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candle clicker idle app is a complete scam

Candle Clicker Idle App Review: Don’t Get Excited About The Quick Money

A while ago there were a lot of youtube videos that promoted a passive income app called candle clicker idle

The main reason for this is that they are trying to show that you can make at least a few dollars in one hour 

And if you keep playing you could earn a lot daily while doing nothing 

So in this review, we will find out the absolute truth about this game… Stay tuned 

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What is the candle clicker idle app? 

Candle clicker idle is a simulation app that gives you a passive income of coins by just lightning candles and keeping the app on

And they claim that the coins can be worth real money and you can withdraw them via Paypal, Payeer…etc

How does the candle clicker work?

Once you download and install the app, the candle clicker will give you one candle to start making passive income 

This candle will reward you 1 coin each second and if you want to speed up your earning you have to add up more candles

How to add candles?

The candle clicker app allows you to add 25 candles at the same time

And to get one candle you need to click on candles in the main menu, then click on add 1 candle as in the picture below

candle clicker idle app: how to add candles

In order to really get this candle you need to watch an advertisement each time

What is the purpose of these candles?

Candles are what make the real money as they’re saying

Each candle gives you a different amount of coins depending on its level

And also, it burns for a certain amount of time (maximum 15 minutes) then it goes out so you need to watch an ad to get another one

So the more candles you have the more you make coins

What is candle clicker multiplier?

When you first start with the candle clicker app your multiplier level of earning will be at 1.00 

There 2 ways to upgrade your multiplier which are by tapping and clicking or by upgrading the boosters speed or fire level 

The tapping option will stop once you stop clicking and it will go down to your current level

multiply level on candle clicker idle

In the picture above you can see where to tap constantly (keep on clicking on the hand icon)

As for the upgrade option, it will cost you coins and the price will go up each time 

Note: you can only upgrade in coins to level 4 or 5, after this you have to pay real money

The weather on candle clicker

The candle clicker app will affect your candles by changing the weather atmosphere every 10 to 15 minutes 

When you lose your candles the main logical thought that will cross your mind is to get more candles to maintain your income

And they are doing this to make you watch more ads so they can earn more money

They have 4 weather: sunny, bad, cloudy, stormy, or something like this 

The bad & stormy weather will take your candles down every 20 seconds or more and slow your income

Why candle clicker app doing this?

Good question my friend 👏

Of course, they are doing this for a reason which is to make money by:

Making you watch more ads so they can earn cash through advertisement

Making you buy their offer which is called runes, and as they are claiming the runes will help your candles stand a chance of surviving in bad weather

Payout minimum and payout option on candle clicker

The payout button won’t be available when you first start but it will show up when you reach the minimum payout

The minimum payout on the candle clicker app is 40,000,000 coins = $4

You can get 30,000,000 coins just by adding a promo code

They claim that pay through PayPal, Payeer, Binance, games, and more

Is candle clicker legit or paying?

Now to the most important answer you need to know, does candle clicker pay?

After I tested this app for a while and watched a lot of reviews and videos about it

I can fully and honestly say what they’re trying to hide because the only thing they want is to gain traffic 

Which is this app is a complete scam so don’t waste your time or your money on it 

And when something is too good to be true it usually is 

I reached the minimum payout and even play it for more to be sure 

Then I tried to request a payout but with no use 

payout process on candle clicker

In the picture above you can see that the receive button won’t even light up no matter how many coins I add 

Final thoughts on candle clicker

There are a lot of apps that claim they are paying just to lead you and make you use it so they can make money

By letting you watch some ads and purchase offers while you think you are making passive income

And candle clicker idle app is one of these apps that are a waste of time

Don’t bother playing it or paying anything or else you will lose your energy and money

Please try to share this kind of information because the internet is full of scammers and we all need to do something to help each other

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