70 satoshis in every bling app

As I said before the balance of the apps are linked together so to increase your gain you need to install and play more

Every app can take up to 25 minutes from your time so if you’re just into games you can download all the apps and earn up to 560 satoshis daily

how to cash out in bitcoin blast

You can cash out on your first day because there is no minimum payout

Some of those apps required you to have at least 7,000 bling points which are equal to 7 satoshis right now

In the main dashboard, you will see your bling balance on the left top and next to it there is the cashout button

Click on it to choose the cryptocurrency you want to exchange your bling points to

Bling financial only pay in bitcoin ( BTC ) and Ethereum ( eth )

After selecting your desirable coin you will be asked to put your coinbase email for confirmation

So they can make sure you really receive the payment

how to cash out in bitcoin blast

Then they will tell you your payment was sent to your Coinbase account

And of course, you will also receive an email confirming your cash out

How to start with bitcoin blocks

Download bitcoin blocks from their website directly –> visit here

The same process we talked about in how to start with bitcoin blast goes here too

Which is sign up with your Facebook or Gmail account for faster registration

Or create your bling account with your coinbase email so you don’t need to add this information later when you want to cash out

how to play bitcoin blocks

Open bitcoin blocks so you can play this addictive match-two-block puzzle game

see how much bling points you will earn before playing bitcoin blocks

In the picture above, you can see that when you click on play you will get a pop-up telling you how many bling points you will earn after finishing your mission

The game is super easy, all you need to do is match at least two blocks of the same color as in the picture below

how to play bitcoin blocks from bling financial

Now we talked before about some tips on how to not lose your bling points after finishing your game

But in case you skipped this information i will mention it again

After you finish any game of the 20 opportunities you get on a daily basis,

Make sure you wait till you receive your reward and it’s added to your balance before clicking on play

receive your reward in bitcoin blocks before playing new game

How to cashout on bitcoin blocks

Click on cashout in the home dashboard to exchange your bling points for basic cryptocurrency ( BTC & eth )

Choose the crypto coin you want and add your coinbase email so they can send you your payment

Are bling games legit?

If you’re wondering if bling games are legit then you’re in the right place because i had tested a lot of their apps and they are totally legit

Bling pay on a weekly basis once you asked for a cash-out, and the payment usually won’t take more than 12 hours

You will receive an email from coinbase and bling when the process is done

Here is a screenshot from my coinbase account of the payment proof

bling financial apps sent bitcoin to coinbase wallet directly

To check the detail of the transaction click on it as in the picture below

payment proof from bling financial

how to earn free cryptocurrency with block puzzle game

I am only mentioning the games that I used before and had received a payment from.

So choose any game developed by bling financial and don’t worry they are 100% legit

Now the last game i want to share with you is developed by Bprogrammers ( they have up to 7 games )

Its called cryptorize – earn real bitcoin free

The game is a puzzle pair matching and i dont think i need to explain how to play it because its super easy

Cryptorize has a referral program of 5 % commission of your referral profits once he register using your referral code

My Referral code is 62Z9OY

To get your referral code just click on your balance and then referrals as in the picture below

cryptorize options to get paid and gain commission

And to withdraw your points all you need to do is click on claim so you could choose your crypto

They pay in USDC – BTC – ETH – LTC – DOGE – SHIB

here is a screenshot of the payment proof from my coinbase account

bprogrammers payment proof from cryptorize app

Something needs to be mentioned that sometimes you could face an error problem when you want to play

And the app contains a lot of ads so if you search for cryptorize online you could see that people are complaining about this

But if you work with free faucets or apps you knew that they make money by advertising or referral commission

So if you want to earn free cryptocurrency by playing addicting games you have to be patient and watch some ads

final thoughts on the addicting games from bling

If you are someone who wants to earn free cryptocurrency to your Coinbase balance by playing games so the bling apps are a good start for you

Their games are addictive and fun to play and at the same time you could gain btc or eth just by playing

But for honest review between each mission you have to watch an advertisement so be aware of this

The same goes for the cryptorize- earn real bitcoin free app by bprogrammers

So play and have fun and at the same time grow your coinbase wallet with free crypto

If you know a legit game or app that pays to coinbase don’t hesitate to post a comment down below

Sharing is good to spread knowledge and experiences so if you find this post informative share it with whoever is interested

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