You are currently viewing 15 best secrets you need to know Before Start Working Online
15 best secrets you need to know if you want to start working online

15 best secrets you need to know Before Start Working Online

”I want to start working online and make money from home to reach my financial freedom”

or ”I just have to work a couple of hours and make like 500$ and even more a day”

I am sure you have heard so many of those statements around the internet

Because gurus and influencers are lately everywhere but is it working online this easy?

In this article, I am going to tell you what you should know before start working online

First, let me just state that I am not one of the very successful that make thousands of dollars every month that appear on YouTube or social media whenever or wherever you’re online

But I have been testing and working online in different fields since 2017

But this year was a big life-changer for me

So I decided that finally, I need to make my website and share everything I had learned and will learn in the future even if it’s a small detail

By doing this, I can help anyone that will read my articles and make a community that appreciates honesty and valuable leads only

Now let’s go deep into the subject

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Working online will be the best decision you will make in your life believe me

Its have so many benefits and you will discover this on your working-from-home journey

And even when this happens you will regret not doing so earlier

So don’t think from the title that I will make you change your mind and tell you to give up on your goal because if you are searching for this…

It means you’re thinking about making money online so read those secrets with ease and don’t be scared

Now let’s put aside the positive thinking and the fairytale daydreaming or expectations

Because it will be a long road full of failures, disappointments, doubts, and regrets sometimes

But if you learn those things and surround yourself with an amazing community you will be successful so just believe in your hard work

What Are The Deep And Mystery Secrets A Lot Of Influencers Won’t Tell You?

1-Do not Quit Your Job .. yet

don't quit your normal job when you start working online
Do Not Quit Your Traditional Job

I am a graphic designer living in Lebanon who happened not to get a job in my career industry

And the only job I found was a cashier with a super low salary and stressful environment which is pretty sure our common problem

Back then I was looking and searching on how to make money online and I came across bitcoin and print on demand

This made me think aha that’s it I will put designs and in a couple of months it will be passive income

Not to mention working with crypto, paid-to-click, etc…

So when I couldn’t stand my job and co-workers I quit for real guys just like that and I didn’t look back

But reality hit me when all the information I had learned around the internet wasn’t quite right and I experienced failure with every step I took

So please don’t quit your job unless you start seeing great results and a decent amount of money every month and you will if you work smart

2- It’s Not A Quick Road To Grab Money

start working online to making money is not a quick road
making money online it is not an easy process

They would tell you ”you only need a pc or laptop and an internet connection

And you will have to do affiliate marketing here and there so you could make hundreds daily”

Super easy right? or just get into crypto and the print-on-demand industry and so on…

I wish that was true and so are you I am assuming but it’s not the truth

Maybe some people get lucky with it in a short time but what I have learned is…

It’s a long road so what you need is:

  • Understand the field you’re working with
  • Do a lot of research
  • Make strategies
  • Test them

Later on, you will learn and with time you will be successful for sure

3- Working Online Is Not Easier Than A 9-5 Job

To start working online you need to know it’s not easier then 9 to 5 job
working online is easier than a 9-5 job?

There is no boss breathing on the back of your neck

Nor do you have to commit to sticking to a certain time in the office so freedom our friend here

But It is not an easy journey you will face some problems too

My very first thought when I wanted to start an online business is the amount of working time I have to do,

Thought that I just have to work fewer hours (I was so naive)

It’s turned out that working from home sometimes will require a lot of hours and effort even more than 8 hours daily if you are on a tight schedule

But the difference between it and your traditional work is you are gonna love it

With practice, you will manage your time skillfully

4- When You Start Working Online Your Social Life Will Be Affected

When you start working online your social life will be affected
your social life will change

A lot of friends and family will not accept your decision to work from home and maybe even quit your normal job later on

They will not understand your passion because working online is still not something familiar to traditional people

So prepare to hear words like you’re impulsive, reckless, lazy, or that is not a real job

This will make you distance yourself from everyone and even the close ones.

In the end, you will sacrifice your offline social life and focus on your online community

5- Keep Track Of Every Thing You Do

track every move when you start working online
keep track of every detail

I am an organized person whenever I register on a new website I keep track of my account details from login to referral link etc…

So in any case, if I forgot my password I will find it without the need to contact support

TIP: Make folders and write every detail for each website you register on

after I start working online I made an account details
Accounts details about the used websites

Now your next step is to learn how To get quality leads quickly and keep track of your referrals

And by that I mean you need to know where did they hear about you

6- Your Email List Is Very Important

Start working on collecting your email list from day one

Why do you need it? the answer is so simple you need to capture leads so you can share your content and offers

Not to mention email marketing never die and get higher conversion than social media campaigns

I wish that I start collecting my email list sooner which would have helped me with my marketing strategy

How do you do this?

  • When you get your website make sure you have a newsletter subscription to collect emails
  • Make a landing page that offers a free eBook for example so it will be required for the client to put his email to download it (it’s called leading magnet) then share this page online

Systeme is a perfect free start for you to collect email lists and grow your marketing plan

If you want to learn more about Systeme you can find it here because I wrote a full tutorial on it

7- You Have To Find Your Community

Without people, we will not make much progress with working online

At first, you will find growing your audience a bit scary especially if you are an introvert like me or if you don’t love social media in general

But what you need to know is the online community is very helpful

And you will get to know so kind people on the way believe me

Who are willing to help you and guide you by telling the successful and failed experience they have

So listen to them and try to build relationships around social media and forums

Even if you have to be active on one platform at a time

You could start with this amazing forum Beer Money Forum 

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8- You Have To Sell Yourself After Start Working Online

sell and promote yourself when you start working online
sell yourself

By that, I mean to be proud of your work and what you offer

And try to promote yourself every chance you got

Working online will make you confident

And when you start seeing results and get more experience with the field you’re working with

Please don’t be afraid to voice what you know and can do because other people will need you and your knowledge

Websites like Quora and Reddit are good for promoting your work

9- Don’t Try So Many Sites At Once

don't multitasking when you start working online
don’t multitask

One of my biggest mistakes I was so excited to just make money online which made me test site after site at once

And I kept on doing this for more than 2 years

But finally, in those couple of months, I realized enough is enough I need a new strategy and a new plan

Because what is important in this job is making a profit more than our normal job and with less time and stress

The picture below is just a glimpse of the sites I have tested it

start working online and keep all the details needed for every website
used websites on the journey of making money online

10- Doubts Will Hunt You

you will feel doubts every step on your way when you start working online
doubts everywhere around you

In a difficult time when you face failure or don’t see any results even after doing your best work, doubts will creep into your mind

You will start questioning yourself Is this worth it? am I doing this right?

That is when you need to focus on your mental health

So don’t stress yourself and get that out of your head now. Entrepreneurship is hard and needs patience and consistency

11- You Will Think About Giving Up

when you get stressed with working online you will think about giving up
you will think about giving up

When doubts hit you the next feeling you will experience is the overwhelming desire to give up

Then the urge to quit will keep you up at night

Me as an example even after working online for more than 4 years

Some days I feel so exhausted and mentally drained especially if I had been working non-stop with minimum results

So on those days I question myself and start thinking about every detail

But in the end, I have learned to calm myself and focus on the big picture which is to reach my goal financially

12- Don’t Forget To Take A Breath

don't forget to take a break after you start working online
take it easy on yourself

I would start working after waking up till late at night just taking a break if I wanted to do some exercises or eating

The urge to keep going and make more money is the thought that will drive you crazy

And this alone will make you stop thinking about yourself

So what you need to do is try every day even if just for one hour take a break, walk around your neighborhood have some fun

You could read or watch some tv shows ..etc

Just take it easy and don’t just focus on work

Remember when you are far from the scene you will see much clearer

13- Small Steps Better Than Nothing

Who doesn’t want fast and big results?

All of us for sure and that is what you and I have been thinking about since the idea of working from home popped into our head

That’s cool but what we forget is every little action counts and done is better than perfect

So my advice for you is to train your brain to accomplish the mindset of small steps power

When you take small but effective steps you will put 100% of your energy into that task which will make it much better

14- Work Smarter Not Longer And Harder

work smarter not harder and stop wasting time
work smarter not harder

Again with the idea of working a lot so we can make more money

The problem is Working More Hours Won’t Help You Succeed. Working after planning and sticking to a strategy Will

So make sure to test at first but when you see poor results or worthless websites please stay away from them

And don’t convince yourself that you need to keep going, some of those sites are worth giving up on

15- Don’t Compare Your Result With Anyone

when you start working online don't compare yourself to anyone
don’t compare yourself to others

If you learn this lesson now before starting working online then you are crossing 80% of the path to success

Don’t Compare Yourself with anyone and I mean anyone, especially the ones that started years before you

My advice for you is to listen only to someone that works in your field and is successful

And not to the ones that will make you waste your time just so they can gain a referral

Comparison Will Crush Your Confidence

Final Thoughts

Working online is a fantastic opportunity for anyone to open their dream job and be their own boss

But at the same time, there are some cons you should consider and prepare yourself for which are mentioned in the article above

So are you ready to start your journey of working from home?

If your answer is yes then don’t hesitate to begin it’s never too late and stay tuned for more posts about safety tips for working from home

Please share your story in the forum here so everyone can help you

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