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Big Time Cash Make Money Free … Is It Legit?

Did you hear about big time cash make money free app by Winr games?

There are a lot of apps that claim they pay when you play games but in the end, they’re just a waste of time

So in this review, we will find out if big time cash app is legit or not

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what is big time cash make money free?

Big time cash is one of the many apps by Winr Games Inc, that company had developed up to 36 games

Their main goal is to give big prizes just for playing games and having fun

The app is completely free to join and available worldwide on Android & IOS phone

Big time cash is a huge games platform where you will be rewarded with real money prizes 2 times a week (the current prize is $3,000)

To enter the draw you have to collect tickets by playing games

This app in particular contains up to 15 addicting games

Note: all the apps by Winr games are linked by the account balance for all the installed and played games

How Does Big Time Game Work?

To take part in the draw you need to have at least 1 ticket in your balance

Big time cash says that the more you collect tickets the higher your chance to win the jackpot ( currently $3,000)

Note: the prize on big time cash always changing so it could be higher or lower

But also, they say it’s not necessarily that if you have the most tickets you surely will win

And due to my research and testing of this app, i find that:

  • You can win the draw with only 75 tickets
  • You can win the draw by entering up to 1 million tickets

how to collect tickets

You can collect tickets by:

  • Playing games
  • Get free tickets by watching ads, installing other Winr games, doing offers
  • Invite friends (get $0.10 + 2,500 tickets for each referral)

Big time cash make money free app has up to 15 games, every game requires that you collect tickets till you lose

Play to reach a new level because you will gain a booster if you accept the offer as in the picture below

big time cash make money free booster system

This kind of gift can multiply your earning tickets for the next 5 minutes or more

You can also get these boosters by signing in and gaining the daily reward

free ways to earn tickets

Another way to earn tickets is by clicking on the free stuff icon ( its looks like a ticket )

Here you will get a lot of options such as downloading other apps from Winr games, watching a short video, and doing offers

get free tickets by doing task on big time cash

Big time cash make money free referral program

Big time cash has a referral program that lets you earn more tickets and cash by inviting your friends

Get your code by clicking on the user icon –> invite friends

The rewards are 2,500 tickets for both of you + $0.10 for you

If you sign up using my code you can get free 2,500 tickets as a welcome bonus provided that you enter this code 2U6Q7 in the enter invite code section

exchange tickets for cash

My advice for you is don’t waste all your gained tickets for a slow chance of winning instead save those tickets in the bank option inside the big-time app

And this saving can help you for future use such as exchanging those tickets for cash or simply adding them to the current draw

big time game earn money free is a paypal games that pay real money

As in the picture above, click on the bank icon and click on the deposit option then choose how many tickets you want to put in the bank

But if you decided that you don’t want to enter the draw and you want to exchange all your tickets for cash

Just click on the open wallet icon as in the picture above

The minimum amount for converting is 10,000 tickets which are equal to $0.10, it will be added to your balance immediately

And once you reach the minimum payout ( $10 ) you can request your payment to Paypal

big time cash make money free exchanging system

is big time winr games legit

Big time Winr games is not a scam and with the positive reviews and comments surely there are people who are winning

But also we have to not trust it 100% because the chance to win such a big prize is super slim

Try to play and convert your tickets for cash so you won’t waste your time

final thoughts on big time cash

The last words on big time cash is this fun app is super addictive for playing games and having fun

All you have to do is play free games without the need to install them on your mobile phone

When you win you will be rewarded with tickets that automatically will be entered into the jackpot draw

And as mentioned in this review, the chance to win the draw is 1 in a million and it does not depend on the number of your collected tickets

I said it before it’s a lucky game, So my advice for you is to exchange these tickets for real cash and send them to Paypal

Take advantage of this feature because it’s not available on other apps (for example Gamee)

Please share your thoughts and comment down below so we could exchange stories

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