Hi I am Maya

I am the founder of VC INCOME ( valuable content and income ) where you will only find honesty and valuable leads to help you grow your passive income sources

I am a graphic designer living in Lebanon

i have been working online since 2017 with different variations from freelancing, affiliate marketing, cryptocurrencies trading, and of course print on demand.



My Passion

like I mention before I am a graphic designer, colors and shapes are my passion so the first industry that’s got my attention when I learned about making money online was print on demand

I started searching about other ways to make money online and I came across bitcoin and crypto so i dig deeper into that too which lead to so many opportunities  ( affiliate marketing – trading – art selling ) and the least blogging so now i will make sure to create valuable and helpful content  for you

My Goals

I decided to make this site to share my experience and help the newbies or beginners to not get mislead by the fake gurus around the internet that made them waste their time just so they can gain referrals ( i have been there believe me it’s so frustrated )

I also want to make a great and honest community so we can help each other

that’s why I will put a forum here on the site so please if you know anyone that’s interested in making money online share the forum with them

Any questions or topic suggestion are welcome so feel free to ask i will gladly help you .. your friend Maya

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