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check your 10 daily draws to earn extra money if your birthdate code match

Claim £100 Free Cash With Happybirthdates -> Find the truth

Happybirthdates is a free lottery platform that gets thousands of pageviews monthly according to which means the site has a great amount of traffic

But does this mean it is possible to gain £100 just like they’re saying

So in this informative and honest article, you will find the whole truth about this site and why you should avoid it

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What Is is a free-to-join reward platform offering their registered members bonus cash of £100

And 10 free tickets to play random daily draws at 12 noon GMT, the results will stay displayed on the site for 24 hours

This bonus cash is just for display which means you can’t use it or take it out unless you win the draw (First sign it’s a scam site)

You have to log in to check the results and if your birthday code is a winner the submit button will become green so you can claim it

And If you don’t visit the site for a month your account will be suspended until you log in again

But you won’t be able to claim any cash prize for another 24 hours after account reinstatement

If you prefer a quick video, check the final result down below

How To Start With Happybirthdates?

First, you need to click on Join free and fill in the required information like in the picture below

happybirthdates join form for registration

If you don’t have a birthdate code it’s ok you can have one later (by clicking on My free cash codes)

And don’t forget to agree to the terms & privacy before submitting your registration

After this, you have to check your email to confirm and verify your account

happybirthdates will send an email for verification

the $100 bonus that happy birthdates give us for nothing surely is a sign of a scam behavior

How Do Happy Birthdates Work?

When you register an account they will create a birthdate code containing your initials and date of birth (dob)

This means If your name is David Cole and your date of birth is 13 June 1956 your birthdate code will be DC 13/06/56 or DC130656 it is this simple

All you have to do is check the daily 10 draws by clicking on next or the numbers

And if the results match yours or one of your referral’s birthdate codes the claim now button will light up or turn green

Then you have to click on it and complete the claiming form so they can verify your payment

But keep in mind you have till 11.59 am GMT the following day to claim your reward or you will lose your bonus

ten daily draws on happybirthdates

Can I Increase My Win on happy birthdates?

According to happy birthdates they say you can increase your chance of winning by referring friends and family and of course other people

So there is no limit to the total amount of FREE Cash you can win through the Happy Birthdates daily draws

But that tells us the chance of winning is so slim and it will take a long time to gain this $100

Because if we can win more often then happy birthdates would have put a limit on our winning

If you want a legit lottery site and a higher chance of winning with your date of birth (DOB) try

How Can You Refer People To Happybirthdates?

Simply click on bonus cash then send invites, you will be redirected to a page like in the picture below

invite and refer new users to happybirthdates

So your options are :

  • By Email
  • By Social Media (Facebook- Twitter)
  • By Sharing Manually Your Referral Link

If you choose to send email invites all you have to do is click on get email message and you will see this email template

So just copy it and send it via email but please don’t spam instead try to give value to people

send the email template that happybirthdates gives you to gain referrals

And if you choose to share on social media you have Facebook and Twitter

And will give you two options for Facebook which are an image and a video

finished Facebook template from happy birthdates

And your final option is manually which is by clicking on get your tracking details

get your tracking details on happy birthdates
tracking details on happy birthdates

Final Thoughts Of HappyBirthdates

Even if Happybirthdates seems like a legit lottery site because we don’t have to pay anything which is always a good sign

But I think it’s one of those websites that want to keep you on the platform for a long time so they can earn money through advertising

And the chance to claim free cash from it is super low and for us to get the reward we have to match the initials and date of birth

I once got my date of birth but the initials were missing ..bad luck or a smart algorithm!?

I know this lottery site doesn’t require from us more than 2 minutes of work daily but I think happybirthdates is a scam platform

But if you are interested in trying happy birthdates it’s up to you

And If you win in the daily draw somehow and get your payment don’t hesitate to comment down below or in the forum here on the website

So we can have proof to share with other people and help them use the platform and have free cash without doing any work

Did you hear about Happybirthdates before?

Share your experience with me & if you find this post helpful share it with whoever is interested in online lottery sites so they can avoid wasting their time

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