You are currently viewing Cointiply Review 2023: Can You Really Make Money For Simple Tasks?

Cointiply Review 2023: Can You Really Make Money For Simple Tasks?

Cointiply is an amazing bitcoin earning platform that has all the ways & offers in one place

It’s a good start for you if you want to earn bitcoin and crypto in general by doing simple tasks

Such as claiming faucets, visiting websites, and playing games

In this Cointiply review, you will find out how it works and if it’s legit

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What is cointiply?

Cointiply is considered to be a get-paid-to platform (GPT) where you will get rewards in coins that can be converted to crypto ( BTC, DOGE, LTC, DASH) by doing tasks

How to start with cointiply?

To join Cointiply you need to visit their website so you can create an account

The bonus offer is active most of the time and you will get 1,000 coins for free if you sign up at this time

Now that you’re on the website click on sign up on the top page

You will be asked to fill out the form with these detail:

  • First Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Confirm Password

Then agree to the terms and click on sign up now

How does cointiply work?

Some people find Cointiply dashboard confusing and they don’t know how to start using the site

So I will try to explain how every menu works to help you a little

There are two main menus on the top and left side, in addition to the home page and all of them have the same results

So choose whatever you want and don’t worry

cointiply main menus

The left side menu on cointiply

On the left side, you will find your current level and the current rain pool of coins if you decided to join chatting

The first menu is called Cointivity profile

When you click on this menu you will see your current level, your ranking, how many Cointipoints you need to reach the new level

Also if you have any boosters or equipped will be shown here

If you do surveys or offers you can boost your earning by clicking on inventory & pods under cointivity profile

The pod’s options are:

Pod NameCommon Items ChanceUncommon Items ChanceRare Items ChancePrice
Common pod89%10%1%1000 coins or 2250 cointipoints
Uncommon pod67%28%5%5000 coins or 5000 cointipoints
Rare pod45%45%10%10000 coins or 9000 cointipoints

They all have the same items but the chance percentage will increase or decrease depending on your choice

You can buy pods in coins or Cointipoints as you can see in the table above

These boosters could help you if you’re doing offers

But if you are in a country that doesn’t give permission to do this kind of task then don’t waste your coins

earn coins menu on cointiply

On this menu, you can find all the earning tasks available on Cointiply

just keep on scrolling down to see the offers and choose whatever you want but the easiest and available worldwide are the faucet & PTC ads

While some tasks such as watching videos and answering surveys don’t work for all the users

cointiply tasks to earn money

Tip: the most profitable task is the offerwall, especially installing games

quests menu ( bonus rewards)

There are earning, offer, streak, and bonus quests aka tasks if you did them you can claim rewards as you level up in the platforms

let’s mention some of these quests:

  • Collect daily free coins
  • View PTC ad
  • Redeem promo code
  • Complete offers
cointiply quests menu

But keep in mind you have to go to the quests menu to claim your reward otherwise the coins won’t be added automatically to your balance

The faucet menu on cointiply

When you click on the faucet menu you will get to claim the faucet daily and see your loyalty bonus or streak

Also, you could see your balance and your referrals

We will talk in detail about the faucet earnings later on

setting menu on cointiply

In the setting menu, you can get access to your membership which is a free one by the way

But Cointiply has a premium account which costs 17,000 coins for a monthly subscription

Or 170,000 coins for the yearly plan

if you don’t have enough coins you could use the reward pool where you buy a ticket for 340 coins and if you’re lucky you can get a premium upgrade if you win

Premium users get :

  • No pop advertisement
  • No hover/slide in the advertisement
  • Boost your maximum Cointiply wager to 200,00 coins
  • Skip up to 2 days without having your loyalty bonus reset
  • Early access to new features
  • Premium support
  • Premium badge and access to the premium chat room

As you can see there are not a lot of features so in my opinion the free version is enough for us

Also in the setting menu, you can enable the 5% annual interest  on your coins provided you have at least 35,000 coins in your balance

And Cointiply offers to secure your account by enabling the 2fa pin code using a third-party app like google authentication or by sending a code to your email each time you sign in

promos menu on cointiply

Cointiply from time to time will reward us with a promo code

This code can be sent to you via email if you subscribed to the updates option (you can find it in the promos menu)

The other options are getting this code if you follow them on Twitter or if installed their app

When you get the code just go to the promos menu then enter the code and click on Redeem

the top menu on cointiply

All the information we discussed above you can find it in the main menu which contains

The dashboard, earn coins, activity & payments, and PTC ads

You can easily find your way in this menu so no need to talk more about it but I will explain the most important ways to earn money

How to earn in cointiply?

Cointiply is a big platform for earning bitcoin and crypto for free and they offer a lot of ways and options

Now let’s talk in detail so you can know what to do and start making money

Claim faucet on cointiply

US users can claim the faucet every hour while anyone else only gets to claim 2 times per day (every 12 hours)

Just click on earn coins -> roll the faucet

cointiply faucet daily to earn crypto

Offerwalls & surveys on cointiply

This option is the most profitable on Cointiply because they have a large offerwalls options

Where you can install games and earn a large number of coins while having fun

Also answering surveys and doing some tasks but the only problem is it’s not available worldwide

So if you’re one that lives in a country that doesn’t get access to this task then focus on other ways to earn

Mobile platform

The mobile platform is available on the Cointiply app where you can play games and earn coins when you complete a level

Promo code from cointiply

Another way to earn is by redeeming a promo code

To get a promo code you need to subscribe to get notifications from Cointiply or by following them on Twitter

To redeem the promo code click on earn coins->redeem promo code

The annual interest with cointiply

Cointiply allows you to earn 5% annual interest on your coins if you have at least 35,000 coins in your balance

But you need to enable this option by going to Setting on the left side menu and then clicking on enable the 5% interest option as in the picture below

cointiply 5% interest program

Cointiply referral program

Don’t you love it when you earn commission while you’re not working

That is why we love any referral program and Cointiply has one too

They reward you with a 25% commission on every faucet claim & 10% on each offer done

To get your referral link and start earning just go to earn coins on the main menu then refer users

Get your link and share it with friends, it’s better if you explain how the platform work so they stay active

There is referral content each month and to be part of it you have to collect entries

You will get 1 entry when a user joins Cointiply through your link And another one when he levels up

The prize is 700$ for the 1st position and as for the top 10 users in the leaderboard the prizes will be $70 for each one

quests on cointiply

Get more coins by completing quests and achievements such as doing surveys and offers, claiming faucet, watching PTC ads … etc

multiplier on cointiply

I don’t recommend this option because it’s a lucky game and the chance to lose all your coins is high by doing this

You can wager starting from 10 coins and up to 50,000

But if you’re someone like me who like to collect crypto and grow your portfolio then you must make a good strategy and stay away from risky offers

Cointiply level up

The Cointiply loyalty bonus will increase by 1% per day when you claim a faucet or by being active

The max level of bonus is 100% which will be double your claim

So if your level is 100% and you claim 33 coins in the faucet then another 33 coins will be added to your balance

But if you are not active for one day you will lose your loyalty bonus level and get back to 0

To level up, you need to collect cointipoints (you earn them by completing offers and getting coins)

To see your level click on Cointivity profile on the left sidebar menu

cointiply level bonus

how to use cointipoints?

You can use Cointipoints to buy pods that contain special collections items such as equipped and booster to earn more

Click on inventory & pods to purchase pods (by coins or Cointipoints)

Cointiply payout

At first, Cointiply used to pay in bitcoin and after this they added Dogecoin

And later on, they added Litecoin & Dashcoin

What is the minimum payout on cointiply?

Like any other platform, there is a minimum payout for each coin

And on Cointiply they treat bitcoin differently, that why BTC has the higher payout threshold

The minimum payout to BTC is 50,000 coins = $5

As for the other coins (Doge, Ltc, Dash) the minimum payout is 30,000 coins = $3

You can withdraw without any fees added, that what make Cointiply one of the top-earning crypto platform

If you’re new to crypto then you must know that you need a crypto wallet to receive your payment

I totally recommend you to start with Trust wallet & Faucetpay

Note: Cointiply coins are calculated in dollars, not in crypto price

cointiply popular questions

Is cointiply real or fake?

Cointiply is for sure legit and I got paid constantly, but recently I was keeping my coins in the platform to earn 5% interest

here is a screenshot of my payment that confirms how real is Cointiply

cointiply payment proof

Can you make money on cointiply?

Yes there are a lot of ways to earn and make money on Cointiply

And that by collecting coins that later will be paid as crypto

The most popular ways to earn is

  1. Claiming faucet
  2. Watching PTC ads
  3. Install and Playing games
  4. Watching videos (not available worldwide)
  5. Offer walls tasks (not available worldwide)

Does Cointiply have an app

Yes Cointiply has an app that will make your work with the platform easier, especially while doing the PTC ads

On Cointiply to get the coins after watching a PTC ad you need to solve a captcha by selecting the correct picture as In the image below

cointiply ptc process

But you will face an issue if you’re using the desktop which is:

There will be a timer for up to 24 seconds and the pictures will change

If you click on the right answer when the timer is ending and the picture changed you will lose your reward

And you won’t have this problem if you’re using the app

Another good thing about the app is that it always send you a promo code as a notification

Cointiply app error login in

From time to time, you may receive this message which is an error login into the app

If this happened just close the app then open it again and the problem will be solved

A final thought on cointiply

After this long tutorial and review about Cointiply, I can honestly say its one of my favorite crypto platforms that I use on a daily basis

I totally recommend it for you especially if you’re trying to grow your crypto portfolio

A little while, I read this amazing article about how much you can earn by only claiming faucets

Check it here ->

This article also confirms how legit Cointiply is so if you want to start earning crypto especially BTC then join it

And earn coins by claiming faucets, doing offers, and staying away from the risky tasks

Share your experience or ask any questions in the comment down below

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