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Adbtc And His Clone Sites: Who Is The Legit One?

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Adbtc is one of the most legit paid-to-surf sites that pay you in bitcoin and ruble

And because of the popularity this site got, suddenly a lot of websites decided to use the same script and focus on paying different cryptocurrency

So in this blog post after I test all of them..

I will expose the legit and scams ones so you can only focus on the worthy paying platform

Disclaimer: This content contains affiliate links – it will cost you nothing if you take action (purchase, or subscription) know more about my affiliate disclosure in my privacy policy

What is adbtctop?

The amount you will earn in satoshi or ruble depends on what price the advertiser put for that “ad”

You can easily earn a minimum of 50 sats to 250 sats daily depending on the number of ads you visit (they add ads every while during the day)

Also, there is a section for advertising if you want to advertise your blog or gain traffic for your referral links

First, let’s start with basic Information about the site

  • Location: Russia
  • Start: 2016
  • Payout: manually ( could take up to 3 days )
  • Payment Method: Faucet pay – Payeer – direct bitcoin wallet
  • Captcha: you need to solve a captcha after surfing 4 to 5 ads
  • Working Time: between 5 to 15 minutes
  • Currency: BTC & rub
  • Referrals Program: 10% when your referral Watch Ads, 5% of what he Spend on Advertisement
  • You Can Buy Referrals and sell them later
  • High Paying Ads
  • No Fees For Withdrawal

How to start with adbtc

Because adbtctop only has 3 options for paying which are :

Faucetpay: so you can withdraw your BTC without the need to reach the minimum payout limit which usually will be high

Payeer: where you can get your ruble and bitcoin amount

Direct wallet: to send your BTC to a much private wallet or exchanger

Note: Payeer and Faucetpay also have the option of getting a BTC direct wallet address

How to start on adbtctop

To start with adbtc you have 2 options the first one is super easy which is to sign in with your Google account

Or the second option is by signing up using an email and password by clicking on register or sign up

You will redirect to a registration form that contains:

Username – first name – last name – email – password – confirm password – gender

Click on I have read and agree to the terms of service 

Solve the captcha by clicking on I’m not a robot then click on the register as in the picture below

the registration form on adbtc site

How does adbtctop work?

On the left sidebar, you will find your account balance and the advertising balance ( the one you will need in case you want to run ads )

Also, you will find the main menu that contains:

Earn section

Which is the main section for earning BTC and rub, after clicking on earn you will get a pop-up as in the picture below

the earn section on adbtc

To earn BTC satoshi click on surf ads and to earn rub click on surf ads ₽

The video ads and active window surfing are also a way to earn but in my experience, you won’t get a lot of tasks here

And as for the shortlinks section you only get paid in rubles ₽

So now that you know what sections you need to work on, let me explain to you what you should do in each one

Surf ads

When you click on surf ads you will have to choose your surfing type between BTC and ruble

Then choose the captcha you want to solve

Personally, I always choose the mathematical expression as in the picture below

solve a captcha to start earning btc and ruble on adbtc

The first time you start to surf you have to solve a captcha

After this, you will get an ad to surf by a button appearing on the page called open click on it and wait till the time is finished to close the tap

surf the ads on adbtc to earn crypto

Note: you don’t have to stay in the open tab

on adbtc you dont need to stay in the ad tap to receive your reward

The ads are added a few times a day so to increase your earnings you can check the site more than once daily

Sometimes when you surf you could get an auto-downloading file with the type of .exe …DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT ( IT’S A MALWARE )

Surf ads ruble

The process is the same when you surf for the ruble coin


There is not a lot of short links on this site and for now, they only pay in ruble

earn rub by solving shorlinks on adbtc

As you can see in the picture above, when you visit one of them it will be updated after 24 hours

Usually, this task will contain more than 2 or 3 steps such as solving a captcha and waiting for the timer to finish so you can get the link

The payment method on adbtc

Remember when we talked about the balance and advertising balance of course you do 😉

On the balance section, click on the wallet beside the BTC or the Rub balance so you will be redirected to the payment methods

For the BTC withdrawal they pay via:

Faucet pay: Minimum payout is 500 satoshis and the maximum is 30,000 satoshis

Payeer: Minimum payout is 50,000 satoshis

WBTC the polygon network: Minimum payout is 5,000 satoshis

Direct BTC address: Minimum payout is 50,000 satoshis

Here is a screenshot of my BTC withdrawal history

btc payment proof of adbtc

For the RUB withdrawal they pay via :

Payeer: Minimum payout is 1 ₽

My Ruble withdrawal history:

rub payment proof on adbtc

Or you could transfer this balance to the advertising balance so you can spend it on running ads

Referral program on adbtc

Adbtctop has a referral program of 10% commission from your referral surfing earnings and 5% from your referral advertisement spending

Also, You can buy a referral, which will bring you bitcoin each time he earns. By clicking on referral market on the sidebar menu

Keep in mind to check if this referral you want to buy is active by focusing on his last seen and earned today’s balance

Also, combine that information with the date of registration of this referral to be sure it is worth it

You don’t want to buy a new member trust me because there is a high chance he is just experiencing the site

referral marketplace on adbtc

Tip: you can buy and sell those referrals later to increase your earning

Adbtc also have a place for advertisers to run their campaigns or short links in which we the users will surf and earn

The similar websites of adbtc

As I mentioned before after Adbtctop got popular in the surfing websites for earning BTC, other platforms come out of nowhere but for paying different crypto and those sites are:

Adbch – addash-addoge-adltc-adsdgb

The difference between those sites and adbtc is you get a bonus of 10% on your deposit from time to time

And they offer more than 40 short links daily in addition to offerwalls tasks ( bitswall-offers4all-bitcotasks) Where you find surveys. offers, visit websites, shortlinks, and watch videos

offerswall on

Now for the most waiting part which one of those sites is legit?

When you visit this site you will notice that it has the same script as adbtc

The minimum payout is 0.0006 Bch to faucet pay and has a referral program of 8% commission

The only difference is they have a lot of shortlinks daily as in the picture below

shortlinks on

But from my experience with the site, I can truly say stay away from it because it’s not worth your time

adbch will not pay you, i have been trying to withdraw for a while but there is no response payment confirmation process

As you can see when I asked for a payment they sent me an email for conformation and the status still under processing since November 2022

So no need to work on a site that will only waste your energy and time for nothing

Addash is another scam site from my experience, I had the same problem with them which is the processing of the payment

But at least adbch has the courage to send an email for confirmation ( hahaha)

payment history on

They say that the minimum payout is 0.002 DASH to faucet pay, and 0.015 DASH to direct wallet

But as you can see in the picture above they don’t pay

Addoge used to be legit and paid me in the past, the minimum payout is 1 doge to faucetpay and 650 doges to a direct wallet address

But I think something happened with this site and now they don’t even send you the confirmation email so you can get paid payment requesting

So also addoge is a scam site from my experience

I am sure you thought I will tell you that adltc is also a scam site like the other clone of adbtc platforms

But nope, it’s not because i had a great experience with them

The minimum payout is 0.0017 LTC to faucet pay and 0.02 LTC to a direct wallet address payment proof

Here is the payment proof but if i think for a second that the site turning into a scammy one as in the others, surely i will update this information

But for now, you can earn some Litecoin for free with this amazing surfing site

The minimum payout on adsdgb is 2 DGB to faucetpay and 50 DGB to a direct wallet address in addition to an 8% commission from your referrals

The site is still under testing and I will update the needed information as soon as I get paid or not

But you can try it yourself if you want and share your experience in the comment down below so everyone who reads this article can get help

Final thoughts on adbtc and his twins

From personal experience, Adbtc is a totally recommend site because it’s always paying

With this paid-to-surf platform, you can earn bitcoin and ruble for free just by surfing the websites and getting to know new platforms in this industry

Also, you can market your blog or share your referral links around the internet by running ads with adbtc

And as i mentioned in the article just try adltc for now, its legit and stay away from the others because we don’t need sites that waste our time just so they can get traffic

Don’t hesitate to comment down below for any questions or suggestions

And if you find this article informative and helpful please share it with whoever is interested

Above mentioned sites


i am Maya the admin of VC Income

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